Advertise your business on slackermama . com!  If you’re looking to reach moms, then this might be just the place to advertise.  I blog about all things, my life, my family, my frustrations and my joys and enjoy a nice, loyal readership (you guys are the best!).

If you’re interested in purchasing advertising, please contact me using the contact page.

General Stats:
Monthly Pageviews: ~10,000
Unique Visitors: ~5,000
RSS Subscribers: ~170
PageRank: 4

I sell both by the week and by the month.

I will advertise your 125×125 graphic for one week at a time at $5 per week.

You can also purchase advertising by the month at $20 per month.  You generally save over the per week cost, so if you’re planning to purchase multiple weeks, then the monthly charge might be a better deal!

Special offer: Buy three months in advance, and receive a fourth month for free.

Again, if you’re interested then drop me a line using my contact form.  Thanks for looking!

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