I feel like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe today.  My big toe is still broken and therefore still hurts when I do things like walk.  I also fell up the stairs yesterday (yes… UP the stairs) while I was carrying Evie and in an effort to absorb the blow, I jammed my knee.  My knee is no longer purty.  It is ugly and it is sore.  My back hurts, my teeth and jaw hurt (still and again), I’m feeling crabby and stressed and it’s going to be in the 90′s today and I HATE that.

In other words: it’s a Wednesday.  Woo hoo!


I was thinking last night about cloth diapering and the whole other language and set of acronyms you become accustomed to when you enter into that lifestyle and community.  And how someone who isn’t familiar with it would think I have totally lost my marbles.  You need an example?   Okay, here is a sampling of “diaper speak” using my own personal diapering journey as an example.

We gave up sposies when my DD was about 8 weeks old.  I never tried NB dipes like NB Mutts or anything or even KL0′s.  We mostly started off with simple UBCPF’s in a PUL cover.  I also got some OS BG 3.0′s to use and loved them until I got completely frustrated by the Aplix.  While Liam uses pockets and we swear by FBs for him, Evie wears fitteds now.  She started with GMs which are also OS and that is how I justified the price.  But I’ve become frustrated by GM so we’ve  transitioned to snappiable fitteds like BSRB UF’s (I love BSRB’s TIAN diapers for nighttime!  Nothing works better!), SP’s NRSS and SBs.  All of them are also OS but much cheaper.  Well, the SBs and the BSRB’s are, at least.  We just love fitteds and using wool as covers.  It’s what got me to start knitting.  Now, my favorite thing is to work on a yymn slot with BFL yarn.  Love it!

See?  It’s like LATIN.  So how many of you understood any of that?

I will admit, it was the terminology that made me scared at first.  I’m thinking I’ll post up a “Glossery” of sorts on my cloth diapering blog, so that people who are new to the whole thing won’t feel completely intimidated.  Because clearly, cloth diapering needs a translator.


Speaking of cloth diapers, I have some new ones headed my way that I custom ordered.  Am beyond excited.  Am perhaps in need of a life.

my scuttlebutts custom


Liam has become a “Cars” dictator.  He would like for nothing else to ever be on the television other than “Cars”.  I have to limit it to once per day or else my brain will start bleeding.  I put in “Finding Nemo” this morning and the kid practically had an anuerism.    Is there a 12-step program for “Cars” addicts?  Shopping for his birthday (which is in like TWO WEEKS)  (LESS ACTUALLY, omg) will be EASY.  Does it Lightning McQueen or Mater on it?  SOLD!


I kinda want to kick Caillou in the teeth.


I better get back to my knitting.  I swear, I’m such a slave-driver.  But I have a few things I simply NEED to get through this week and I think I have a chance at getting it all done.  Woot!


Happy Wednesday!  The weekend is halfway here!

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