Cashmere: A Love Story

Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife.  Neither of them had anything made of cashmere, that most delicious of fibers.  And they were okay with this.  They figured those cotton and/or acrylic sweaters were just fine.  What difference does one little (lush) (and luxurious) (and completely wonderful) fiber make?

Oh.  It makes a difference.

Which could account for the astronomical price tag.  Kohl’s has some relatively reasonably priced cashmere sweaters.  The ladies’ sweaters are $100 while the men’s sweaters are $120.  For cashmere, that ain’t bad.  But still.  It is faaaaaaaar out of our price range for clothing.  We are the original cheapskates, after all.  I start feeling woozy if I spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans.

But Kile started to yearn for cashmere.  So I thought, I’ll get him some for Christmas.  I went online on Black Friday (since we were in Elko and the number of shops to procure cashmere at in Elko is somewhat limited) to and found an excellent deal on a cotton/cashmere blend sweater for Kile.  Sold!  He would be so happy to get that, I was sure!

Fast forward a couple weeks and it was my birthday.  My lovely in laws gave me some spending cash for my big day and we happened to be browsing around Kohl’s when I came across a most lovely cashmere cardigan IN MY SIZE and priced to sell at a significant discount.  I just couldn’t pass it up!  After another discount and everything I paid all of $30 for that sweater.  A 100% cashmere cardigan for $30!  Unreal!

Kile was jealous until he opened his gift on Christmas day and saw his own sweater.  I started to wish I had gotten him 100% cashmere instead since now that I could feel the difference, I knew he needed to have it.  But, c’est la vie, yes? Still, the bug was planted.  And when we went shopping after Christmas during one of those awesome Kohl’s sales, Kile was able to find a lovely blue cashmere sweater on sale for $40.  Naturally, he snatched it up.

Fast forward (again) a few more weeks to just a week or two ago.  Once again, we were killing time at Kohl’s (sense a theme here?) and I happened to notice a fuzzy sleeve protruding from the clearance rack in the women’s department.  CASHMERE.  That particular sweater wasn’t my size but I was inspired to look closer.  I was able to find TWO (count ‘em: two!) sweaters in my size.  One was a lovely dark fuchsia color and the other a bright and cheerful teal.  And, as I told Kile, have you ever seen two colors that look MORE like they belong to me?  Again, these were $30 apiece and I could not resist the cashmere at that price.  And this time for a pullover!  THREE cashmere sweaters!  How lucky am I?!

Kile looked (though not terribly closely) in the men’s department for cashmere there but came up empty handed.  But before you start feeling bad for him, lets see what happened this last weekend. Where, you guessed it, we were at Kohl’s again (hey, we like that store!).  I started to comb through the men’s clearance racks, hoping for a swatch of delicious fuzziness to catch my eye.  And this time?  We were triumphant!  We found Kile TWO (count ‘em: two!) sweaters!  One a navy blue with a gray argyle design on it and the other a solid dark gray.  And this time?  They were $20.


Like I said, you just cannot pass up these prices.  At least, not when you are US and when you’ve caught The Cashmere Bug.  We were full-on enamored.  After we found Kile’s sweaters, I wouldn’t even LOOK at the women’s clearance racks.  Because I knew if I found cashmere there and it was $20 that I would buy it and really.   Isn’t THREE cashmere sweaters plenty for ONE person?   Cooler heads must prevail, after all.  And I do strive to be a reasonable person.

It was really hard though.

Now, don’t bother going to to look for cashmere sweaters at these prices.  It’s not there.  No, this is on a store-by-store basis.  A little hidden gem hiding in the clearance racks, waiting to be snatched up.  That is, if they have any left by now.  Which, if the rest of the human population is anything like us?  Isn’t terribly likely.

But keep your eye out.  And if you’ve ever thought about cashmere like I did, and you have the opportunity to try it out, then you will understand my love.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have a sweater to go pet.