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This is an issue that has been discussed on several different blogs the last couple of days.  I’m not going to link them right here or right now mostly because I am a lazy turd.  But also because what has said isn’t entirely important to this post and chances are you’ve all read those posts ANYHOW.  So whatever.  :)  On with the show!

I’ve never specifically stated what my comment policy is here on this blog.  I guess that’s probably because I haven’t had any hard and fast “rules”.  But I’m starting to think that maybe I should start spelling it out, just so there’s no misunderstandings or hurt feelings in the future.  If there have been any in the past that I am unaware of, then I apologize.

I do, on occasion, reply to my comments.  Not all of them.  Not all the time.  But if a particular comment strikes me or a question is asked then I try to respond to the comment author.  This is especially goes for new visitors to my blog.  I like to try to reach out to any and all new readers, to let them know that I’m glad they’ve stopped by and would like them to return.  I’m a big believer that if a blogger responds to her commenters then those people will be more likely to return and comment again.  And we all know that I LOVE to get the comments!  So anything I can do to encourage that is well worth the effort in my book.  Plus, I want my readers and commenters to know that I notice them and appreciate them.

Of course, there are times and instances in which I’m unable to respond to all my comments.  Sometimes I get swamped with family duties, feeds to read, places to go and people to see.  In those cases, a lot of times comments go unreplied to.  And I do feel bad.  But I want everyone to know that no matter what, reply or no, I always read each and every one of my comments.  In fact, opening up my email and seeing that I have a comment on a post I’ve written never fails to give me quite a thrill. I’m not being trite when I say that I treasure each and every one of them.

What do you guys all think?  Where do you stand on replying to comments?  Do you like to get a reply from a blogger?  Does it increase the likelihood that you’ll return to that blog to comment again?  Are there features on other blogs or things other bloggers do that you find encourage you to visit and comment?  If so, do clue me in!

  • Pocklock

    I don’t respond to ALL of them either, but it’s just nice to show that little extra bit of appreciation or thanks that someone cared enough to click out of the reader and say something about what you posted. I love getting responses back and I’m usually so happy to know that someone actually acknowledged my comment that you BET it makes me more likely to come back again.

    But that’s not why I came back here — because you did respond to one of the first comments I left for you. I just think you’re awesome and your kids are adorable. That’s why I’m here. ;-)

  • witchypoo

    I still go back and forth between answering comments on the site and answering by email.
    I think it’s important to acknowledge commenters, but I don’t go back where I have commented unless I have asked something.

  • brit

    Hear! Hear! The only thing that really annoys me is people who can’t stop updating their blog and it takes ten minutes to download and all I wanted to say was WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH YOUR KIDS? STOP THE GROWING UP ALREADY!

    brit’s last blog post..Who knew a birthday could be so exhausting?

  • Michele

    I am horrible at responding to comments. At the same time I do feel kinda hurt when I pour my heart out in a comment to someone and they don’t respond (not talking about you here).

    Then again, I get so few comments that I really should respond to them. I should also update more so people would actually read the dang thing.

    I am a lot like you, life tends to get in the way and by the time I get around to doing it, it feels like too much time has passed. Just like your comment on my blog about the triplets. I was going to respond and then I never did.

    Then there are times when I don’t comment because I feel like I have nothing to contribute or too much time has passed. I was going to comment on MissZoot’s post but didn’t because by the time I had the time, there were already 150 comments.

    And, because I didn’t comment on the entry before – Yay for getting a freakin’ bed already. I think the first time I left you a comment it was about your bed and how I had a bed I loved so much. That was 3 years ago or something.

  • Shawna

    Until BlogHer last summer I had no idea that anyone expected a response to comments or that anyone would consider it rude for a person not to respond. I’m not convinced I ever get responses unless I ask a specific question, and I’ve been writing the odd commment since I started reading blogs/journals in the 90s.

    I still don’t really get the “reply to comments or you’re rude” concept, to be honest. A comment, to me, is just adding your voice to a public dialogue, and sometimes it sparks responses and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not a private email which obviously has the intention of opening an exchange with the post writer.

    I always reply to email. I almost never reply to comments unless, as I mentioned, I get asked a question or something is said that clearly requires a response.

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