Curling my Toes

So it’s a FRIDAY (and thank GOD for that) and I feel the weight of the week being lifted already.  In celebration, I wanted to post something kinda fun and entertaining today.  And since I miss the Friday Eye Candy post over at MamaPop, I’m going to do my own sort of Friday Eye Candy post here.  Namely: celebrity men who curl my toes. These are guys who I think are just hot… and a lot of that is perceived personality and some of it is just plain good looks.  I know a few of me might disagree with my selections and you are more than free to suggest your own favorites in the comments.  But I figured this was a great way to celebrate the weekend.

Now, let the drooling begin…

Clive Owen.  I pretty much enjoy every movie he’s in simply because he’s in it.  Maybe it’s the accent.  Maybe it’s the eyes.  Maybe it’s the rugged good looks.  Who knows.  But he’s sure purty.

Gerard Butler.  And this one is certainly about looks but ALSO about personality.  It wasn’t “300″ that put him on my map.  It was “P.S I Love You” and “The Awful Truth” and movies like that.  The Irish brogue, the eyes, the dark good looks.  It all works for me.

Owen Wilson.  I adore this guy. I love all the movies he’s in simply because he’s in them.  My favorite?  “You, Me and Dupree”.  He’s hilarious in that one.  And it’s a total guilty pleasure.  I even enjoy the small part he had in “Armageddon”.  That’s saying something.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  I can’t say I enjoy EVERYTHING he does but he has the looks so gets on my list.  He was also in “P.S. I Love You” and he also has a charming way about him.  Humina!

Vince Vaughn.  I love his humor.  “Wedding Crashers” is probably the only movie with Owen Wilson in it where I preferred the other guy more than him.  He’s definitely cute, to be sure.  But he has something that goes beyond looks.  I dig it.

Seth Rogen.  I know, you’re probably wondering HOW he is on my list.  But he’s a comic genius.  I even love his VOICE (such as in “Kung Fu Panda”).  His laugh?  Never fails to make me giggle.  I adore this guy.  You should too.

Okay, that’s enough drooling for one day.  So do share:  who is on your list?

  • Traci

    Yummmmmm, all but the last 2!

  • Angela

    We obviously have opposite taste in men. lol How’d that happen? I prefer Jensen Ackles, Kellan Lutz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Josh Duhamel, Chase Crawford, David Cook, Tom Brady, Nick Carter, and Ryan Seacrest. Guess I’m more into the boyishly handsome thing. And Colin Firth. That’s a Mr. Darcy thing though. ?

    • Amanda

      I agree with many on your list, especially Gerard Butler. But, BUT – he doesn’t have an Irish brogue! He’s Scottish and has an incredibly sexy Scottish accent.

  • Michelle

    You forgot George Clooney! I love the eye wrinkles he has, and how he looks like he’s up to no good when he grins. And he has a nice laugh. I agree with Angela on Kellen Lutz – it’s the dimples. And because he plays Emmett, and I like Emmett because he’s goofy. And Josh Duhamel. He’s yummy. Oh, and that one guy from DWTS – Max?? I know I spelled it wrong, but I like him. I think he is the sexiest male pro dancer they have. Thank goodness he didn’t get hooked up with Kate this season, because I can’t wait for her to get kicked off – she’s AWFUL. And I can’t forget Harrison Ford, he’s got to be on the list. Brendan Frasier. And I’m kind of liking Nathan Fillion lately (again with the goofy factor).

  • carol at A Second Cup

    Mark Harmon, he was what got me hooked on NCIS

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