Health – Or Lack Thereof

So to those of you out there who are waiting with baited breath for an update on my thyroid status… well… you’re not going to like it.  The short of it is: I still don’t have my meds.  I swear, even I was the sort to get persistant and worked up about this sort of thing, I still don’t think I’d have my meds.  My doctor’s office is THAT awful to work with.  I really picked a winner when we switched our insurance, didn’t I?  Shoot, I just wanted a doctor that was nearby that would be easy to go see.  I didn’t realize his office was going to be one step shy of completely incompetant when it comes to getting the proper care for a disease like hypothyroidism.

I’ve called.  Kile has called.  MY MOTHER IN LAW has called.  Nothin’.  Voicemails have been left.  Calls have not been returned.  Requests have been made for paper prescriptions that we could pick up.  I’d even be willing to go in and talk to the doctor again.  And while I’m not too excited about getting my blood tested AGAIN, I’d even be willing to do THAT.  But… nothing.  As I mentioned before (I think I mentioned it before, at least), I even tried to find another doctor.  But that was easier said than done as they wanted some mysterious “diagnosis” faxed to them before they would make an appointment.  I don’t even know what that MEANS.

And here’s the thing: hypothyroidism causes you to feel a lot of the same symptoms as depression.  By that, I mean that my motivation is below what it might normally be.  Now, I’m not that motivated anyhow, as I’m a rather laid back personality.  Add in the added lack of motivation and I’m pretty much just a bump on a log over here.  It’s very hard to get myself motivated to do something, especially when I know it’s going to be a fight.  It’s easier to just sit back and forget about it.

And that’s another thing… When your thyroid takes a header, so does your memory.  I used to think I had a pretty sharp mind.  I didn’t forget ANYTHING.  Now?  I forget EVERYTHING.  This is above and beyond the forgetfulness of motherhood, ya’ll, if that gives you any indication.  So when you add the forgetfullness with the lack of motivation you get a scenario like I find myself in the middle of.

Picture this:  You know there’s something you need to do.  And you need to do it as soon as possible.  The urgency presses at your brain.  But, it’s the middle of the night and you’re trying to get to sleep.  There’s nothing you can do in the middle of the night, so you’d be better off going to sleep and taking care of it in the morning.  Just don’t forget!  And then, of course you do forget.  Repeat for MONTHS.  And that, in a nutshell, is my life.

I KNOW that I need to take this medication.  But between simply forgetting about it and my lack of motivation, it has fallen through the cracks.  And now the situation has just gotten so completely ridiculous that I’m almost embarassed to see a new doctor about it.  Because then I would have to explain why I am so lame about this.  And I would have to hear how irresponsible it is of me to just let this go like this.

And, honestly, I don’t feel I’m up to that.  So I don’t know what to do next, other than keep pestering the doctor’s office to get our prescription filled for crying out loud.  And wait.  Wait, wait, wait.

  • raccoon

    You deserve to feel your best. Your children deserve to have a Mom who is at her best. File a complaint with the insurance company. Report the doctor to the AMA. Go to the doctor’s office and refuse to leave without the prescription. Kick Butt. It’s hard to do these things when you have a lack of thyroid hormones. You’ll really have to work up your motivation. Think of how much better you will feel after you have the medication for a few weeks. Take your children with you to the doctor’s office and show them who they are denying a healthy Mom. Just get in the car and go there unannounced. Be powerful. Be assertive. Get those meds. You deserve to feel better, have your memory restored, and have your chemistry rebalanced. Go get ‘em! Don’t take no for an answer. Tell them you’re not going away until you have the prescription. They have 20 minutes to get it or you’re calling the local newspaper! You have many tools you haven’t used yet. They may sound aggressive, but you’ve been nice long enough. Good Luck!

  • Moon HalloranLeady

    Girl you need to give me that dang doc’s phone # and *I* will call the bastard for you! There is no reason for this to keep happening. I don’t know what kind of health insurance you have, but obviously you (like anyone) pay out the wazoo for it and you deserve proper service and coverage.

    Raise a ruckuss! Call your insurance company and ask to be connected to the Field Network Coordinator for your specific area. THESE are the folks who will get things done, as they are the people who work to contract any specific provider. And if they find out a provider is not handling their patients in a proper way they will simply not opt to re-credential that provider when he/she comes up for it every three years. Trust me, I know this, as like I have said before I work in the health insurance field.

    Don’t let this slide, ok? You deserve better.

    Moon HalloranLeadys last blog post..Eeesh, the screaming! (oh and some more about Dar)

  • Michelle

    After you give Moon the doctor’s phone number, pass it on to me, cuz this is BULLSHIT! I know you have better things to do, but Marilyn, you need to call the doctor’s office like 10 times a day. Be annoying. Be aggressive. I know it sucks to do. But it’s necessary!! I’ve said it before, and I’m about to say it again – if Harry, Liam, or Evie needed that medication, and their doctor was being this awful about it, you would not be putting up with this crap! You owe it to your children (and yourself and Kile) to get healthy. So you need to do what it takes. Take Liam, go to the office. Let him run around like the monkey he is. Tell them you need your prescription and you can’t leave until you get it. Do SOMETHING… complain to the people that Moon and Racoon said… But you need to be a sticky thorn in their side until you get it.

  • nancy

    You definitely deserve to feel better. I’ve been there when my kids were little and it’s not fun. You also really need to read this website: It changed my life.


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