I didn’t want to have to post about this

Everyone who knows me even a little bit knows that health care is a hot-button issue to me.   It has been since I’ve been an adult, regardless of what “the big issue” in the world is or not.  So now that health care is on everyone’s mind, I guess it makes sense that I should say something.  But I’ve been reluctant.

Why?  Oh my stars… there has been some evil, mean and rather ignorant attitudes on the subject.  And the level of venom that has been spewed has, instead of inspiring me, has made me sad.

I’m so sad because I hoped for more and expected more from the citizens of this great country of ours.  I know it’s fairly naive of me to want to believe the best of people.  But I like to go to sleep at night, thinking that at it’s core, most people are compassionate, reasonable and fair to one another.  And this whole health care business has shown me not a whole lot of compassion, reason or fairness.  It has shown me bigotry, selfishness and violence.  Yes.  I said violence.

News like this makes me want to cry.

I love my country and I won’t let anyone tell me I don’t, simply because I don’t have the same narrow opinions that they do.  And I think our country is capable of amazing and wonderful things.  Cars!  Computers!  Hot dogs!  Democracy!  Freedom for all! These are all wonderful things!

But for some reason, when it comes to health care, people turn their backs and refuse to hear any alternatives.  Because alternatives obviously equal socialism.  And socialism is just one step towards hell, in some people’s minds.  Don’t even get me started on the entirely ignorant and feeble-minded comparison of socialism to facism.  When I heard that one I think I died five deaths because SERIOUSLY?  Did you people pay attention in school AT ALL? It would be like comparing Democracy to a Republic.  No… more like comparing Democracy to a Monarchy.  Like comparing Democracy to COMMUNISM (and we know those conservatives can’t stand the word COMMUNISM).  Two completely, entirely different political systems and to paint a Hitler mustache on Obama because he wants all the citizens of this country to be able to receive quality health care only serves to demonstrate the most heinous ignorance I’ve ever seen.

Lets be honest.  I’ve never been a big fan of the second President Bush.  And while I disagreed with nearly every single one of his policies for eight years, I never once thought he actually wished our nation harm.  In my opinion, he most definitely caused us harm with his decisions, but I know better than to think that he set out to ruin us.  Apparently, for some conservatives such rational thought as that is just too difficult to bear.  But of course the only reason Obama wanted to become president is to drive this country into the ground, right?  Again with the ignorance!

Which also reminds me of the hypocritical nature of some of these conservatives.  For eight (very long) years, they demanded that everyone show Bush the respect that a man of his office deserves.  “You don’t have to like the man, but you must respect the office!”  Which, yeah, I couldn’t really argue with that.  Because you should maintain a certain amount of respect for your president, no matter who he is.  Sure, I didn’t like him well, but I generally tried to keep my snarky comments to myself and my immediate family.  Splashing outrageously disrespectful comments across the internet, while tempting, is not showing respect.  So what now?  Now these same people who demanded this presidential respect are the very same ones who are snarking at our current president in the same exact manner that they derided liberals for only two years ago.

Uhm?   Really?   And I don’t want to hear, “but they did it to our president, we can do it to theirs!” because last time I checked, this isn’t the fourth grade.  We are adults.  And shouldn’t we be modeling the behavior we hope to perpetuate?   Doesn’t a good example have to start SOMEWHERE?  If the liberals all jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would all the conservatives have to follow?

Good grief.

At the end of the day, with politics completely aside, people deserve health care.  Human beings deserve quality health care.  Conservatives will say, “yes, but I don’t want the government to be in control of my health care!”  I will say this, “I would far rather it be the government than a greedy, selfish, money-grubbing corporation.”  Conservatives will say, “we don’t want our hospitals to become as mismanaged as the DMV!  Look what the government did with that agency!” And to that I say, “Is that the best example of a government agency that you can come up with?  Do you honestly think the same people who are in charge of the DMV would be in charge of running hospitals?  What about libraries?  Fire stations?  Police?”

People should not go bankrupt if they get sick.  They should not die while waiting for affordable care.  They should be able to see a doctor when they get sick, receive prescriptions that they need when they need them and the decisions should be back in the hands of the patient and the doctor.  Insurance companies only want to make money.  And while making a profit isn’t a bad thing, when it comes to people’s lives and their health, that isn’t the place to be concerned about profit.  Health care shouldn’t be only for those who make enough money, have never been sick or are lucky enough to have a job that provides great insurance.  Health care should be available to everyone.  No matter who they are.

Yes, even the conservatives.