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I spend a lot of time over at Tumblr.  You all knew that already.  I blog things there constantly but they are of no interest (or little interest) to anyone who might stop by here on occasion.  As for news outside of all of… that… there’s just not much to say.

Let’s see, the boys are going to school.  I am picking up on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester and every other Friday.  Except its every Friday here for a bit because of stupid reasons.  And it might be Mondays too because of yet more stupid reasons.  And I’d like to know if the University insists on bringing up these stupid reasons, are they going to reimburse the cost of gas?  Because holy moley.  That’s a lot of driving into town and back with the gas hog just cuz someone at the University is having a hissy fit.

Evie is Evie and she’s a doll.  She has her moments of course, but for the most part she’s pretty chill to deal with.  The worst she does is she’ll have these nights where she can’t settle and then I have to threaten to take away everything she loves if she wakes me up ONE. MORE. TIME.  But still, pretty cute and pretty easy to deal with.

Kile is a big ol’ ball of stress these days, poor guy.  He’s not happy and it shows.  He comes home unhappy, he spends the weekends unhappy and its frustrating because there’s nothing I can do to make him happy about his work but there are things I can do to try to make it easier on him around here so I’ve been trying to do that.  He’s just got a lot of stress going on and I’m hoping that it all evens up here pretty soon.   Because I’m a mood sponge and I can be in the best mood but if he comes home and is a little thundercloud, I’m going to be a little thundercloud too.  Every. Time.

Let’s see… Beetoe is getting to be an OLD dog.  She’s been exiled from sleeping in our bed because there were like three times in the span of a month that I woke up in a puddle of her PEE.  Three strikes you’re out, dog.  We got her a fancy dog bed and set up her kennel.  She hates it of course, and most nights I have to shove her in there forcibly.  But we’re all sleeping better and I think she probably is too.

As for me, there’s no more MOPS.  I forget exactly why they canceled it this spring.  I think it was because people were too busy/stressed with it?  But it’s gone now and I don’t have that social outlet any longer.  I won’t be able to go back next year because Evie will be in kindergarten and that’s the cut off.  So whatever.  I get out to pick up the boys several times a week, so at least I’m leaving the house.  And I fulfil a certain amount of the social thing by hanging out with other obsessed geeks like myself.  I say that with all fondness, by the way.

I’ve been writing!  Like… a LOT.  I did NaNoWriMo, as I think I mentioned before.  I also just finished a 70k+ word story this week.  It feels SO good to be writing again, you have no idea.  I missed it.  I’m also reading a lot but that sorta goes with the territory.  I need a new story to work on and I have a couple ideas but I don’t know if any of them have REALLY grabbed me or not.  We’ll see.  I also have over 1.6k followers on Tumblr. o.O  How’d that happen?  I’m quite certain I don’t post anything that fascinating.  But there it is.

I will try to post again soon.  There is stuff to talk about.  I could mention the Oscars which I loved or the Lizzie Bennet Diaries which are AWESOME or how utterly wicked that finale for Downton Abbey was (predictable but WICKED).  I might have to do that.  Remind me, Internet!  In the meantime, enjoy the pretty.



I'm a thirty-something wife and mother with a penchant for movies and Doctor Who and David Tennant. I'm a pretty big dork, truth be told.

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