Lucky Girl

Even when there’s plenty to complain about (and let’s face it: in blogland, there is always something to complain about), I still know just how lucky I am.  In fact, I think I could be luckier than most.

I’m lucky that all of my kids like to sleep.  On the weekends, we usually don’t see any of them before 9 am.  On weekdays, Liam usually wakes up earlier because Harry gets up earlier to get ready for school.  And since Harry is incapable of being quiet while getting ready, Liam wakes up and is ready to go!  But Evie almost always sleeps until after 9 am on weekdays too.  Bless her heart.

I’m lucky that the little ones are so good with their naps!  Liam doesn’t always sleep but he likes to be up in his room, playing with the toys up there.  Harry isn’t there to rain on his parade and Evie isn’t there to steal his things from under his nose.  And I’m not there to get on his case!  Sometimes he snoozes too, sometimes he doesn’t.  And Evie takes a good 2 hour (sometimes more!) nap too. This gives me some great time in the afternoon to get things done and have a little “me” time!

I’m lucky that my husband has such a steady and secure job.  Working for the state isn’t perfect, but all things considered, it’s pretty darn good.  He has wonderful job security, even when the state is having troubles.  He has wonderful health insurance, at least compared to some peoples’ plans.  He gets plenty of sick and vacation days even if he doesn’t usually spend all of them.  At least we know that if something ever comes up (like when I broke my ankle or when Jackson died) he can easily take time off without worrying about it.

I’m lucky that Kile likes to cook as much as he does and that he doesn’t mind fixing dinner for us every night.  In fact, there are some meals he makes that are on my list of favorite things to eat!  Like cowboy spaghetti or the mustard grilled hamburgers.  And he can blend a mean margarita too.  This man is a jack of all trades.

Speaking of him, I’m lucky that he is such a wonderful father.  There is little more important to Kile than his family.  His kids are his pride and joy and it shows.  He loves spending time with them on the weekends, riding bikes with Harry or playing in the backyard with Liam or swinging Evie around until she squeals with delight.  And these kids love him too.  It’s the most genuine and pure thing and it is just wonderful to be able to witness.  I love that I never have to question leaving the kids with him and that he doesn’t even flinch when it comes time to change a dirty diaper.

I’m lucky that we have a good house to live in and that is belongs to us.  Sure, the housing market has gone kablooie, but we have a nice place to live and it’s filled with nice furniture and things to make our everyday life simpler and nicer.

I’m lucky that we don’t have very much debt.  Debt always makes me worry, even if there isn’t any trouble paying it back.  You never know what will happen and if a source of income were to suddenly disappear, I would feel awful knowing I had debt that would be difficult to pay back.  Besides the house, virtually everything we own is paid for.  Even our cars!  Which is probably why we’re so reluctant to get a new one.   We’re talking about getting an LED or LCD TV after Christmas.  And I know that if and when we do, we will pay for it with cash.  This is so much easier on my peace of mind!

I’m lucky that I don’t have to work. We don’t necessarily NEED a second income.  Sure there are a few things we have to sacrifice.  But when it comes down to it, we don’t mind missing out on the things we have to sacrifice.  And being able to stay at home with the children, while frustrating at times, is worth it.

I’m lucky for all my friends. Yes, even though they’re online or otherwise so far away.  Maybe it’s not as convenient as having someone a couple blocks away, but knowing that I can get support, someone to chat with and someone to laugh with at a moment’s notice is a wonderful thing indeed. No drama needed here.  Just good old fashioned friendship.

I’m lucky to have three of the most adorable and sweet children on the planet.  Harry is fun to hang out with and very loving to his family members.  Liam is always good for a giggle and is getting smarter by the day.  Evie is so good natured and loves to have a good snuggle first thing in the morning.  There isn’t a single thing I would change about any of them.  They make everything in this world worth living.

And lastly, I’m lucky that I had such a great weekend with my family.  I enjoyed every moment, even though there was that whole thing on Sunday where my social anxiety reared it’s ugly head and made my stomach hurt with the mere thought of spending the day with some fun people.  I’d do it all again and again and again just to get to spend the time with the family.  Lunch at Texas Roadhouse, browsing sidewalk sales at Legends, watching parades in Virginia City… just awesome!

Now that I’ve bragged on myself and my family, what are the things and people that make you lucky?