Monday Hate List: It’s Summer

Let’s bring back this little feature, shall we?  Because while I’m actually NOT feeling particularly crabby today (I know… I’M SHOCKED TOO), there’s always plenty to hate on a Monday, including Monday itself.  And I didn’t post anything all weekend because I was too busy with the “ahh” and the “*contented sigh*” and that sort of thing.  Weekends rock.

Okay, on with the hate….

  • caffeine headaches.  Yes, I know we all saw this coming with my addiction to Rockstar and all.  Shut up.  No one likes an “I told you so.”
  • the iPhone OS 3.0 update.  Okay, the only thing I hate about this is that it’s not being released for another week or somesuch wrongness.  I WANT IT NOW.  SOUNDS AWESOME.
  • our mailman.  Yes, it continues.  I NEVER know when the mail is going to be delivered anymore.  Is it SO hard to deliver stuff by 5pm EVERY day?  REALLY?  Do I have enough capitals in this post so far?
  • headaches.  Really, how do you get rid of these?  Cuz ordinary pain killers seem to have no effect.  I’ve taken four ibuprofen and nothin’.  Suck.
  • the sun.   I got sort of used to the sun being gone last week with all the storms and everything.  This summer weather is for the birds.  I want my rain back.
  • that it’s five more days till the weekend.  Not right, man.  (Except that I now recall Kile is taking Friday off and his parents are coming to town so WOO HOO short week!)
  • waiting.  It’s for the birds.  I hate waiting.
  • my bruised big toe.  Have you ever had one of these?  I landed on it funny when I fell down the stairs last week and ever since it’s been in PAIN.  Turns out?  You use your big toe quite a bit when walking.  WHO KNEW?
  • “Ned’s Declassified” on Nickelodeon.  This show is like nails on a chalkboard.  So is “The Naked Brothers Band”.  And come to think of it, I don’t care for “The Penquins of Madagascar” either.
  • on the preschool side of things, I hate “Oswald”, “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends” and “DragonTales”, to name but a few.
  • this stupid headache.  Seriously.  Get a clue, dude.

So that’s the list for this week.  Do you hate it?  You do don’t you?  You can tell me.  Anyhow, it would TOTALLY fit in with the whole overall theme.

  • j

    Oh my gosh I must live on an island cuz I hadn’t heard of the software update. I can’t wait!!! MMS is long overdue. And a landscape keyboard! Dude. Love me some iPhone. :p

  • Crystal

    My kids LOVE the Penguins of Madagascar. I’m fond of anything that settles them down for 5 minutes.

    And I take Excedrin for my migraines. It might help with your headache, although it contains even more caffeine so I’m not sure how that works.

    Crystals last blog post..Fire in the Sky

  • Michelle

    So is it possible you broke your big toe? Toes get seriously bruised looking when they’re broken. You use your pinky toe more than you think too… I broke that one once and it was a nightmare!!!
    And I’d rather watch DragonTales than the “Samurai Pie” episode of Backyardigans. If I have to watch that one more time, I may loose my mind altogether.

  • Fast food statistics

    I have about 5 big bruises, 2 on my arms, 2 on my leg, and one on my thigh. I have no idea how they came about and I know that I would remember bumping into something, let alone bumping into 5 things. They look pretty bad, and are painful like an ordinary bruise. I have never bruised easily before and I’m only 21 years old, female.

  • carol at A Second Cup

    I still haven’t gotten over my hatred of Barney from when my kids were little. Hope your head feels better soon.

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