Monday Hate List – Week 1

Mondays sure do suck, don’t they?  I hate to use the word “hate” a lot, because it’s such a strong feeling and to use it too often is to a) dilute it’s potence and b) foster a lot of unwanted negativity in your life.  But… it’s Monday.  And if you can’t hate Mondays then what can you do?  So I decided that for one day a week I would just embrace the hate and make a list of things that are ticking me off.  Some Mondays I might not run this feature.  After all, not every Monday sucks and there’s only a finite list of things to hate each week, right?  But gosh, I’ll bet getting some negativity off my chest (and ever-so-helpfully spewed into the Internet!) will help get me through the day.

  • I hate commercials.  I hate the message that the most of them send (which is that someone else is often to blame for the dude’s poor fortune… the one where he rants about his wife’s poor credit and wishes he’d known about it so he wouldn’t have married her is the worst).  I also hate the stupid songs the guy makes up.  This is more true for the more recent commercials.  The only one that is halfway decent is where he’s working at the restaurant and is dressed up like a pirate.  The rest SUCK.  Especially the “rap” one.  Makes my ears bleed.  So not only do I like the image they’re trying to put forward, but I hate the songs.  HATE HATE HATE.  Plus, (as if I needed more reason to hate them) it’s all a lie anyhow.  NICE.
  • I want to kick McCain and Palin and their stupid campaign in the ass.  I don’t want to vent too much, and disturb whatever Republican readers I might have, but DAMN.  The more I hear, the more I want to not only tear my hair out but theirs as well.  I’m so tired of the lies, half-truths and the manipulation of the public.  Why can’t we stick to issues instead of hinting at some nebulous (and pretty much untrue) associations with racial overtones?  SERIOUSLY?  Honestly, it’s obvious to me that McCain is just lashing out because he knows Obama has the upper hand right now and it’s just sickening.  This month can’t pass quick enough, as far as I’m concerned.
  • Charter cable is really pissing me off.   For the last week we’ve had really spotty service.  Anything over channel 100 is hit and miss these days.  Which really sucks on a MONDAY when I really wouldn’t mind some NOGGIN to keep Liam happy.  I don’t want to watch Nickelodeon because of all the obnoxious commericals.  And since the service is spotty, I can’t even call up Blue’s Clues on On Demand.  AAARGH.  At least the box isn’t overheating every 30 minutes anymore but COME ON.  We pay for this service and we should be able to watch HBO whenever we damn well feel like it (thank god it was working last night so I didn’t have to miss “True Blood”!).  I’d have them send a service technician out but I’m scared to death that they’ll deem the problem is on “our end” and bill us up the wazoo for it.  NO THANKS.  Right now, I’m just counting the days until our contract is up and we can switch back to satellite.
  • I hate pretty much anyone who shops at Walmart (myself excluded, of course).  I swear, that store has the RUDEST shoppers of any store on the planet.  I’m talking about the clumps of people who are always in your way when you want to get something off the shelf, but then if you are in THEIR way then you get the Glare of Death.  I swear, I think there’s a new syndrome out called Walmart Rage.  Everyone in there is just so MAD all the time.  And yes, that includes me.  I swear, my blood pressure was through the roof when we were in there on Saturday.  WTF?  God, I wish we had more Targets.  And at least ONE Super Target.

So what are you hating this (not-so) fine Monday?  Feel free to share the venom in the comments.  Let Monday have it!

  • Rhi

    Porta Potties. I blogged about it (With pictures!)

  • catnip

    Work. Mondays are always crazy with the work.

    I really miss SuperTarget. There aren’t any where I live now, but they truly are one stop shopping. Wal-Mart’s produce is yuck.

    catnips last blog, it looks a little different around here

  • Valerie

    I’m currently hating the boots I wore today, which were fine for sitting around the courthouse all day since I was summoned for jury duty. But not so fine for running around work after I was dismissed from jury duty after just three hours.

  • Moon HalloranLeady

    I hate Mondays after a particularly trying weekend.
    I hate when my daughter throws a fit in public like she’s 3 and not 13.
    I hate crazy drivers who almost got me killed the other day.
    I hate the fact that we had to take the kittens to the HS because we couldn’t find homes for them.
    I hate providers who don’t send the docs I need to cred them and then argue about it with me on the phone.

    I need a nap.

  • michelle

    I also hate Charter cable. Their on-demand menu SUCKS!!! Comcast at least had some cbs shows on demand, and also, in my opinion, better movies.
    I hate our coffee pot. We only use it when my parents are here and the mess that it involves makes me happy I never became a coffee drinker. I am aware that the mess is probably more a parental issue than a coffee issue, but it’s much nicer to send the negative energy to the inanimate object than my parents. After all, my mom just bought me new shoes. Which I love.
    I hate celery. I think it sends out celery smell and taste and infects other innocent items in your refrigerator.
    And finally, I hate morons who drive around with their radios on so loud that not only can I hear the bass beat in my house, but I can tell what song it is. During the day is bad enough, but at like 3AM?? Come on, people!! What is WRONG with you?

  • Hip Mom’s Guide

    Getting up at 6:30 or earlier. Dark, cold, yuck.

    But since I am late getting here, at least it’s Tuesday now. Hope it treats you better!

    Hip Mom’s Guides last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Race for the Cure

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