Monday Update: It’s HOT

So summer weather finally found us.  I guess that’s the best excuse I can find for not updating since WEDNESDAY.  I should have my WordPress taken away from me.  Truly shameful.

But seriously.  I hate this hot weather.  HATE. IT.  It just magnifies my intense dislike for Reno right now.  As if I didn’t have enough other reasons to completely loathe living here, now Mother Nature turns on the heat.

We went to explore the Legends shopping complex over at the Sparks Marina yesterday.  It’s sort of an outdoor mall (but in my opinion, kicks the doors off the Summit Sierra which I pretty much detest just on principle) with lots of great shops, most of them factory outlet stores.  Like the Carters store.  I will be going back there this weekend.  And it will be amazing.  The jammies alone had me turning cartwheels in the aisles.

The only drawback? It was so freaking HOT.  And for some reason, where we’re located, when the sun really gets going it just burns through and sears your skin.  The elevation?  The dryness?  WHO KNOWS.  But it sucks.  I hate it…. hate hate hate hate hate it.  And everytime I see the weather man on TV gleefully forecast yet more scorching days ahead I want to drive over to the television studio and kick him in the head.

I don’t like living here.  I feel it amplifies everything that is frustrating in my life right now.  I am so isolated and so hot and so tired and pretty much everyone who lives here sucks ass.  I’m sorry if you live here and feel you don’t suck ass but this is my honest assessment.  There’s just enough people crammed into this valley that everyone starts going all “Lord of the Flies” when they are out and about.  People drive like lunatic assholes.  Crowds of people embrace the mob mentality and everything becomes “every man for himself.”   Rudeness prevails.  Doors aren’t held open, people cut in lines, inconsideration is the order of the day.  Put miserable hot weather on top of that and I HAVE HAD IT.

I used to kind of like living here.  Yeah, that whole feeling is GONE.

There.  Is that enough whining for a Monday?  I sure hope so.  I pulled out all the stops.  I even feel a little ill about it, to be honest.  But everyone knows you can’t start off a Monday properly until you’ve bitched and moaned about something.  Up to and including Monday itself.  I feel I covered my bases.   But just for good measure:

Monday AND Reno can BITE ME.

I feel better now.

  • Michelle

    Woo!!! I like hot weather, but even I must say that the last few days have been NASTY. And yes, rude people suck. They should be forced to deal with themselves until they see the error of their ways.

  • Lindsay Kinderwagen

    Great Blog, nice to read. We started something similar in Germany…

  • Chloe Alice Wilson

    I can’t get anything done in hot weather either without getting a headache. Just getting in the car to go somewhere and the steering wheel is too hot to touch. Putting the oven on to cook and making it even hotter in the kitchen. And then there’s trying to sleep – thank God for air conditioning!
    Cheers, Chloe
    .-= Chloe Alice Wilson´s last blog ..An Expat Buying Toys In Europe =-.

  • Cougar Woman

    I do everything so much better in cooler weather. I live in Australia, so right now it is Winter, but Summer was unbearable. Must invest in one of those portable air conditioning units. Your blog rocks by the way.

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