My mailman sucks

Once upon a time, we rented a house in the northwest section of our town.  Not an ideal situation, of course, but it served us well while we were preparing to purchase a home for the first time.  It was convenient to Kile’s job and lots of faboo shopping.  There were issues, of course (there always are), but for the most part, I loved living there.

Our mail was delivered by lunchtime every day and I would strap Harry into his high chair (damn, that was a while ago, huh?) before going out to check the mail in the box at the curb.  Life was good.

We moved out to the sticks into our very own home and no longer did we have a mailbox at the curb.  There was a bank of boxes down the street and around the corner in which we had a little box.  Inconvenient, to be sure.  But the mail was generally delivered by noonish or so.  Sometimes it was more like 3 or 3:30 and those days were odd because DAMN, the mail is LATE today!  But… whatever.

Fast forward to today.  Same house out in the sticks.  Same stupid bank of boxes.  Except instead of getting mail at noon, or heck, even 3pm, we’re lucky to get the mail by 5.  I went to check the mail at 5:05 and WOW.  NO MAIL.  SHOCKER.

(insert much fuming)

According to the USPS website, mail delivered after 5pm is considered LATE.  If that is the case, our mail is late every single day.  Well, except Saturday.  On Saturdays, our mail is delivered around noon.  Why?  I reallllly wish I knew.  I have my suspicions though.

See, several times in the past few months when I have received packages that are too large for the package locker (a larger box that they cram boxes that don’t fit into our teeny boxes and then lock with a key which they then put in our teeny boxes), instead of coming to the house and ringing the doorbell or even just leaving on the porch, we have recieved a pink notice that says “Sorry I missed you!” and that you can go to the post office to pick your package up tomorrow.

You know, cuz it’s SO EASY to just pack up two small children and cart them to the post office to pick up a package that the stupid mailman is supposed to deliver.  Because you know what?  I WAS HOME.  I AM ALWAYS HOME.  I NEVER LEAVE.  I HAVE NO LIFE.  Just get off your lazy ass and bring the damn package up to my door. GAH.

So my theory is: my mailman is an idiot who thinks that everyone (or at least everyone who “counts”) works 8-5.  Why bother taking all that time to go to a specific house to deliver a package when you KNOW that there’s no one home?  Cuz they’re all at work?  And why bother knocking yourself out getting the mail there before 5pm when everyone works until 5 and it’ll be nearly 6 before they’re home anyhow?  If the mail is delivered at 5:30, they won’t know any different, right?

Nevermind the people, like me, who work at home and sort of count on the mail getting to them by a reasonable time.  Because, you know, they may need to connect with someone on the east coast about it and if the mail isn’t delivered until 5:30, that person might not be at work/online anymore because DUDE, that’s like 8:30 for them and maybe they’re putting kids to bed or watching TV or enjoying their lives as they should.

Let’s face it.  The mail is supposed to be delivered by 5pm for a reason.  A reason my mailman either a) doesn’t know about or b) doesn’t care about.  Which makes me want to go down there and kick his ass.  You know, if I could.  But I’m stuck here watching two little kids all day.  And when I take the time to load them both into the stroller and walk down to the stupid bank of boxes after 5pm only to find that the mail hasn’t been delivered yet?  AGAIN? For like the umpteenth time in the last month?  It makes me feel a little stabby.

Listen, I know budget dollars are stretched and sacrifices have to be made.  But sending something USPS still costs some money (more and more all the time, it seems), and as such, customers should be able to expect reasonable service.  Getting my packages delivered to my home when I am actually AT HOME and getting the mail regularly delivered before 5pm is what I would consider reasonable service.


  • Randi

    Great post!! Your mailman should absolutely be more caring about his job – especially since jobs are getting cut all over the place! You know what I’d do? I’d leave a message taped to the inside of the mailbox saying something like “thanks for delivering our mail – but I’d really appreciate if you could drop any packages off for me. I’m home every day. I SWEAR.”

  • Rhi


    Once upon a time, I used to live in the same apartments I currently live in, except in building A, and in a one bedroom. I also used to work about 5 minutes from here – so several days a week, I came home from lunch and lo and behold – MY MAIL WAS HERE.


    I live here again, in building b, but in a 2 bedroom (which has nothing to do with this story, but you know I am wordy) and when I work from home some days (as I work 45 minutes away now) and I check the mail at 4? IT IS NOT HERE YET.


  • Michelle

    I’ve been on the lookout for the mailman lately, for a few reasons. I’m expecting packages and my parents are coming to visit, and one question my dad is guaranteed to ask me is what time the mail man comes. I have the bank of mailboxes down the street like you do, Marilyn. So, I don’t normally see him and can’t answer that question… and you know my dad, Mar. *eye roll*
    Anyway, yesterday I was in the living room folding laundry, Paul had come home from work, and we had housing maintenance here so our driveway was full. I saw the mailman start to pull up to our house, as if he was going to bring me a package, see the full driveway, AND LEAVE!!! WTF!!!!
    Generally, I’m a huge fan of USPS – my grandpa worked for them and so does one of my friends from Albuquerque. But come on!! If I can suck it up and buy stamps that you’re always raising prices on, then you can deliver the mail ON TIME and packages TO THE DOOR!

  • brit

    duuuude. don’t even get me started. I haven’t written about my mail carrier in a while because I’m afraid she will start spitting on my mail or in my hair. Which is totally different from the time she shoved a package in to my mailbox so snugly that I had to use two feet to get it out and I broke the mailbox off the post because it was so stuck, or the fact that she saloms into my driveway and throws packages from her jeep to the lower part of my porch (no the upper part that is covered) bu the lower landing, uncovered, in the rain (it is always raining here).

    On the days I want to mail something she comes at 9am before I’ve gotten to the mailbox, if I”m waiting for a netflix or don’t have anything to mail? The mail comes after 3pm. why? whyyyyyyy?

    And who do you complain too? I still wan to get my mail…. and yeah, I’m home all day so I see all this..and it drives me to the crazy place.

  • RoseAnn

    Don’t get me started, either!

    I second the suggestion about leaving a note, although I would be super nice about it so that they don’t start “losing” your mail.

    My aunt has actually witnessed her mailperson *sleeping* on their route! Maybe there’s a different person who does the weekends and that’s why it arrives earlier on Saturdays?

    I think the post office has a complaint form you can fill out. They might even have something online. I’ve never had enough problems to warrant it because I fear retaliation. Sad that we pay for the service and then are afraid to complain!

  • Michelle

    When we still lived in Virginia (where I suffered through the throwing of packages onto my porch like Brit mentioned – GRR), I got one of those “sorry we missed you, go pick up your package” notes. I had been home – my daughter had just been born and I was too scared to leave the house by myself with her. PLUS my stitches made driving my car a little uncomfortable. So, I did complain. When I got to the post office and they handed me my box, I said, “You know, I was home when this was ‘attempted’ to be delivered” and the people behind the counter got all sheepish looking and apologized. That’s when the throwing of packages began, but hey, I never had to go to the post office to pick up a box again.

  • Midwest Mommy

    My maillman did that whole leaving you a note thing but the kicker was I was watching out my window and he didn’t even bother to get out of the truck and try. I called ticked! I had paid extra for shipping. It was delivered to my door the next day.

  • Shawna

    You get mail on Saturday? Like, regular mail, not special delivery? That seems almost decadent! Here it’s Monday to Friday.

  • Moon HalloranLeady

    We don’t even get our mail at our house – we have to go to the post office to pick it up, and I swear that place is only open about half an hour during the week and seven seconds on Saturday — well, at least it seems like it. It’s a small town, so i think they just show up there when they feel like it. We can go for days and days without getting our mail because of that. It’s annoying! If we want house delivery we would have to pay extra for that, and even *then* it would be in an unlockable country mailbox by the side of the road.

    No thanks. I can wait a few more days for the bills :)

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