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I’ve become so criminally negligent of this blog that it’s no longer funny and is drifting in the vicinity of being “pathetic”.  But I wanted to drop a line and say, “HEY!  I’m still here.”  Remember, just because you don’t see me, doesn’t mean I’m not around.  (Did that give you the creeps, reading that?  Cuz that’d be awesome if it did.)

Here’s a little rundown of what’s going on around these parts:

  • Liam started first grade shortly after he turned 6.  Where does the time go?  Because I think I’m getting too old too fast.
  • Then, the day before Harry was going back to school Coral Academy (starting seventh grade!), we got a call from the Coral elementary campus that Liam got in there.  SO we had to quick get him set up to switch schools.
  • This means of course that Kile and I share pick up duties in the afternoons (he drops them off on his way to work since it’s right there).  I pick up on Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Friday.  It’s kinda a pain in the rear but gives me quality time listening to angsty music and reading on my iPhone.
  • Evie starts kindergarten next year and I don’t think I’m quite prepared to full grasp THAT ONE yet.
  • MOPS starts tomorrow, which should be interesting even if I’m stressing at not being at the same table as my peeps.  People keep telling me that the whole purpose is to go and meet new people. I reply with: do you not know me at all?
  • I’m still Brit obsessed.  Anglophile Tidbit of the Day: Scottish is my favorite accent.  If you say “Pair Fect” you’re saying perfect with a Scottish accent.  I love how they say perfect.  Same basic rule applies for similar words and names.  For instance, the name Fergus is “Fair Gus”.  Try it at home, kids!
  • Whole Foods is selling hard pumpkin cider.  I have tried it and I can affirm that it is marvelous.  Go get some.
  • Doctor Who series 7 has begun… we’re officially two weeks in.  I’m happy Doctor Who is on TV.  That’s about the best I can say about it.  Oh and I really liked Jenna Louise-Colman in the first episode and can’t wait to see what she brings to the show when she comes back at Christmas (different character?  related character?  someone else entirely?  You NEVER KNOW with this show).
  • I’m very tired of hearing Liam whine and cry about stupid stuff all the time.  He’s a pro at it.  PUSHES MY BUTTONS.
  • “Some Nights” by Fun. is my current favorite song.  I literally cannot stop listening to it.

That’s about it.  But I hope to pop in now and then and not neglect things here so bad.  I should never neglect the blog!


I'm a thirty-something wife and mother with a penchant for movies and Doctor Who and David Tennant. I'm a pretty big dork, truth be told.

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