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    Is Your Kid the Next CompanyKid?

    2008 - 05.22

    You all have heard of The Company Store, right?  It’s that catalog and online store that has the impossibly awesome household goods.  Their sheets alone make me want to curl up in the fetal position and surrender myself to the softness.  Basically, this shop has some NICE stuff.  And, did you know they have a kids catalog and online store too?  Well, THEY DO.

    And right now, they’re running a contest.  A CompanyKids Model Contest!  All you have to do is visit this page and sign your kid up to win.  You fill out some information, upload a couple pictures of your adorable child and you’re entered to win one of 2 grand prizes which include a TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY for a photo shoot and a $500 CompanyKids giftcard or one of 10 first prizes which include a $100 CompanyKids giftcard.  Yep, that’s right.  If your kid is selected, they could be featured in the print and online catalog for CompanyKids Spring 2009 catalog!  And what parent wouldn’t like proof, preserved for posterity that their child is absolutely adorable??

    To be eligible to enter, your child must be 3 years old and no older than 7 as of July 30, 2008.  That, unfortunately, rules me and my spawn out of the contest (drat), but I just HAD to pass this awesome opportunity on to the rest of you.  And how happy would I be if someone who read MY BLOG and found the contest from ME went on to win this thing?  The answer is: BEYOND HAPPY.  So please, enter!  Enter today!  Do it now!

    You have until June 20th, 2008 to enter.  So, you know, don’t delay.  You can thank me later, after you win!