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    Who’s afraid of the dark?

    2009 - 03.09

    My two boys share a room.  They are 9 years old and 2 years old.  And they both like to sleep with all the lights blazing.  All night long.  We will turn out the lights after they’ve fallen asleep only to find all the lights back on in the morning.  This can’t be good for our electric bill, for one thing.  But a mere night light has never done the trick in the past (and believe me, we’ve tried).

    Enter the SYLVANIA PalPODzzz Portable Nightlights.  It’s a mouthful, but the gist is it’s a cute little light to chase away the boogeymen and monsters at night.  PalPODzzz come in two different designs, the ladybug for that little girl in your life, and a rocket ship, which is what we got.  These cute little lights plug into an outlet but also have a rechargable flashlight (in our case, the rocketship detaches from the base for use as a flashlight).  This is GENIUS, because if there’s one thing my 9 year old loves, it’s a flashlight at night when he’s in bed.  And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s when my 9 year old wastes a couple of batteries from leaving a flashlight on all night.  This here is a win-win situation.

    Another side-benefit of this cute little light is that it matches my boys’ room decor PERFECTLY.  Their room is done up in full outer-space motif with dark blue ceiling with glow in the dark stars, rocketship painted on the wall… the works!  This light is perfect and both the boys love how it looks like a toy.

    There are still some nights when we find the lights on after bedtime, but with this wonderful nightlight, those nights are becoming few and far between.  Hopefully, those energy wasting days will soon be a thing of the past.

    Many thanks to SYLVANNIA and to the Parent Bloggers Network for letting me try this out.  It is a perfect fit in our home and if you have some little ones who have a healthy fear of the dark, chances are it will be perfect for your home too.