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    2008 - 03.13

    Hi, everyone!

    My name is Marilyn and I blog regularly over at slackermama . com.  But I thought, “What about sharing my opinions on products, services, contests, etc and so on?”  So this review blog was born.  Because if I love a product, I’m usually dying to share it.  Some of these reviews I am compensated for (either in free products or cash), but some of them are things that I have purchased myself that I really just dug so much that I had to share.  I want you all to know that I wouldn’t praise something here that I didn’t genuinely enjoy, no matter how much I would get paid to do so.  I’m not here to mislead you fine folk!  Nope, I just want to share the love!

    And in the spirit, I hope to offer as many fabulous giveaways as I can here at slackermama reviews.  Because it’s all about giving back to YOU.  Thanks for stopping by!

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