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    Boogie Superstar is a Super Hit

    2008 - 11.30

    My nine year old son is obsessed with music right now.  There isn’t hardly a day that goes by that he doesn’t hassle us for Rockband (first preference) or Guitar Hero (second preference).  He has an acoustic guitar that he picks out notes and songs on for hours on end.  He got an iPod shuffle for his birthday that he listens to constantly.  He. Loves. Music.

    And when Boogie Superstar by Electronic Arts for the Wii arrived on our doorstep, courtesty of the Parent Bloggers Network, well, you would have thought Santa Claus himself had brought it.  I officially became the Coolest Mom Ever.  He couldn’t wait to get done with his homework so that he could try it out.

    In many ways, Boogie Superstar is cooler than your average karaoke or average dancing game.  Because it is BOTH.  And, even better, you can compete, “American Idol” style, to be the next Boogie Superstar.  Just watch out for “Vickie”, as she’s a mean spirited judge that puts even Simon Cowell to shame. In fact, you can shake things up by challenging yourself to some of Vickie’s worst sabotage (such as blocking lyrics and switching out dance moves).

    I’m not familiar with all the songs on the game (so far, at least.  We’ve only unlocked a few so far), but the ones I don’t know are catching on.  I have found myself humming “Take You There” several times during the day.  That one gets in your head!  The dance moves are challenging enough and so are the songs, that my son is kept entertained.  I imagine he would play it for hours and hours at a time if I let him.

    And this one isn’t just for the kiddos either.  I think this game would be a great hit at your next party or holiday gathering.  In fact, we had the idea on Thanksgiving to play “Thanksgiving Idol”, with each of us in our family having a crack at the game.  Now that beats watching a stupid football game ANY DAY.  (At least in my book it does.)

    If your kid likes music like mine does and loves to play video games too, check out Boogie Superstar for the Wii.  I bet your child would be thrilled to see this one under the tree come Christmas morning!

    Video Games and Pets – my child is in heaven!

    2008 - 11.20

    When PBN gave me the opportunity to review a Wii game, I literally JUMPED at the chance.  It almost didn’t matter what the game was.  Lucky for me and my Wii-addicted 9 year old son, it was “Littlest Pet Shop“, by EA Games.  Now, I will admit, I was a little concerned that my son would think this game was too “girly” for his tastes.  He’s majorly into all things superhero and action-packed.  But he also seriously loves animals (he watches Animal Planet all the time) and his pet dog, Pup and is a video game addict-in-training (he takes after his father), so I thought it was worth a shot.

    Boy, am I ever glad I took that shot.  I didn’t know much about the “Littlest Pet Shop” franchise before getting this game, since my daughter is only 8 months old and we try to stay away from too much marketing around here.  Apparently, there is a big line of “Littlest Pet Shop” games on the Nintendo DS too.  This is not to mention the abundance of toys at the local department store.  The notion with the game is you adopt and name (and accesorize!) various pets (everything from a hampster to a frog, which was my personal favorite) and then you can play with these pets in various “lands”.  You make sure that each pet is getting enough affection and food, and then purchase different playground equipment with “kibble” that you earn by playing on other playground equipment.  It’s oddly addictive, brightly colored, cheerful and engaging.

    My son, in a word, LOVES it.  I tried to get him to think of some constructive criticism and he couldn’t think of one thing.  He told me that it was one of his most favorite games ever.  Considering how this boy feels about Rock Band, that’s high praise indeed.  I even had fun, helping him play a game with one of the pets one afternoon.  We laughed and shouted at the television and had a great time together.  The games are fun and there is literally SO MUCH to do in this game, that it could seriously be months before your child gets bored with it.

    I honestly think this is a game that could be great for the whole family.  Small children could easily understand it and older children and even adults can have fun exploring the worlds and playing the games.  The genius is in the simplicity.  So if you’re looking for a great game for the Wii fans on your Christmas list, look no further than “Littlest Pet Shop“.