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    2008 - 08.08

    Underwear is a hot topic in this household.  We currently only have one child, my 8 year old eldest son, that is potty trained.  And it was a hard road to potty trained, let me tell you.  There are some days where I wonder if the lessons stuck.  Then I am reminded (by my husband) that he is a boy and boys aren’t like girls.

    Which means, that boys are gross.  See, what we knew in the second grade still holds, girls.

    Potty issues aside, boys are rough on their clothes and underwear is no exception.  As I’m doing my son’s laundry I’m consistently amazed at how quickly he goes through underwear and socks.  Holes in the toes appear almost as if overnight and the waistband of underwear is worn out, and holes appear in unlikely locations.  Does he keep wombats in his pants?

    Imagine my excitement when I recently was selected by the Parent Bloggers Network to try out some of Hanes new Comfort Fit Promise underwear for my son.  New underwear is never turned down around here!  And when the package arrived, I was surprised (and amused!) that my son was just as excited as I was to see what was inside.  “New underwear!  AND SOCKS!” he exclaimed.  (This is the same child who actually asked for underwear for Christmas, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised.)

    He promised he would wear them first thing in the morning report back to me on their performance.  When he got home from school that day I asked him how they worked.  “Good,” he said, descriptive as always.

    “Are they comfortable?”

    “Oh yeah.  I like these better than the last ones you got me.”

    Oooh.  I guess you get what you pay for, eh?  I had gone with the cheapo generics the last time.

    He loved that these particular underwear were tagless so nothing itching at the back of his waist.  He seems to be sensitive to such things, moreso than I am, so I was pleased to hear that.

    “Did they *ahem* stay put?”  At his puzzled look, I elaborated.  “Did they ride up at all?  Give you a wedgie?”

    He grinned.  Wedgie, he understood.  “Nope.”

    All in all?  A glowing recommendation from a fairly reticent 8 year old boy.  And these underwear have been through the wash a couple times now and I am VERY pleased to report that everything is holding up great.  The socks remain hole-less, the underwear still look like new and the boxers haven’t even shrunk on me.

    Hanes has really held up to their reputation for quality here.  And, they’re backing it up with a promise.  The Comfort Fit Promise states that if your kid isn’t comfortable, then you get your money back.  No fooling!  Truly in this day and age of economic uncertainty, that is a “comfort” indeed.

    If you stop by the Parent Blogger’s Network on 8/22, you can find out how you can some Hanes for your kid, just in time for back to school!

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