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    It erases EVERYTHING

    2008 - 09.14

    Plainly put, if you have kids, you need to have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Case in point: our newly-minted two year old boy has discovered the fine art of pilfering pencils from his older brother and using them to draw on the walls.  For whatever reason, he really enjoys drawing on the front door.  My first reaction when I saw the scribbles was to grab a wet paper towel or perhaps a damp sponge.  My husband, bless his soul, had the forethought to grab the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Seconds later, the doodles were a thing of history.  You couldn’t even tell the door had been doodled on in the first place (dangit, I should have gotten pictures).

    Doodled-on doors are just one of the many projects this product can easily tackle.  I’ve used this to spiff up our stairway banister more times than I can count.  It makes quick work of our microwave which can go from clean to catastrophic faster than you can say “microwave mac n’ cheese”.  And that nasty little soap scum ring that you get in your tub after you’ve given your filthy children a bath (they get SO filthy in the summer, it boggles my mind) is no match for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Seriously, you barely even have to scrub at it.  And no harsh cleaning products are needed.  Just add water to the Eraser and wipe the ring and voila!  All clean.

    And one of my favorite new uses for the Magic Eraser: does anyone else get a filthy stove hood?  Ours collects dust and grease like a magnet and trying to wipe it clean with a sponge just makes a sticky, icky mess.  But the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser just scoffs at the goop and wipes it clean.  That was all it took for me to want to try it on our stovetop which has admittedly gone without a good wiping down in a few days.  And what do you know!  Cleaning the cooked on mess was a breeze.

    Now, none of this is going to make me like cleaning any more than I already do (which I don’t).  But cleaning is a necessesary evil and if you’ve gotta do it, you might as well make it as easy as possible, right?  Luckily, I’ve got Mr. Clean and his fabulous Magic Eraser on my side.

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    This is a compensated review. I received product samples from Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and BlogHer.