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    Guys suffer infertility too – “Maybe Baby” review

    2008 - 09.23

    You may or may not be aware that my husband and I spent six long years dealing with secondary infertility.  Those were the hardest years of my life HANDS DOWN.  What would I have given during that time to have a firsthand account of how a guy feels, going through it?  As it was I gobbled up every book about infertility I could get my hands on.  But the story from a guy’s perspective… that’s something I know would have appealed to me.  Shoot, it appealed to me now and infertility is a diagnosis that we’ve left far, far behind us.

    Maybe Baby: An Infertile Love Story” is a memoir written by Matthew M. F. Miller that was sent to me to review by the fabulous Parent Bloggers Network.  But more than a chronicle of this couple’s journey through infertility, it’s a tale about romance.  About how this couple was determined to weather the storm together.  And that was the facet of this story that I related to the most.  Because even when we were at our lowest, burying our stillborn son, I always knew we had each other’s back.  We were going through it together.  More than anyone else, my husband knew what I was going through and it was the same for him.  In fact, I would argue that a couple needs to come together in order to make it through infertility intact.

    This story has it all, humor, drama, sadness and perspective.  If you haven’t been through infertility yourself, it gives you a good window into what it really feels like to be on that side of the fence.  If you have been through it, then you find in Matthew a blood-brother of sorts.  Comfort in numbers, misery loves company… that whole shtick.

    All in all, this book is definitely worth a read.  Check it out.