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    “Sleep is for the Weak” – Essential for Mothers

    2008 - 09.09

    I was so excited to have a chance, via the Parent Bloggers Network, to review this book.  If you haven’t heard of it by now (what rock have you been living under?), it’s an anthology of some of the best mommy blogging posts from around the blogosphere.  Some of the blogs that are featured are highly popular and some are less so.  But each and every blogger has contributed something wonderful to this book, no matter what their traffic reports indicate.

    Rita Arens of Surrender, Dorothy is the brainchild of this heartwarming anthology.  She worked so hard for months on this project, contacting bloggers to contribute, pitching the book to publishers and working with BlogHer to finish the job.  The result is a clever, funny, touching and humbling book that belongs on every mother’s bookshelf.  Seriously, they should pass this out in the maternity ward along with the striped caps and newborn pacifiers.

    And remember when I said there were some fabulous bloggers involved in this book?  There are essays from Amalah, Finslippy, Fussy, and Rancid Raves (to name a few).  There’s even a daddy blogger in there.

    This was the sort of book I could take with me and read on the go, curl up with at night and sink into or whatever my schedule happened to dictate that day.  Within the pages you’ll find advice and, more importantly, camaraderie.  After all, part of what makes blogging so successful is that it reminds us that we’re not alone.  Regardless if the topic is breastfeeding, returning to work, sleep (or the lack thereof) or how being a mother just utterly changes you, this book covers all the bases.

    This book makes me proud to be a mommy blogger.  I can see what blogging can accomplish, what it really is all about.  I highly suggest you pick up a copy.  And then grab another copy to give your best friend.

    To read more about the book and it’s contributors (and to see if there’s a book signing taking place near you), check out the BlogHer website.