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    Review & Giveaway: My Fruit Roll-Ups

    2008 - 06.04

    Edited to reveal the winner: Our winner is Judith G! She can design up her Fruit Roll Ups with cactus’ and butterflies and whatever she wants to do.  Thanks so much to EVERYONE for entering and stay tuned for future (awesome) giveaways!

    When I got the heads-up from the Parent Blogger’s Network about a new twist on an old, favorite snack, I had to see what the fuss was about. And the fuss is this: My Fruit Roll-Ups. You all remember Fruit Roll-Ups, right? Shoot, if you have school aged children, like I do, then you know them now.

    The new twist is pretty awesome: You can go on the My Fruit Roll-Ups site and design your own Fruit Roll-Up. No kidding! You can choose between text or graphics or a mix of both. The possibilities are, well, endless.

    The interface is very easy to work with, in fact, I’m sure a child could get on and design their own creation (under their parent’s supervision, of course). I was tempted to have my 8 year old son have a crack at it, but then I decided I wanted to make him a treat as a surprise. So I *ahem* got to play around with it.

    And if you get stuck? They give you “Design Suggestions” to help get you started. You know, for the “creatively impaired” (not that I am or anything… I just clicked on that to see what sort of stuff they had. Honest! *cough*).

    Seriously, though, it didn’t take long to come up with a design that I thought my son would love. He has a serious thing for space and planets right now and add in a little blurb about how much he rocks? Well, I was sure he’d be over the moon (pun intended).

    It’s a little on the pricey side if you’re just looking for an average snack. But you do get a case of 30 snacks and they would make fantastic party favors. And when you factor in what it must cost to print all these up separately, well, the price isn’t really that bad, is it? I think it’s pretty much worth it for my son to have a daily reminder in his lunch just how much his parents love him.

    The turn-around on these was great too. I just put in the order late last week and the box of Fruit Roll-Ups arrived yesterday. I opened it up and had to see what the design looked like. Despite Fruit Roll-Ups being just as difficult to unroll as I always remember, the design came out pretty much EXACTLY like I designed. Way cool.

    My Fruit Roll-Up

    Then I got to present it to my son (who had been intensely curious about them since they arrived on our doorstep). He pretty much couldn’t believe his eyes. “How did you do this??” he wanted to know. He was very impressed. After he gobbled it down, I asked him what he thought about his personalized treat. “They’re pretty much awesome,” was his answer. You can get a better endorsement than that from an 8 year old, I think. And I came out looking like Super Mom. I love it when that happens.

    Now, here’s the GOOD NEWS: You can look like Super Mom too! I have a code for a FREE case of these personalized My Fruit Roll-Ups available to one lucky commenter. All you have to do is visit the My Fruit Roll-Up site, design up your own fruity snack and then come back here and leave a comment telling me what design you’d like on your own My Fruit Roll-Up. It’s as easy as that. You have until Friday, June 6th at midnight (PDT) to enter. I’ll announce a winner (chosen at random) on Saturday, June 7th. Sound like a good deal? Here’s an even sweeter deal: you can earn EXTRA entries for mentioning this giveaway on your blog and adding this blog to your RSS feed reader. Just mention in your comment that you’ve done these things (or plan to do them) and I’ll credit you the extra entries. Sound awesome?

    This giveaway is open to U.S. addresses only. Sorry!

    Rating: ★★★★☆