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    If it wasn’t for yogurt, this kid would starve

    2008 - 08.29

    I don’t know if you know about my middle child, Liam.  I’ve written about him exenstively over at my personal blog, ever since the day he was born.  He is, well, a shrimp.  Always has been.  Was born at 4lbs 15oz and seems content to remain on the petite side even now at 2 years old.  To make matters more stressful for a nervous mama, he’s a picky eater.

    Oh, did I say picky eater?  I meant the PICKIEST eater.  Ya’ll, this child didn’t even like baby food.  Not even the cereal.  He hated being fed anything with a spoon and we had to fast-track table food.  And even then, it’s been a constant challenge to find anything that he’s even remotely interested in putting in his mouth, much less swallowing.  Enter… Yoplait.

    If it weren’t for yogurt, I’m sure he would have starved to death by now.  There have been times in the last year that yogurt was the best source of protein and vitamins he would get in a day (besides milk, of course).  And God bless them, Yoplait makes it easy.  They have an entire line of kid-friendly yogurts.  From the big kid friendly Go-Gurt and Fizzix squeezable yogurts, to the almost-big kid friendly Trix yogurt (that comes in some pretty day-glo colors and interesting flavors) to the more baby-friendly Yoplait Kids, these guys have your bases covered.

    In the morning, when I know that feeding Liam breakfast is going to be a challenge, I like to take a Yoplait Kids smoothie and mix it in a sippy cup with milk.  He absolutely LOVES it and I can feel good, knowing he’s getting more than just the handful of cereal puffs or jelly-filled cereal bar for nutrition.  When we are going out to dinner and finding food for Liam is all but impossible, we think ahead and grab a tub of Yoplait Kids to take along with us and feed him there at the table.  It is quite seriously the only food he will allow us to spoon-feed him (besides ice cream, of course).  And now, as he’s getting older, we’re letting him experiment with his own spoon and while he does love to make a huge mess with it, he also EATS IT.  Which is is HUGE in my book.

    So beyond just RAVING about our experience with Yoplait’s kid products, I have some GREAT news for you!  Thanks to Yoplait, you can print out your very own $1.50 off coupon so you can go down and get the yogurt product of your own choosing for NEARLY free!  If you have a picky eater like me, this could be your saving grace!

    Also, thanks to the Parent Bloggers Network for providing me the opportunity to host a GIVEAWAY for you!  What will you get?  A coupon for a FREE Yoplait Kids product, a Yoplait soft-sided canvas cooler (awesome for picnics at the park!) and a My First Brain Quest flashcard game to play with your pre-schooler to help build their verbal skills.  All that for FREE!  (Can I say FREE! again?)  Just leave a comment here and I’ll let random.org pick a winner for us on Monday night after midnight.  I’ll announce the winner here on Tuesday.  So what are you waiting for?  Enter!

    Sorry, this constest is only open to US Residents!

    Updated: Thanks to everyone who entered!  Our lucky winner is Michelle!  Check back again soon as I’m sure to have another giveaway before you know it!