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    2010 - 12.28

    I love to drink my coffee every day.  I depend on it, even.  But I’m generally only good for one cup (albeit a LARGE cup, as I like the nice tall coffee mugs), maybe two in a day.  Once upon a time, we had a regular coffee pot.  But it was a waste.  I was throwing away pot upon pot of coffee.  It got to where we only made coffee on the weekends when my husband was at home in the mornings or whenever we had company visit.  Then my husband stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea. I tried a Senseo for a while but the quality of the coffee was not that great.   I needed to use at least two “coffee pods” to make a decent cup which got expensive.  And it couldn’t brew tea to save it’s life.  That’s when we got a Keurig.  And everything turned around.  I could get marvelous cups of coffee, my husband could get tea, we could brew up hot cocoa or spiced cider or chai tea whenever we pleased.  Life was good.

    I was approached a few weeks ago to review the Tassimo T20 single-serve beverage maker.  And I just couldn’t say no.  We are pretty devoted to our Keurig but not so much that we can’t appreciate what the Tassimo has to offer.  After all, what drove us to the Keurig in the first place was the benefit of being able to brew one wonderful cup at a time and the flexibility of making different beverages.  The Tassimo offers all that and more.

    Now, it’s hard to compare the Keurig we have to the Tassimo we received to review.  Our Keurig is the top of the line Platinum edition, whereas the Tassimo is the T20, a more entry level edition.  So there are certain bells and whistles available on our Keurig that we have had the last year to get used to that the T20 lacks.

    But that said?  The Tassimo T20 was STILL able to knock our socks off.  That says something right there.  We were sent, along with the brewer, a package of Starbucks Cappucino and a package of Gevalia coffee to try out.  I kind of wish we had had even more different beverages to try out.  My husband is a big tea drinker, so it would have been nice to see how the T20 served up a cup of tea.  Judging on how it brewed everything else, I’m going to guess it would have done a great job.  As it was, we picked up a package of the Suchard’s hot cocoa t-cups at Walmart and we were VERY pleased with the finished product.

    As a matter of fact, we prefer the Tassimo hot chocolate to the different Keurig k-cup varieties we have tried.  The secret, I’m thinking, is in the fact that the t-cup uses a chocolate syrup to make the hot cocoa where the k-cup does not.  Another thing that probably makes a big difference is the way the Tassimo brews a beverage.  Each t-cup has a bar code printed on it that is read by the brewer.  So whether you are brewing up a cappuccino, a cup of coffee or some hot cocoa, the brewer knows precisely how to prepare each cup.  This is how you get cappuccino that literally tastes like you just ordered it from a Starbucks barista.  And how that cup of coffee tastes like heaven in a cup.

    There is a learning curve with the T20.  In it’s effort to be small and sleek, there aren’t many buttons or functions so you have to familiarize yourself with the instructions before you begin brewing (which is always a good idea anyhow, but tell that to a man!).   But once you get the hang of how to brew your first cup, you are good as gold.  It brews up a perfect cup very quickly (though not quite as quickly as our Keurig, but that is because our Keurig preheats the water, another premium feature).

    I was worried about the cost of t-cups.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond (a favorite place to purchase k-cups), I noticed that it’s the same price as a package of k-cups, but with fewer t-cups per package.  For instance, the average pack of k-cups has about 18 units inside.  Depending on what beverage you’re purchasing, a t-cup has generally 8-16 cups inside.  But then we went to Walmart to price out the t-cups there and were pleasantly surprised.  The prices were a bit more reasonable and you had the option of purchasing the Maxwell House brand of t-cup which was downright affordable.

    I would say, in the end, the Tassimo T20 is the right brewer for you if you a) only have 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day and struggle with leftover waste from a full pot of coffee or b) are the sort who must have her fancy Starbucks drink each day and are looking to save money by brewing your own fancy Starbucks drink at home (at $1-$1.50 per cup, the cappuccino from the Tassimo offers a significant discount from purchasing at the coffee house every day!).  It’s wonderful for occasional drinks as well or for special occasions.  We brought it to our in-laws house for Christmas so everyone could try it out and it was a BIG hit.  I also think it would be great in an office, to serve to clients or office coworkers as a little perk.

    And do you want to hear the best news of all?  I’m going to GIVEAWAY one of these sweet little bad boys right here on this blog!  That’s right!  You have until 10am PST on December 31 (that’s just a few days away, folks!) to leave a comment on this entry telling me what you would use your Tassimo T20 for.

    Only ONE entry per household please.  No additional comments (I will have to delete them) and unfortunately, this giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents.  Winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be notified at the email address used when leaving the comment.  If there is no response within the first day, I will move to another randomly selected winner.  Your brewer will be shipped to you straight from Tassimo.  Easy as pie!

    So what are you waiting for?  Comment now!

    UPDATE:  I’m extending the deadline for this giveaway until 8am PST on January 3rd 2011.  Enter now!!

    Second Update: Thanks to everyone who entered!  I’ve selected the winner via a random draw on random.org.  We had 31 comments and the winner is….

    number 5!  Congratulations, Rosalie!  I will be emailing you for more information.  Enjoy your new coffee maker!
    FTC Disclaimer Thingie: I was sent a complimentary Tassimo T20 brewer to try out with my family.  I was not compensated in any other fashion for this review.  These opinions are mine (and my family’s) alone and haven’t been influence by anything more than a nice steaming hot cup of cappucino after a long day of gift wrapping.

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    31 Responses to “That’s a good cup of joe: The Tassimo T20”

    1. shelly says:

      I think we could put this to good use. My oldest son (who has been “almost 16″ since his 15th birthday) is a coffee drinker and my middle son and I LOVE hot cocoa. My husband likes hot ciders… yes, I could see it getting used here! :D

    2. Lynne says:

      My beloved vacuum pot is starting to get wonky (it boils the coffee instead of keeping it warm after brewing, so I have to pour the extra into a thermos or toss it out, gah) and this is one of the things I’ve considered replacing it with!

    3. Laura says:

      Pick me! Pick me! I neeeeed moar coffee…please ;)

    4. Bonnie says:

      I loooooove coffee so of course I would use the tassimo for that. But with an almost 3 year old I am sure we would do plenty of hot chocolate too! With a new baby coming home soon(hopefully!) I need a foolproof way of getting my caffeine.

    5. Rosalie says:

      My husband would love to have this in his office for his own personal use….instead of drinking ‘office coffee’ :)

    6. Toni says:

      I would LOVE to have something with the variety of these machines. We just have your run of the mill Mr Coffee coffee maker… which does the job, but just doesn’t have the panache.

      I need a “Knock my socks off” coffee machine! lol

    7. Angela says:

      Me please!
      There isn’t enough coffee in the world to make up for the lack of sleep these kids are dealing me….but I will try. ;)

    8. Kira says:

      Well… since I’m pregnant I’m stuck on hot chocolate. But when I’m not pregnant I like the occasional mocha. And my husband drinks tea. And most importantly… we don’t already have a coffee pot. Which drives our coffee fiend parents NUTS when they stay over at our house. So it would be nice to be a hospitable host and offer coffee fresh from the kitchen, rather than directing them to one of the 2 coffee stands in town.

    9. Elisabeth says:

      Ohh fancy! Pick me.

    10. Olivia says:

      Obj this seems right up my ally! I have been looking for the perfect pot for months now! It seems like the perfect maker. I only drink a cup or two a day and Cameron and angel love hot coco and tea . It’s been a sad place here with no coffee maker!

    11. Christy says:

      We have a coffee pot that makes a huge pot and my husband ends up reheating it the next day (ew) since we normally only drink one cup in the morning. This coffee maker sounds perfect for us since the kids love hot cocoa and I like mochas.

    12. Olivia says:

      Haha kira! It’s the same here. My inlaws are bad bad coffee fiends. They bring a pot with them cuz they are to lazy to go to starbucks or seatles best

    13. sandi says:

      my husband and i drink coffee on a daily basis. half the time more than half a pot gets thrown away because it doesn’t fit in the travel cups or what have you. a single cup brewer would be perfect for us, especially since we leave at different times in the mornings!

    14. kaitlyn says:

      i’m the only coffee drinker in my house, so a single cup machine would be heaven! much more cost-efficient than grabbing my coffee on the go or wasting half a pot!

    15. Stephanie says:

      As a SAHM mom of three-7,3, and 18 months my sanity depends on my morning afternoon and evening coffee..but I have been wasting coffee lately as I get pulled to do something else the remainder of the pot goes cold and then it’s wasted. And I’m grumpy. My sister has a Keurig and I totally covet it but it’s just not in the cards (or bank account) right now. I would love to win this (my husband would be happy too!!

    16. Tracy J says:

      my husband doesn’t drink coffee, so a single cup coffee brewer would be perfect! and being able to make my own mochas and specialty drinks without having to pay the big guys? nice!

    17. Amber says:

      I would use this to save money by making my fancy starbucks drinks at home. Plus, I’m the only caffeine drinker in the house, so the single-cup serving is perfect!

    18. Julianne says:

      I would use it to fuel my addiction! lol I love fancy drinks but can’t afford Starbucks everyday, so the T20 would be a great addition to my counter top. :)
      cool_juls at hotmail dot com

    19. Kimberly says:

      I’d actually use the T20 to make my mother a sane woman by providing her a simple/cost-effective way to make herself real coffee and sundry hot beverages in her own kitchen every day instead of doing the crazy things she does now to ensure she is properly caffeinated…

    20. Dana R says:

      We would use it for hot coco for the kids and i need my Starbucks Cappuccino!
      Thank you for the review and giveaway

    21. Shanon says:

      Great review and giveaway!

      I’d use this for the days when my husband is out of town for work, or leaves before my son and I get up. I always hate to brew a whole pot of coffee or guess how many cups I might want. I used to have a Senseo and miss having that fancy one-cup option!

    22. Jeanette Knight says:

      I would use this awesome little machine to make my favorite sister-in-law her most favorite coffee ever. Plus I would make myself nice cups of tea after work from my stressful job to help me relax. :)

    23. Traqci Kennedy says:

      This sounds soooo perfect for me! I’d love to try it!

    24. Tishauna says:

      I was looking at these around Black Friday but couldn’t justify the cost without knowing how they performed. I’m the only coffee drinker here and have the same issues with dumping coffee down the drain, even when only brewing half-pots.

    25. Shari Roll says:

      Recently my husband has been unable to drink coffee. So, I find myself throwing a lot of coffee out since I’m so use to making a full pot. I love cappicino’s and the Tassimo seems to be getting some great reviews. I would love to receive one of these single coffee/ cappicino brewers. The option of making a single cup of coffee or cappicino would be great.

    26. Erinn says:

      I think we could really use the Tassimo because (fingers crossed) we will be adopting a newborn on Feb 2. We’ve been wanting and waiting for this moment to arrive for a very long time and we really hope that 2011 is sooo good to us that it will bring our first child along with a lot less sleep which means more coffee for me and for my hubby.
      I loved your review! I usually buy coffee at a local coffee shop, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to leave the house very much in the near future and I neeeeeeed coffee to function. I live on the East Coast where the weather is unpredictable..try bringing a newborn into the mess of snow. Not going to happen!

    27. brennan says:

      Ohhh, I love these! We have one in the breakroom at work and it is fantastic. I am the only coffee drinker in my house and my only means of preparation these days is the ol’ cup and cone method and that can be a real pain in the butt.

    28. Erika says:

      This would be fantastic for us! I am expecting our 4th baby in just a couple short weeks & with 4 young children and homeschooling, I can use all the help (ie a fast no-thinking-required cup of coffee or specialty drink in the morning!) that I can get! A Tassimo would be the perfect new-mommy (for the 4th time) present. My hubby would absolutely love it too as he helps me a lot with our new babies and he works long hours as well. Also, I love coffee-house type drinks – lattes, cappuchinos, etc. but rarely get them because of the cost. This would be such a special, much-more affordable treat for me! I would be so thrilled if I won! Thanks so much for the chance!
      MusingsfromaSAHM at gmail dot com

    29. Annie says:

      I would use it every day! We both drink just a cup so I coffee maker is to much. Plus we love flavors! I want one so much:) My mom has one and I am in love with it!

    30. Michelle says:

      You know, I actually have been thinking about getting one of those one cup at a time machines. Paul’s started drinking coffee while he’s been deployed and he gets up WAY earlier than I do in the morning. So if he’s making coffee for himself and then I get up and want some, whatever he’s made is going to be cold and old. He wants to get one of the big coffee pots that has a stainless steel carafe so that the coffee he makes will be kept warm for me, but I’m thinking I want something smaller sitting on my counter. Plus, the commercials for this are cute!

    31. susitravl says:

      I would fix some Suchard Hot Chocolate.