So I kind of have a thing for peacocks

I’ve always enjoyed peacocks, but it seems that lately, my love for them has grown.  I love the colors and the ornamentation.  What an ostentatious bird!  You gotta admire that.  Kile will be the first one to tell you, if we’re out at a store and I see something with a peacock on it, I always gasp and point it out.  More than I’d like to admit, I exercise restraint and do not purchase.   I almost always regret this.  It’s like the opposite of buyer’s remorse!  My life needs more peacocks in it and my stupid frugal nature is getting in the way of that.

But!  Score one for the peacocks, because this last weekend at a routine visit to one of our local Targets, I saw this fine creature in the garden department:

GORGEOUS, right?  It was so hard to walk away from that beautiful peacock.  But I DID.  And for the next 24 hours… I PINED.  And Facebook told me to go ahead and get it. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you should always listen to Facebook.

So the next day we returned to Target (but not the same store!  Variety is the spice of life and all so we went to the one in Reno instead of the one in Sparks like we had the day before) and I located my beloved peacock, yet again in the garden department.

The kids thought it was hysterical, especially because the head bobbed cheerfully as we pushed the cart to the check out.  We got a lot of looks from other shoppers.  I choose to think that they were jealous that we were getting such a beautiful … whatever that thing is.  We loaded the peacock into the back of the van and two issues came to mind that I hadn’t considered before.  1) What do we call this peacock?  We can’t just call it “peacock”.  That shows absolutely zero imagination.  2) I don’t really wanna put this peacock outside even though that’s clearly what it was made to do.  The mere thought of wind and rain and snow taking their toll was just too much to bear.  And I’ll have you know it was Kile that suggested we set it up inside, on the dvd storage case next to the TV.  So that’s what we did.

But it leaves the issue of the name.  A few comparisons were made to that most famous of metal birds, Beyonce.  I don’t want to steal Beyonce’s thunder by any means (as if this peacock COULD… I mean… that’s BEYONCE.) But I have to admit when it comes to metallic fowl, you need a diva popstar’s name.  But WHICH ONE?  So I’m leaving that up to YOU, internets.  You need to help me name this gorgeous bird.

Voting is over! Final Tally: Whitney – 5 votes, Adele – 5 votes, Lady Gaga – 3 votes, Rihanna – 1 vote