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Summer is so overrated

Let’s just pretend I’m not the worst and laziest blogger ever, okay?

So if you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that I don’t like summer much.  I’m not a fan of heat and having the kids home (and bored) is no picnic either.  I shouldn’t really complain too much tho.  The weather has been relatively mild this summer (SO FAR) (KNOCKS ON WOOD) and the boys just got back from spending a whole week with their grandparents leaving just Evie at home.

Still.  I’m ready for Fall.

Harry starts HIGH SCHOOL in August and I’m still kinda boggling at that.  How did he get to be almost 15 years old?  Liam goes into the second grade and Evie will start first.  That’s just in a matter of WEEKS now and that’s kinda awesome and amazing.

We’re looking at getting a new car.  It’s probably about time.  We’ve had our van since 2003, long past the time most people would have traded up.  I’m kinda excited about it, since I’ll be spending a lot of time fetching kids again this year.

Television shows come back in the Fall too.  That is probably the thing I’m most excited about.  Doctor Who isn’t included in my excitement, sadly.  Moffat is dead to me and I refuse to acknowledge anything that no-talent ass clown has been involved in.  I will not be watching.  I still remain a fan of the Russell T. Davies era, from 2005-2010, but I’m not the least bit interested in anything that has happened after that.  FEH.

On the other hand, there’s other shows I’m very into.  Once Upon a Time and The Originals are a couple shows I really enjoyed this last year.  I’m also way psyched for The Flash to premiere since it looks like its going to be one of the best new shows on TV.  And then, of course, there’s Arrow.  I’m so beyond excited about that show.  I’ve caught quite a few filming spoilers and hints at what season 3 is going to bring and I know enough to know that it’s going to be a wild, bumpy and fantastic ride.  What else would I expect, actually.  That show doesn’t get nearly enough recognition.

Comic Con is this week in San Diego and I’m weeping that I can’t be there, though I’m sure it’d be overwhelming if I was.  Mostly, I’m excited about the spoilers, trailers, interviews and panels that we’ll get to see come out of this.  So much exciting news!  This will be MUCH better than last year’s disappointing Doctor Who Comic Con experience.  Finally, shows/movies/etc that know how to treat the fans, both present and sitting at home.

So that’s a quick look at what’s going on with me.  I really hope to update more often but I have to remind myself to do it.  WHOOPS.  I’m debating doing something that might accomplish that and I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes.

In the meantime, stay cool!  ;)


In which someone needs to get the hint


So… there was another new Doctor Who last night. “The Crimson Horror”, it was called.  Horror indeed.  Clearly, the fluke that was me actually LIKING “Rings of Akhaten”, “Cold War” and “Hide” was just that.  A fluke.  “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” last week and this one last night were dull at best and problematic at worst.  I’m hoping Neil Gaiman’s episode next week, featuring the cybermen, is a lot better.  But I’m not holding my breath.  Especially knowing that the following week is the series finale (that’s season finale, for you Americans out there) is titled “The Name of the Doctor” and is written by Steven Moffat.

I know of no one that wants to know the Doctor’s name.  That’s part of the FUN of the show, not knowing his name.  And while I don’t know if I really believe we’ll learn the name, I also would not put anything past Moffat and absolutely do not trust him.  The upshot of this is also a downside, however.  Because I’m not the only one who notices this and the ratings are starting to reflect it.  The ratings have been slipping ever since Christmas and surely the BBC is taking notice.  There has also been a lot of fandom backlash lately over reports that Moffat has said he doesn’t want the 50th anniversary episode to be a “fanfest” and that it’s about “looking forward, not looking back”.

Then, posts like this are becoming more and more common.   More and more people are noticing the issues with Moffat’s version of Doctor Who and are complaining.  And their complaints are VALID.  I can only hope that the BBC will take notice and Moffat will be replaced before the show is ruined entirely.


Annnnnyhow… enough of that.

We saw Iron Man 3 this weekend.  We all went to see it, the whole family.  It worked out pretty well.  Liam and Evie got a little antsy.  Well, Liam more than Evie if you can believe it.  I think that kid was born with ants in his pants.  Evie just doesn’t like to sit still, so she’ll often stand or go sit on Kile’s lap or something.  But she usually stays pretty quiet and doesn’t make much fuss.

The movie was GREAT though and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think it was better than Iron Man 2, to be honest.  I want to see the new Star Trek next.  This is going to be a great summer for movies.

In other news, I can’t believe it’s MAY already.  What the heck.  That means the kids will be out of school soon and then what will I do?? I’ll have kids around all the time, driving me bonkers.  It’s what they do best, after all.  But the upside is I don’t have to go pick them up.  Silver lining’s folks.  And Evie will be starting kindergarten in August which kinda freaks me out, if we’re being perfectly honest.  That’ll be very strange.

Yes, lets not think about that just yet.

Kile finishes up his classes this week, which means he won’t have that hanging over his head anymore.  Or at least for the summer.  He’s been so busy this year, it’s practically criminal.  The poor guy needs a major break.

As for me, I just keep on doing what I do!  You know me. ;)

And how has your week been??

So remember the whole bit where I was sick for most of February and got the flu and everything? Yeah, those were good times. Turns out (and I totally didn’t know this), the flu is the gateway drug to bronchitis! Apparently, if you have the flu and an infection gets into your bronchial tubes or some such silliness, then you get bronchitis. The only upside of bronchitis that I can tell so far (this is my first experience with it) is that it isn’t pneumonia. Because if you let bronchitis have its way with your body, it will invite pneumonia along to play. So… Yay!! I have bronchitis.


Flash back to earlier this week when I wasn’t feeling too dandy. I’d been complaining all along that I still wasn’t feeling 100%. Maybe more like 90-95%. Then that dropped to something like 75%. Eventually, 75% started to look like the shining example of health. The fever, the cough and unbearable chest congestion… The only problem was that neither was improving. Instead, each day I got WORSE. Nasal congestion came to join the party. I had a sore shoulder/neck but I’m pretty sure that was annoyingly unrelated. But still no fun to deal with when everything else is wrong too, you know?

I began to get a little concerned. Motrin and Tylenol were only grazing my fever, keeping it from skyrocketing to utterly ridiculous heights. My cough and chest congestion were the worst I’ve ever had, with my dry cough just increasing the pressure in my chest to the point that I doubled over in pain whenever I had to cough. Oh sweet, sweet misery…

Friday, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist (the very one that I mentioned in my last post about missing and having to reschedule due to a stupid delayed start at school). Since it was already a reschedule, I didn’t feel like I could just reschedule it AGAIN. So I took a bunch of medicine that ended up only making me feel worse and drove myself to see the thyroid doc. Kile dropped Liam at school so I wouldnt have to rush and took Evie to work with him. I very nearly did not make it. I felt dizzy and miserable and out of my mind. I could feel my fever making an unpleasant return (8 hour Tylenol be damned!) and worried I would collapse right there. At one point, I seriously considered laying on the floor in the exam room while waiting for the doc, as there was no bed available. Luckily I made it through and somehow was able to drive over to the university to pick Evie up (I cringe that I even tried, trust me).

When I got home, I crawled in bed and died. Well, rather, dozed and listened to Evie playing with Legos in the next room. Eventually, I scraped myself up and gave Evie some lunch. Once I got her to bed for her nap, I proceeded to die again up in bed. Then Kile called and said he was driving home to pick Evie and I up to take me to Urgent Care. And, though the mere idea of sitting in another doctors office filled me with unspeakable dread, I knew I had to go.

It was a long wait. Kile and Evie had to leave eventually to pick up Harry and then Liam from school. It took me about an hour to get called back. I’m sure the whole waiting room sighed with relief after I went back. Crowded as it was, I had that whole end of the waiting room to myself. I must have looked wretched.

The good news about getting called back was that there was a bed to lay on. Which helped immensely. The nurse had me wear a mask but I pulled it down no one was in the room because what with my excelllerated heart rate (117 bpm!) and faster breathing and raging fever (102.8), the mask was rather stiffling after a few minutes. I waited quite a while longer but it was tolerable because of the aforementioned bed and my iPhone for entertainment. Hello, Instagram!

The nurse swabbed me for flu (yowch and bleck!) and lo, it was not flu! So it must be bronchitis! I was handed two prescriptions (one for anti-biotics and one for nighttime cough syrup) and a note to give my employer excusing me from work (I handed this to Kile, as I figured he was the most likely recipient. I didn’t figure the note would count much with the kids themselves).

I stumbled outside to await Kile to pick me up. Though I would have been thrilled to go right home to bed, we stopped at Smith’s to fill the prescriptions (I stayed in the car where the sun threatened to melt me alive) (remember the fever? Yeah, still had it). After that Kile drove me up by the new Walmart. Not quite open yet (Wednesday at 8:15 am!) but we could drive through the lot and google the doors. Oooh! Ahhh! Okay, now take me home please.

Once there, I did the usual and crawled in bed and died. Some ibuprofen taken once I had some semblance of wits about me again and the fever started to back off. In fact, in an hour or two I was able to shamble downstairs and join the family. In fact, that night after I’d had my first round of anti-biotics, I noticed that my cough wasn’t hurting as much anymore.

Of course, some time in the night when I was half asleep, I stretched. And this pulled my already sore shoulder and OW. Because I don’t have enough to deal with at the moment, I have to have a pulled muscle or pinched nerve or whatever it is in my shoulder too. KILL ME NOW. I found a position that was somewhat tolerable and eeked out a few more hours of sleep. Then I had to get up because the pain was agony. Kile had to help me up, oh the indignity! But I did feel better sitting up my chair downstairs and even better after some Tylenol and a hot compress. Later, after a steamy (and much needed) shower, it felt better yet.

I guess the end of it is that I feel halfway normal today. And judging by how I felt yesterday? That is so much more than I could have hoped for. So I don’t think it’s foolish of me to hope that tomorrow I feel twice as good. Something approaching normal would certainly be acceptable. I am SO tired of being sick. Next year, I swear, I’m getting a flu shot. Hold me to it, Internet!

Attack of the Plague

 We’ve been sick. Siiiiick. Not the stomach flu thing you’ve heard some people talk about (shudder) (*knocking on wood*).  No, this is the common garden variety cold. Well, common except for it slowly and surely sapping all of our wills to live. 

Liam or Kile got it first. Really, I’m not sure which one. And it comes on rather mildly.  As in, “Oh, I’ve got the sniffles today.” but the sniffles become a cough. And the cough is just a JERK. It stays looooong past when it’s due to leave. And mostly?  It’s a real dry, aching sort of cough. Persistent and constant. 

As we could have easily predicted, Liam’s cold took a small turn toward the sinister over this last weekend. Suddenly his cough ramped up the evil and brought its friend fever along for the ride. It’s not often that Liam is quiet and agreeable. When he is, it’s generally cause for concern. Because Liam is loud and argumentative. ALWAYS. 

So Sunday, right about the time Kelly Clarkson was belting out the National Anthem and the Giants and Patriots began their little competition on-field, Liam was getting checked out at Urgent Care. Mostly because give his past (if you have been here long enough, you might remember he had RSV and bronchiolitis when he was about five months old. That meant breathing treatments and all that happy jazz. Colds just have the potential yo hit him hard. It’ll probably always be an issue for him. 

Turns out, it wasn’t pneumonia as Kile was fearing but he did have a little infection in his lungs and bronchial tube. So we were prescribed steroids and super special medicine and went on our way. Yay! More breathing treatments!  The good news is that he was back his aggravating self in no time. The bad news is he was back his aggravating self in no time. Sigh. 

Yesterday was the nadir for my own personal cold. I was miserable and very thankful Kile stayed home to be our nurse (and also to nurse his own lingering cough). Because of course now Evie has the dreaded cold too. Better late than never?  Yeah, I don’t think so either. SIGH. 

Today Liam is back at school, I’m popping cough drops and Evie is powering through her own cold with bravado, bless her heart. And I truly am hopping this is the worst illness we see this quasi-winter. Please?

So excited and SO nervous

Today is Liam’s first day of Kindergarten.  This is a day I feel like I’ve been anticipating since Evie was born and Liam decided he was going to perform the “wild child” duties for our family.  And when I found out that he would be going ALL DAY LONG, well, that just sweetened the deal.  But then again.  He’s a little guy physically.  He’s also on the young side, having only just turned 5 barely a month ago.  And he’s pretty immature (a result, I’m sure of being around his younger sister so much and clamoring for the attention she has received).  School… all day… I haven’t been sure the poor kid can hold up to it.  And, quite honestly, I’m half expecting a phone call from the office telling me to come pick him up any moment.

My nerves about today have been growing steadily over the last week.  Last night?  I had a hard time falling asleep.  And then staying asleep.  And this morning I was up early, a bundle of nervous energy fixing his lunch and making sure his backpack was together.  He ran downstairs this morning, dressed in a fine outfit and looking very excited.  But I detected some nerves on his part as well.  Especially when time drew near to leave the house.  He asked Evie if she was going to miss him.  And then he asked her to say goodbye to him.  She obliged of course, not entirely understanding the significance of this day, I’m sure.

Harry kept an eye on Evie for us while we drove Liam down to school.  The nearer we got to the kindergarten, the quieter and slower he got.  The yard was full of parents, grandparents and siblings and other nervous kindergarteners.  A few were enjoying the playground equipment, but most of the others hung around their parents legs, watching.  Liam was in the former group.

This was the closest to a smile that I was going to get.

His teacher didn’t show up until the bell rang.  By that time the kids had already begun to form a rudimentary line up.  And Liam’s nerves started to show in earnest.  We could barely get him to look at us, much less smile.  He fidgeted, wiping his nose and playing with the straps on his backpack.

He looked so little standing in that line.  And yes, there were quite a few kids who were bigger than he was.  But we were surprised that he wasn’t the smallest kid there either.  Not that there were any kids smaller than him but plenty that were his size.  So that made us feel a bit better.  And hopefully, it’ll make him feel better too.

Liam's First Day of Kindergarten
Definitely no smiles now.

We snapped a last picture before the kids filed into the classroom.  I felt a lot more choked up than I expected to be.  This was… IS a huge step.  Yesterday was the end of the Old Era.  Today was the dawn of a New Era.  However it all ends up working out, things will be different from now on and they won’t ever be like they were.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  But change is pretty much always scary.

And while I sit here at home with Evie, marveling at how quiet and peaceful everything is, there is a large part of me that can’t wait to pick him up at 3pm, to see what he thought of his first day of school.

In which I cough. A lot.

So yeah, now I have a cold.  The good times just keep on comin’, don’t they?  It started with a sore throat. Yesterday I was plagued with exhaustion, sore throat, coughing and painful chest congestion.  Some stuffy nose too, but the other stuff definitely took precedence.  Today, my head is stuffy so I feel like it’s jammed with cotton balls.  I coughed all night long which was just as miserable as it sounds.

Of course, the supply of cold medicine is pretty lacking.  The last time Kile had a cold he used it all up.  He always does that.  The man does love his cold medicine.  Meanwhile, I’m dying here.  Halp!


While I’m already feeling pretty poor, let’s just vent and be snarly, shall we?  You know what I just don’t get?  Parents who deny their children gender-biased toys for whatever reason.  Either they don’t want little Jimmy playing with Barbies or they don’t want their little Susie to be exposed to those evil Disney Princesses.  I think the whole thing is just goofy.

Now, this is a slightly different issue with little boys as parents are rarely opposed to buying them cars and trucks and trains.  But you definitely do see it with girls.  It’s like they think if they buy Disney Princesses, that they’ll be jamming it down their daughter’s throats.  But by NOT buying any girly toys, you’re also jamming something down their throat.  I think a better idea to buy a few girly toys and a few boyish toys and let the child pick for themselves.  Evie has just as much exposure to “boy toys” as she does “girl toys”, perhaps even moreso since boys have reigned here for a lot longer than girls.  And she does enjoy playing with cars and such as she sees fit.  But she looooooves her girly things.  For now, at least, that is what she has chosen.

This is a slightly different issue than parents who don’t want to dress baby girls in pink or whatever.  Sure, we dressed Evie in girly stuff as a little baby. It was fun for us as parents and it’s the only time in our lives that we can get away with that.  Now that she’s older and has more a mind of her own, she definitely prefers the “prettier” clothing.  She’s gone so far as to throw a tantrum the one night we had to dress her in Liam’s pajamas, even though the pj’s themselves were pretty gender neutral.  The girl, she knows what she likes!

Liam on the other hand enjoys playing My Little Ponies a little bit here and there.  He has stolen ponies from Evie and hidden them in his room.  Stinker.  But at his core, he is a Batman/Cars sort of boy.  The dolls can be fun for 20 minutes on a random afternoon, but don’t you take his cars away from him!  Like Evie, he knows what he likes.  As it should be.


The “Glee” finale the other day was so disappointing I almost don’t know what to say about it.  The whole episode just felt so anti-climatic.  It was all “Oh yay!  We’re in New York!” and then “Oh boo!  We lost!”  and then it was over.  Meh.  I figured they wouldn’t win so that’s no big shocker there.  But the storyline was lame, the music was LAMER and I just didn’t get that GLEE feeling while watching it.  Boo, I say!  BOO!


I’m reading a book right now that is SO GOOD that I can’t hardly stand it.  A review will be coming soon, but it’s called “A Discovery of Witches” and if you’re in the mood for a little “grownup” Twilight action, that’s the book for you.  It’s a little slow in the beginning but before you know it, you’re sucked in.  It’s part of a trilogy and while I’m not even done with the first book, I’m already dying to read the next.

I hate waiting.

Soon as that book is done though, I’m going to finally read the Hunger Games books.  I can’t believe I held out this long!


I FINALLY have an appointment at the endocrinologist!!  It’s as I suspected and nearly an entire month away.  But god willing, on June 28th I will finally be getting the ball rolling and moving towards feeling better.  I hate that I have to wait so long but it’s better than nothing which is what I had before.  I’ll take what I can get.

I can hold out for one more month, can’t I?  Surely I can!


Send me healing vibes and vibes for energy and mental stamina!  I’m going to need it to get through today.  Oh today.  Why can’t you be Friday?  Thursday is like the biggest joke.

Why am I so SORE?

Don’t you have to… you know… DO something to be sore?  I swear, most of the time, my body is just a mass of traveling pain.  Earlier this week it was my left knee.  WHY my left knee?  WHO KNOWS.  It was Tuesday.  Tuesday is such a saucy sort of day, after all.  Today is the pinky on my left hand (it used to be the other three fingers as well but they have since “relaxed”), the index finger on my right hand and my neck and shoulders, my right side in particular.  Lord only knows why.  Maybe I slept funny.  Maybe I ran a marathon in my sleep.

Just ONE day where something doesn’t hurt would be grand.  That’s all I’m saying.

I always used to to think these movies and tv shows where they show a parent tucking a small child into bed and saying good night and the kid saying sweetly in return “good night!” and then they cuddle into their pillow as mom or dad covers them up and closes their eyes and the parent turns off the light and presumably the child goes to sleep… I always thought those scenes were gross exaggerations.  Much along the lines of most childbirth scenes that show a woman scream for two minutes and then pop out a 4 month old baby in one push.

And then Evie came into our lives.  And, I swear to god, she is one of those mythical children.

After Kile reads a bedtime story each night, she enthusiastically (99% of the time, the other 1% she will initially resist but always comes around to it) runs into her room and either climbs into bed or I help her in if I’m feeling impatient and not wanting to wait five minutes for her to get her short little legs up on the bed.  She declares it her “princess bed!” (I’m sure the princess bedding and whimsical canopy do nothing to deter her from this illusion) and settles happily down onto her pillow.  I cover her with blankets and an assortment of send offs are issued “Good night!”  “Sleep tight!”  “Nighty, night, lovebug!” “Love you!” which she parrots back just as sweetly as you can imagine. I kiss her cheek and she closes her eyes, her smile leaving a dimple on her cheek.  I turn off the light and close the door.

It would seem that she never leaves her bed for the rest of the night.  She is still in bed the next morning when I go in to get her up.  And she always wakes up with a big smile on her face.  And often greets me with an enthusiastic, “Love bug!”

I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest mama alive.


Now the boys… Liam in particular… well.  That’s a different story.  Liam is difficult to get into bed.  Every night he cries as the door is closed, hollering that he needs to go potty.  EVERY night.  He’s loud and noisy and never lays down in his bed and stays there.  No, we hear him crashing around up there, sometimes for hours after we’ve put him to bed.  As long as he’s not doing anything dangerous and he’s staying in his room, I don’t really care.  He’s just a different sort of kid than Evie is.  That much is sure.

Also different?  The light.  The light must be blazing all night long.  Not just a night light, ho no.  Evie has a princess night light (of course!) that is more than sufficient and I imagine if it weren’t there, she still wouldn’t care.  Liam?  He doesn’t believe me that the stars on the ceiling in his room glow in the dark.  Because he has never let us turn off the light at night to see it.  Well, that and he peeled all the stars off the ceiling right over his bed (he sleeps on the top bunk).

Sometimes I have a hard time believing how two children who are so very different can possibly be related as closely as these two.  But as mind-boggling as it can be, it can also be entertaining.  Watching them interact with one another, especially as they grow older and more aware of things and more verbal and opinionated can be great for a laugh or two.

You know, at least until I need to bark at one or more of them to stop beating on the other one.


The new “Pirates” movie comes out today.  In another world, a world where we don’t have small children, we would likely be going to see it this evening.  Instead, we are not.  I hope we can manage it at some point but I won’t be holding my breath.  Dangit, I miss being able to go to movies whenever I like.  It seriously has be a major undertaking to get us to the theater anymore.  Each “Pirates” commercial I see just sticks the dagger in a little deeper.  Oh the torture!


I think instead, I will have to have some sort of rum drink this evening.  You know, in solidarity.  Or protest.  I’m not sure which.


Easy like Sunday Morning

Except, you know, it’s more like Sunday Afternoon at this point. But whatever.

Grabbing a quick lunch at In n Out (YUM) before doing our various and sundry errands and shopping. Evie, Harry and I are holding the table (valuable real estate at this joint!) while Kile and Liam secure us the yummies.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

It must be Thursday

Flight of the Fairies babydoll

It’s not quite Friday.  But thank goodness it’s not WEDNESDAY which seems so very far from the weekend.  It’s Thursday, that awkward day between “OMG, there’s half of the week left to suffer through” and “It’s Friday, let the party commence!”

This is also a semi-exciting Thursday in that it is the second Thursday of the month and that means stocking day at Their Own Knitted World.  For those who aren’t familiar (and I imagine that’s most of you out there), TOKW is a “congo” that I stock on with a bunch of other super talented knitters over on Hyena Cart.  Hyena Cart is a lot like Etsy but is geared towards anticipated stockings and is more focused around the cloth diapering community as a whole.  And a congo, silly as it sounds, is just a store that multiple vendors stock at on an agreed date and time.  And for TOKW, that date is today and the time is 9pm Eastern tonight.

It’s been a slow few months… people were busy preparing for Christmas and the economy has hit the artisan community rather hard.  I’ve gotten somewhat used to stocking lovely things only to have them sit.  And sit.  And never sell.  I’ve taken to knitting my “in stock” items in Evie’s size,  just in case they don’t sell.  That way, at least I can get some use out of them!  Of course, that doesn’t work for the darling little mary jane booties I knit but I remain hopeful that someone will want to snatch them up.

I almost always stock a “semi-custom” slot each month.  This is using a particular yarn colorway from the featured yarn dyer (this month is Discobaby Knits… drool!) and then the purchaser can have whatever they like knit out of that particular yarn.  These customs are going to be rather few and far between this year as I hope to stick to my master plan of cutting back on customs and ramping up the pattern design.  I’m not advertising this fact to the masses, so it’s a somewhat little known fact.  Look at me, all exclusive and stuff!

So we’ll see how this goes tonight.  I’m not terribly concerned (see the above note about knitting things in Evie’s size), but it sure would be nice to sell a thing or two!  Furthermore?  It gives me something to look forward to today.  And having something to look forward to almost always helps the day pass a lot nicer than not.  And then it’ll be practically Friday and we all know how awesome Friday is.  Especially on the cusp of a THREE DAY WEEKEND.

And oh.  How delicious that will be!

Is it November already?

When you’re a knitter, the dawning of the first day of November also comes with a healthy dose of PANIC.  Because you start to add up all the Christmas gifts you have yet to do (despite promising yourself at 11pm on Christmas Eve the year before that you would start in JULY) and you realize that you will be struggling to finish everything you want to finish (at 11pm on Christmas Eve, to be sure).


That aside, Halloween was yesterday in case you weren’t aware.  And I just wasn’t feeling it this last year.  I don’t know why but I wasn’t really “in the mood” for it.  Pumpkins weren’t even carved until the day of.  Liam was on a permanent psycho all day long and took devilish delight in tap dancing on each and every one of our nerves.  I just wanted to get the darned day over with.

BUT, that aside, it was cute to see the kids all in their costumes.


And, for whatever reason, EVERYONE thought Evie was Strawberry Shortcake.  Maybe it’s because I was never a huge Strawberry Shortcake fan (preferring the My Little Ponies, of course), but I just didn’t see it.  It was a costume I got at outrageous discount from Gymboree.  It had wings.  I don’t recall Strawberry Shortcake having wings.  But whatever.  She was cute.  And the boys were very… heroic.


Everyone’s costumes were a tad on the “too small” side.  I guess another symptom of me not wanting to give in and admit that my children are in fact growing.  Because that means they’re getting older.  And that’s just simply not allowed.


See?  WINGS.  But my favorite part?  Those tights.  OMG.  I almost ate her.

The kids did great with trick or treating.  Evie chickened out on her lines at most houses but due to the toxic levels of cute no one seemed to mind too much.  Liam, on the other hand, embraced the whole thing and recited his “trick or treat!”s and “thank you!”s like a pro. We were all half frozen by the time we made it back home and the kids were exhausted.  After eating their requisite one piece of candy, the little ones went to bed and not a peep was heard from either of the the rest of the night until after 9am this morning.  Score!


I hope everyone had a safe Halloween and scored lots of awesome candy.  (We, as you can see in the above pic, gave out cheapo candy since we planned to just leave the bowl out… figured it would discourage older kids from dumping out the entire thing while we were out making the rounds.  It worked.)