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In which I’m sure I’m quite mad

I didn’t mean to leave that other post up for so long.  Many ferocious apologies to you all.  I’ve been swept up in “Doctor Who”… which I suppose I never wasn’t swept up from the first time I started watching it on Netflix here several months back.  But I’m rewatching with Kile now, so he can at least know what I’m babbling on about and now I’m officially a nutter.

We bought a new coffee machine over the weekend (the ol’ Keurig was a great gal, but she pooped out on us the week before last.  We limped along with a Coffee Mate Keurig that really wasn’t as nice as we were used to and this is where I realize that I’ve totally become spoiled ROTTEN TO THE CORE.  Anyhow, so I bought a Keurig Vue.  Bite me.).  And this morning, as it was serving up my (travel mug sized! strong!) coffee, I could SWEAR it sounded like the TARDIS.  I of course had to immediately post on Facebook about it.  Because that’s just what I do.  I’ve had a request to get an audio recording of it so maybe I’ll give that a go tomorrow providing I don’t forget.  Though how could I forget if it’s sitting there going “vworp! vworp!”??  I mean, that sound is hard wired to my consciousness now, yo.

I apologize to those of you (which, come to think of it, is probably pretty much ALL of you) (all five of you, that is) who aren’t familiar with “Doctor Who”.  But mostly I’m just sorry that you don’t know about “Doctor Who”.  Because it’s full of awesome.  If you find yourself with nothing to do/watch on a Saturday afternoon and you have Netflix streaming, give it a go.  Especially if you were a “Buffy” fan back in the day.  Maybe that’s why I like it so much?  It has a very “Buffy” feel to it and the story arcs are set up the same way which is comforting.

So yeah, obsession with “Doctor Who” has occupied me.  That and knitting.  I watch commentary and fanvids and interviews and all various sorts of things on YouTube while I knit away in the afternoons.  I also read fanfic while knitting.  Which I’m sorta ashamed of, but really, there are some good stories out there!  And the way things were left with certain storylines, well, it just begs further investigation.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

SO yes.  I am here.  Completely bonkers, yes.  But here.  I’ll try to pop back in again soon and I’ll try to keep the “Doctor Who” fan-girling to a minimum. Now who wants to buy me this shirt?  Because… I NEED.

Oh what a beautiful day!

I feel fine.

Let me repeat that: I feel fine.

I nearly lost track of how long I did NOT feel fine. But I’m pretty sure it came in at about a month and a half. And now, at long long last, I FEEL FINE. Okay, so maybe not entirely 100% (there’s still a bit of a cough and such), but as far as I’m concerned it’s close enough. And compared to about two weeks ago? I feel like I could run a marathon. And quite honestly, feeling fine makes me feel SO HAPPY. Amazing how being sick for so long can make you really appreciate feeling fine.

In fact, I would have written all of this yesterday, but that was the first day I really felt fine and I was busy just enjoying it (and getting a few things accomplished). I’m sure my good mood about feeling normal for a change will eventually wane but for now I’m just taking it as it comes.

Last week, as I was pulling away from that demon bronchitis, some intestinal distress set in. I’m pretty sure the anti-biotics were to blame. But that reared its head just about as we were preparing to go to San Jose for the weekend. As of Friday night (we were to leave Saturday morning), I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I felt absolutely wretched. Because of course.

Luckily, the clouds parted the next morning just as we needed to leave and we made it on the road. And also luckily, the storm everyone had been hyping passed early and driving over the hill was a piece of cake.


The trip down was uneventful, which is just as we like it. And, I swear, the iPad paid for itself on that trip. I’d loaded it up with the kids favorite movies and we watched “Rio” and “Cars 2″ during the trip down. Not a PEEP from the back of the van. The kids loved it. And Kile and I loved the peace too.

Weather down in San Jose was slightly sketchy but we all know that’s the way I like it. Sunday morning my parents took us to breakfast out at the Cinnebar Golf Club and there is no better place to enjoy the lush green that is San Jose in the late winter/early spring than that. GORGEOUS.


Of course, mere minute after I snapped that pic, the skies opened up in a torrential downpour, complete with teeny hail. Still. Very beautiful.

It had been a long time since we’d been down for a visit. It’s always so wonderful to come for a visit. How many people can visit the home they grew up in these days. Many things are different, but even more things are the same. And I just love sharing it with my family.


Evie’s 4th birthday was Tuesday but since we had to travel that day, we celebrated with my parents the day before. We went out to dinner, had presents, and of course cake and ice cream. Evie had a blast and LOVED being the center of attention. I can’t believe she’s FOUR already. Where does the time go??

The next day, we had to leave pretty early so Kile could get back to work in the afternoon. We promised to return soon, perhaps during the summer months so the kids could enjoy the pool. And then on the road we went. And though it was still technically rush hour, once we got past the highway 85/87 interchange and metering lights, it was smooth sailing.

We stopped in West Sacramento, as usual, for a quick bite to eat before hitting the road again. Ironically, we we had worse weather over the summit on the trip back. It was warmer out, but we had fog and pesky drizzle that only served to mess up the van and limit visibility.


But once we hot Truckee, everything cleared up and we sailed into town. The pets were thrilled to see us and though the kids expressed some regret at leaving their grandparents, they soon were off reacquainting themselves with all their toys again.

So now we are home again and I’m feeling FINE and all is right with the world once more.

Who knew?

So I think I’ve crossed over to the “other side”.  While I still feel a little like “the walking dead”, I think the worst of this stupid cold has passed at long, long last.  I at least feel capable of basic functions today so that’s definitely a step up from YESTERDAY, wherein I felt more like a lump of pain and anguish than anything else.

I even took a shower this morning!  I know!  I was surprised too!

So HURRAY for feeling halfway normal.  I can never expect to feel 100% normal, but I will most certainly take halfway and run with it.


So Liam requested Toy Story 3 this morning.  And I was happy to oblige because compared to a lot of children’s programming, anything by Pixar is a salve on the weary parent’s soul.  Even in light of this post that made me cry and laugh and then cry some more yesterday because YES, Pixar can be a bunch of assholes when they want to.

Anyhow, as I sometimes do, I brought up the IMDB page for Toy Story 3 because the voice of the “Bookworm” was niggling at me (it’s Richard Kind, btw).  And I found myself reading through the cast credits and while I’m SURE this is all like PREHISTORIC news to everyone else, but some of the cast just threw me for a loop!  Like, I had no idea that the SAME voice of Andy in Toy Story was in both sequels.  That’s so cool!  And I never knew Laurie Metcalf was the mom!  How did that escape me?!  I must be losing my touch!   I was also interested in who voiced Buttercup the Unicorn because that too was niggling at me and was pleased to see it was Jeff Garlin.  I do enjoy him.

Call me a big nerd if you must.  But this little blast of information has completely blown the roof off my morning.  I feel like a changed woman.  Laurie Metcalf!  Who knew??


I’m getting near the end of the first “Hunger Games” book and daaaaaaang.  This book doesn’t fool around, does it?  Disturbing is one word that comes to mind.  Entirely addictive is another.   I have no idea what will happen in the other books and, frankly, I’m a little concerned.  Because I have a feeling this is one of those book series where nothing is sacred.  You know, where the author has no compunction about killing off beloved characters in a completely gut-wrenching fashion.

So tell me, those of you who have read all these books, should I be running for the hills while I still can?  I mean, am I going to get hopelessly attached to characters only to have them ruthlessly ripped away at some climactic scene?  I feel dread in my heart.


Days like today are when I wish there was some sort of APA sanctioned, child-safe tranquilizer dart that I could use on Liam.  Where does he get this energy?  I don’t think it’s hereditary.  Lord in heaven, will he ever just STOP MOVING AROUND SO MUCH?  It’s like having a wombat in the house or something.


Another random observation: is this the longest short week ever in the history of short weeks or am I just imagining it?  I mean, it’s THURSDAY?  It should be, by my count, at least Friday.  What the heck.


Also observing: the weater.  It is 47 degrees outside right now, according to my handy Firefox weather widget.  The high today should be 55.  Tomorrow we might actually make it to 62. This is most definitely unseasonable.  I mean, it even snowed on Saturday night.  But of course I’m not complaining.  It’s well-documented my hatred for hot weather.  But everyone else in town is griping up a storm.  And to them I say, “You asked for it!”

Remember back in January/Early February when we had that warm spell and it didn’t snow or rain for WEEKS?  And everyone was so happy and just loving the “beautiful” weather and blah blah blah?  Well, you’re just paying it back now, is all.  You got a month or two off of Winter and that time has to be paid back eventually.  So Mother Nature is taking it right now.  It’s only fair!

I can just hope that Mother Nature isn’t quite so judicial when it comes to Summer.  Because I don’t want 90+ degrees in November.

Darnit, Monday always comes

After waiting alllllll week long last week for the weekend to finally come, it came and went and now it’s back to another week again.  I could just spit.

And Monday can be such a… Monday.  I guess today hasn’t been all awful.  But boy howdy, did I have trouble getting back into the grind this morning.  Liam felt it was his personal duty to try to make it as difficult as possible too, I’m sure of that.  But I had a nap and another cup of coffee (I’m starting to find that I need two cups a day instead of just one and I’m not entirely thrilled with that particular development, believe you me).  And now I feel a little more human, at least.  We’ll see how the rest of the afternoon goes.

As an update to last week’s post… We stopped by the doctor’s office on Saturday and signed the release form.  The office, thankfully, is also an urgent care and has weekend hours so that was handy as heck.  We also got an official referral to see the specialist so that will also help.  Now all that’s left to do is wait for the endocrinologist to review my stuff and let us know that we can schedule an appointment.  I hope we don’t have to wait too long but I’m figuring it’ll be a couple weeks at least.  I guess if I’ve held on this long, a few weeks should be nothing, right?

And hopefully… fingers are double crossed here… there is a light at the end of this stupid tunnel.

I haven’t forgotten

Seven years, today.  Seven long (yet so very short too) years since the day that changed our lives forever.

I got to thinking of that day recently.  I don’t remember what brought it on, it was at night as I was trying to fall asleep.  And my mind wandered onto that horrible morning all those years ago, as our minds tend to do in the dark, quiet hours at night where we are alone in a sleeping house.  And BAM, I was back in that hospital room as the morning sun dawned through the eastern window.  And I felt those old feelings.  To say it was a “sinking” feeling would be a gross understatement.  It’s more like you’re standing at the top of the world’s tallest skyscraper and then the floor falls away beneath you.  All the way to the bottom.  That “heart in your throat”, dizzy, ill feeling when your world is turned on its ear.

I had to struggle that night to put the visions from my head.  I gave up trying to fill it with more pleasant thoughts and instead just willed my mind to empty so that I could fall asleep.  Sometimes that works.  And sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m sure people think, “It’s been seven years, surely things are better by now!”  And yeah, in some ways they ARE better.  They’re certainly busier, that’s for sure.  With two children now in our lives since that day, I haven’t had a lot of time to dwell.  But dwelling isn’t what makes you feel awful in those moments where you remember.  In fact, it’s the “out of the blue” sensation of it that knocks you down even harder.  You will think,”I thought I was over this!” maybe.  But you’re never over it.  Ever.  Seven years, after all, is such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of grieving.  Seven years can pass in the blink of an eye.

We still have no headstone for Jackson.  I’m horrified to admit this here.  It just… hasn’t happened for whatever reason.  I have no good reason really.  Avoidance is probably a large part of it.  If I avoid it, it isn’t real, right?  I can pretend that I don’t need to purchase a headstone.  But then I remember that I do need one.  And then I feel awful, guilty.  There’s no winning here.  I’ve made plans here and there for getting a headstone.  In fact, I had a great idea several months ago to write up a hat knitting pattern I’ve had swimming around in my brain.  I was going to name it the Jackson Hat and charge a small fee for the pattern.  Proceeds from that pattern would go towards purchasing this headstone at long, long last.   After the headstone was purchased, a portion of the proceeds would then go towards researching the causes and prevention of stillbirth or some sort of support services foundation.  But… I’ve been up to my eyeballs in custom knitting and haven’t had the time I wanted to work on that pattern.  And while I wanted to have it released this month, I’m no closer to getting it released than I was two months ago.

I failed.

There’s that guilt again.  Always there, waiting to drag me down a little deeper.

I will get that headstone this year.  By this anniversary/birthday next year, there will be a headstone in place.  I will see that it is so, even if funding for it has to come entirely out of my “play” money I make from knitting.  Because avoiding this issue isn’t helping me.

And that last thing I want anyone to think is that losing Jackson hasn’t affected me deeply and doesn’t continue to affect me deeply.  And that he isn’t remembered and loved just as much today as he was while he was kicking away in my belly over seven years ago.

I will always love him and I will always remember.

A frustrating week

I haven’t been around much, posting, this last week because I’ve been busy with stupid things that I shouldn’t have had to be busy with.

One of the congos I stock at, “Their Own Knitted World“, had their monthly stocking last week.  The featured fiber artist was “Becoming Art“, a fairly popular yarn and fiber dyer in the community.  I was pretty excited about this stocking.  I knit a sweet little skirt using some Becoming Art yarn that had been handspun by a good friend of mine.  It was so darling and I was so happy with how it turned out, that I wished I had knit it in Evie’s size, so I could keep it if it didn’t sell.


I had no idea what to charge for this skirty.  Handspun yarn tends to be a little pricey, but it was a small skirt and I wasn’t sure, in this economy, how much people would want to pay for something like this.  So I put it up as an auction with a fairly low starting bid price, decided to let the customers decide how much it was worth.

The auction started Friday night and was set to go through Sunday morning.  I got a few bids and was happy with each bid that came in because it meant this skirty would be going to a new home and would be loved.  At least I hoped so.

When the auction was over, I emailed the winner as is customary, letting her know she won and as soon as she submits payment, I’d get the skirt out in the mail to her.  A little less than an hour later, I heard back and was disheartened to hear from her that she no longer wanted the skirt.  The excuse was flimsy, at best.  It did make me wonder if she was experience buyers remorse and simply didn’t want to spend the money.  She suggested I email the person who had bid behind her to see if she wanted to purchase instead.  I was unsure what to do as I’d never experienced this situation before.  I looked to other sellers for advice and responded later that evening.  I told her I was sorry to hear her reasonings, and that she was welcome to not pay but that if she did not then I would need to place a “flag” on her account for non-payment, according to the Hyena Cart user agreement, which I linked her to online.  I mentioned that I had emailed the other bidder but hadn’t heard back and didn’t especially expect to as she had no obligation to purchase, whereas she did.   The responsibility here was hers and hers alone.  I asked her to let me know what she planned to do as soon as possible so I could proceed accordingly (ship the skirt to her if she paid, leave the flag if she did not, and possibly re-list the skirty in hopes that I could still sell it to someone who would want it).

I didn’t hear anything from her for two more days.  I was advised to ahead and leave the flag and plan to relist the skirt.  The flag is simply a note in her account, only visible to myself, her and to the powers that be at Hyena Cart.   I put up the flag and put a note on the auction listing that I would be relisting the skirt due to non-payment.  This is standard practice, and often you will see auction or regular listings relisted due to non-payment.  It is sad, but it’s true.  Well almost immediately I received an angry email from the lady, demanding I remove the flag and the note on the auction about relisting due to non-payment.  She viewed this as a public outing and was very offended.  She said she had been very ill the last several days and unable to email.  She also chided me for my lack of compassion.   I was STUNNED at this.  No where had I lambasted her publicly and her sudden shift to attack mode had me thrown off.

I responded right away, as calmly and professionally as I could.  I told her I was sorry to hear she had been so ill but that Hyena Cart policies were clear on this matter.  I quoted the policies to her and linked to them as well.

If you would like to flag a buyer for non-payment in the case of a drawing or auction, you can do so via the Order History page (use the Flag link all the way to the right of the order table). These flags are not visible publicly, but if a shopper is flagged by multiple sellers, he / she may be blocked from shopping at Hyena Cart.


I felt this proved that the flag on her account was not public as she seemed to think.  I told her I would not remove the flag as the issue of her not paying for the skirt was still unresolved.  Simple enough, yes?  Policies state that an item will be re-listed (and appropriate feedback left) if an item is not paid for 2 hours after purchased.  I waited two days.  I thought I was being very lenient.  But apparently not, according to her.

Several hours later, I received notice she had paid for the skirty.  I thought that meant the issue was over.  I wasn’t happy about sending this beloved skirt to someone I knew wouldn’t appreciate it, but at least the issue would be resolved.   I planned to print a shipping label and get it out in the mail as soon as possible, and put this whole thing behind me.

But then, shortly after she paid,  she sent me an email saying she had paid for the skirty and left negative feedback against me on the cart.  She also mentioned she had posted on two separate Yahoo Groups about this issue.  I know some ladies who belong to one of the yahoo groups and they said the posting mentioned me and my business by name and was heavily skewed to portray me as a mean spirited and uncompassionate individual.  I was rocked.  She accused me of calling her out publicly when I left a private flag and she goes to post to two public Yahoo Groups?  I didn’t even know what to SAY about this.

I wrote a short email that I planned to ship the skirt out first thing in the morning and that I had removed the flag, since she had paid.  I asked her to remove the feedback (which was hurtful and full of misinformation to boot, since she accused me of not sending her the skirt when she had only just paid just before leaving the feedback!) and that I still wished to come to a peaceful resolution. I also asked her if she would rather I refund her for the skirt instead of shipping it out.  I then responded to the feedback she left, trying to give my side of the events.

I shipped the skirt out in the morning heard nothing from her and the next evening I had by chance happened to check the feedback, to see if she had removed it, only to see she had responded to MY response.   She had copy and pasted my email to her, as well as stated she did not want the skirt and she would be sending it back to me as soon as she received it.  She said she didn’t care if she was refunded.  She also mentioned again that she was ill and her particular illness causes her to get sicker with stress.  She wanted a public apology before removing the negative feedback and she hoped I would give the skirt away to someone as a result.

I was stuck on that she didn’t even want the skirt and felt sick that I had mailed it to her at all.  Why hadn’t she emailed me after I said I would be mailing her the skirt?  I had mentioned that I would refund her without a flag on her account if she wanted.  I couldn’t figure out what she wanted.  As for a public apology, that was simply laughable.  What did I have to apologize for? Had I smeared her on two separate Yahoo Groups and left hateful negative public feedback?  No, all I had done was expect payment from someone who had won an auction.  I had nothing to apologize for.

I emailed her again, against my better instincts, trying yet again to explain my side and ask her what her motivations were.  I wanted to know how I could make this all just go away as it was really upsetting.  Her response yielded no new information, however, just more of the same.  Except this time she mentioned she expected immediate reimbursement when the skirty was returned (as opposed to not caring about being refunded as she stated in her feedback).  I never expected not to refund her immediately but found the difference interesting.

Mostly, I’m just sick at heart over all of this.  I have put in a support ticket with Hyena Cart to get the feedback removed and they are reviewing my case.   At the end of the day, this is still a beautiful little skirt and I loved to knit and would still love to see go to a loving home.  But seeing all the drama that is now attached to it, my hopes of that happening are fairly low.

So that brings me to today.  I’m very frustrated and rather depressed about the whole thing.  It has me questioning all sorts of things.  I’m just not sure where to go from this point forward.

More excited than is appropriate

Here’s a quick rundown of things I’m very excited about right now, that either show a) what a loser I am or b) that I have a screw or two loose somewhere.  But whatever.  I’m excited.  Don’t you rain on my parade!

  • Liam peed on the potty this afternoon!  This is HUUUUUGE.  He’s a master “holder”.  Meaning he’s great at controlling when he pees, for the most part.  I can put underwear on him in the morning and he will keep them dry.  Then I put a diaper on him for his nap and he pees in that.  Stinker.  But this evening, he actually requested to sit on the potty and then WENT.  I have hope, y’all!  (This could also be a sign that the world is, in fact, coming to an end.  The earthquakes and volcanoes are just a red herring.)
  • “Lost” is on tonight.  We are BURNING through the past seasons and are nearly through season 2.  We have to get moving if we hope to finish before the finale.  But it has REALLY opened our eyes about what has been going on right in front of us.  And I’m way psyched to see what happens tonight because at this point it is all good.
  • A good friend of mine has an offer accepted on a house.  This is also HUUUUUUGE because she’s been looking for a house since the dawn of the dinosaurs and time is ticking and she’s got way too much on her plate right now ANYHOW and damnit, I just want her to finally have a house.  And it looks like that might happen.  SO EXCITED FOR HER.
  • I’m almost through my knitting customs list.  I have been hacking away at it, doggedly, determinedly, single-mindedly.  And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, this means I must open up some more slots.  So if you’re at all interested in my knitterly attentions, keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook fan page here in a day or two cuz there’s gonna be a special, super secret stocking on my shop and I will only announce it there!

Okay, that’s it for now.  Unless you count me being SO EXCITED for dinner, which I am. And it’s ready to eat right now so I better go do that.

Rainbows and Unicorns

You know, aside from that whole “tooth thing”, this has been an awesome month.  I’m almost sad to see it come to an end.  Because March is up next and even though March and I have made up, it’s a new entity and I’m rather fond of February right now.  But, the good news is: I’m willing to bet that March will be awesome too.  Because I will MAKE IT SO.

See that?  Right there?  That’s called “Progress”.  And I’ve made some.

Go me!

See… I may have a few extra pounds I’m battling.  My facial skin may be doing really weird things and kinda freaking me out whenever I look in a mirror.  I may have days where I want to pull every single hair out of my head from the frustration of my daily life.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  Not really.  It’s all just background noise and how I feel is pretty much more important than all that petty stuff.  I can rise above weight, flaky skin and frustration.  If today is a bad day, well… tomorrow is a chance for a better day.  And I can make it so by not letting the stupid stuff get me down.

I’m going to be going to the dentist and taking care of my teeth because I never ever want to be back in that chair, waiting for another tooth to be pulled.  That was awful.  That was not fun.  That was not cool. My appointment is on Monday.

You know what else I’ve decided?  I’m a pretty rad person.  And yes, I just used the word “rad”.  And it’s not even 1986!  Seriously though.  If someone else doesn’t agree with my level of “rad-ness”, then that’s their deal.  Not mine.  I’m pretty cool just the way I am, faults and all.  I am who I am and plenty of people think that’s awesome.  So “bugger off” to those that don’t.  And a high five to the ones that do.  No angst, just the truth.

Also:  I look pretty decent when I wear a black top.  I need to wear more black tops.  Also also: I need more good bras.  I bought two recently and I need more because believe it or not, they help too.

So I feel pretty good today.  And I just wanted to share it.  This good mood could perhaps be partially because I ordered a lot of awesome yarn this morning.  I’ll never tell!  (But awesome yarn DEFINITELY helps.)

And now that’s out of the way…

Sorry about that bit of unpleasantness yesterday.  I had a VERY hard day.  I’m not sure what made that day so much more difficult than any other but sometimes that’s just the way it happens.  You never know when depression (and I’m all but convinced that that is what it is) will rear it’s head and how.  You all are just so lucky that I drag you along for the ride!


I slept much better last night, less jaw clenching.  I also dreamed of Disney World.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I think this just proves that I need to go back.  Don’t you think?


In other news, it’s Thursday.  One day closer to Friday.  Not that there’s anything particularly fabulous happening this Friday.  But the mere fact that it will be FRIDAY and that we can finally go grocery shopping on Saturday and we’ll have a few days to just hole up and recover… that makes it awesome.  Yay, Thursday!  I feel as though I might actually make it now.


When will Noggin change their morning lineup.  WHEN?? I cannot stand it as it is now.  At least from the Pacific Time Zone point of view.  Oswald?  Franklin?  Maggie and the Ferocious Beast?  Miss SPIDER??  COME ON, NOGGIN!  It’s hard enough to make it through the morning without me falling asleep in my knitting.

The afternoon schedule is just fine.  Evie absolutely loses her mind when WonderPets comes on, even if it does make my eyes roll.  Liam has a warm fuzzy place in his heart for Wow, Wow Wubzy.   I’ll even (barely) tolerate Dora and Diego because at least it’s not OSWALD.

Let’s switch up the morning schedule!  Put some more Jack’s Big Music Show in there!  Some Blue’s Clues!  I’m begging you!  I’m tired of watching PBS in the mornings.  Their lineup is far preferable but I miss Moose and Zee.


Speaking of such things, what happened to Playhouse Disney?  Harry used to watch that all the time when he was little.  Back in the golden days of Bear in the Big Blue House, Stanley, Rollie Pollie Ollie, The Book of Pooh and this show where they built this clubhouse out of cardboard and did all sorts of make believe but now I can’t remember the name of it.  Nowadays it’s Handy Manny.  I don’t like Handy Manny.  I think it’s stupid.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (or whatever it’s called) isn’t so bad.  But they need mooooore.  What the heck, Disney?


I refuse to watch Nick Jr. cuz it’s has commercials.  I know, I’m already poisoning my childrens minds by letting them watch TV, what harm is a few commercials here and there?   I don’t have to explain my reasons to you.   I vow to remain commercial free.  So no Nick Jr.

Besides, if we watched Nick Jr, I might have to watch the Fresh Beat Band.  And I don’t care that Evie dances every time Noggin shows one of their “music videos”, I have my limits, people.


It’s a sad state of affairs when I don’t have anything to talk about on a Thursday morning besides childrens programming.  I think this speaks volumes about the monotony of my life.


Except, of course, to bring to you attention a FABULOUS contest that going on RIGHT NOW on my review blog.  Oh yes.  A contest!  With a PRIZE.  What prize, do you ask?  A $100 Visa gift card.  Now tell me that you can’t use that.  You can’t.  Because we could ALL use a $100 Visa gift card.

So what are you waiting for?  Why are you hanging out HERE, listening to me prattle on about kiddie shows?  Get over to the review blog and enter that contest (and read about a super handy program from AT&T Wireless while you’re at it).

The contest is going through 9/20, so I’ll be reminding you periodically to get over there and enter it.  But it doesn’t hurt to go do it NOW before you forget.  Or before you get sucked into the latest episode of “Word World”.

Coffee is the nectar of the gods

I had a heck of a time waking up this morning.  My body was sure enjoying sleeping and wanted to keep doing just that.  And I realized that, hey, I never heard Evie cry last night!


The night weaning is a slow process, two steps forward and one step back… but it gets there eventually.  I have no idea when Evie will wean full stop.  I imagine she’s gotta get the hang of drinking out of a cup first.  That would probably help.  And I will admit that I haven’t pushed it as I probably should be doing.

But then, she’s my last.  And this is the last time I’ll nurse a baby.  And you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not in a huge hurry to put this all behind me.  I will stop short of nursing her in preschool, I promise.

Anyhow, here I sit, sipping a cup of coffee and reading through my message board and checking everyone’s status on Facebook.  “Sid the Science Kid” is blathering on about germs in the background and Evie is playing with one of Liam’s trucks while Liam arranges a line of cars on the back of the couch.

The garbage man has picked up the trash for the week but the recycling is sitting out, waiting for it’s turn.  I have a knitting project half done sitting on my lap and many projects piling up behind it.  I’m busy busy busy with the knitting and I love every minute of it.  I’m looking forward to my next project which will include many colors of stripes.  It will be both fun and a challenge.

The dogs are snoozing on a pile of blankets on the couch.  My thoughts are drifting to tonight and the “Lost” season finale that will assuredly knock my socks off.  I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it because it means no “Lost” until next winter.  BUMMER.

Liam is upset about something and I have no idea what.  He started crying while he was playing and is looking at me to fix it.  If only I knew what “it” was.  “Super Why” coming on the television seems to have distracted him for the moment.  Evie gnaws on a toy headset.  This coffee tastes damned good.

It’s a Wednesday.  Half the week done, half the week to go. I’m praying for an easy day today.  And now I’m off to change a diaper (that was Liam’s problem, turns out).