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What the heck happened to blogging?

Okay, I know I’ve been out of the blog loop for an inexcusable amount of time.  Knitting has completely absorbed my attentions the last couple years and while I’ve kept up on a handful of blogs, its safe to say that when it comes to blogging politics that I’m not entirely “up” on the latest dish.

I’ve been reading more and spending more time on blogs lately, even if I’m perhaps not blogging here myself as much as I probably should.  And I’ve been noticing that things are… different.  I mean, of course they are.  Everything changes over time, regardless of whether we want it to or not.  It’s inevitable.  But sometimes you have to shake your head and wonder at the WHY and the HOW and the What are they THINKING??

There always some division between “big blogs” and “little blogs”.  I can remember that from the olden days and how it was an oft discussed (and argued) topic at pretty much every BlogHer I ever went to.   But it seems that division is even more pronounced these days.  The “big blogs” are bigger, the “little blogs” are littler.  How does one distinguish between a big and a little blog, you ask?  Now, I’m not entirely sure of the answer here.

In my mind, at least, a “big blog” is presented with not just more readers and exposure, but with opportunities as well. Paid trips and swag and all that lovely good stuff.  But yes, the primary factor would be readership.  If you have a lot of readers and a lot of comments, then chances are you a “big blog”.  If Pepsi flies you out to their headquarters or you are selected to “try and review” a new washer and dryer, then you are probably a “big blog”.

A “little blog”, on the other hand, would be someone who doesn’t have many readers and even fewer comments.  (I think we can see where I fall in all of this… hello?  Anyone still out there?  Is this thing on??)  A “little blog” doesn’t receive many opportunities for travel or swag or anything like that.  I receive something to review from time to time, but no washers and dryers yet (dangit).  Usually its more likely to be a book or some coupons or something.   I don’t complain because, hey, at least I get that, right?  Sweet!  Some “little blogs” don’t get any opportunities at all.  Sometimes, not always, there might be some resentment or jealously on the part of the “little blog” when they see all the goodies the “big blogs” get.

I’ve been jealous but only in the most superficial sense of the word.  Heck YEAH I’d love a trip to NYC or Chicago (without kids!) to play with other bloggers and try out new products.  Dang, who wouldn’t!  That’s just plain awesome right there.  But do I resent them because of it?  Not really.  Because they’re not me and I don’t really *know* them and how can I therefore pass judgement on them?  That doesn’t seem entirely fair.  I don’t care if someone thinks a “big blog” doesn’t deserve it because of their writing or their huge list of friends or whatever.  Because it doesn’t really matter to me.

All I really care about when it comes to blogs, both big and little, is if I like what I read.  Do I enjoy this person’s posts?  Do they make think or laugh or cry or in some way pause in my day to reflect?  That means so much more to me than what their readership is.   Sometimes, yes, I do enjoy reading the “big blogs”, even though I know that person wouldn’t likely give me the time of day if they saw me at BlogHer.  But I enjoy their posts so I keep coming back.  And sometimes I enjoy a “little blog” that maybe only me and one other person read.  But I like what they have to say and I want to read more.

And when it comes to this blog, what matters to me most is that I have some place that I can come and write out a bunch of words that may or may not get read by anyone else.  It’s an outlet and a source of comfort to me.  If you find yourself reading blogs or participating in the community with any goal other then finding an outlet, feeling comfortable, laughing, crying or thinking?  Then maybe you need to stop and reevaluate what you are doing.  Life is too short and the world is too scary of a place right now to indulge in anything negative simply for the sake of being negative.

Think about it.

Days of Grace – Day 7

Dangit.  The weekend is over.  BOO.  But, I will find some joy in the sadness.  That’s the whole idea of this, after all.

  1. Bedtimes.  I am BEYOND ready for Harry and Liam both to go to bed.  Evie can go to bed too, but she hasn’t been nearly as frenetic this afternoon.
  2. Cowboy Spaghetti, which Kile is making us for dinner right now.  SO YUMMY.
  3. Blueberry pancakes for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. (I sure do mention food alot, don’t I?)
  4. Cheap hot dogs at Sam’s Club for lunch.  Tasty and budget friendly!  Score!
  5. All my fabulous readers for their concern regarding my last post.  You guys are really wonderful to worry and I am worried too.  Something WILL happen, eventually.  Hopefully just sooner rather than later.

What I have goofy love for right now

Another week already? Who is in charge of making these weekends so danged short, anyhow? In the hopes of spreading some happy, happy, joy, joy around on an otherwise bummer Monday, I’m going to list out some things that I am getting an unreasonable amount of enjoyment from right now (and I won’t promise that one of those things won’t be my new diapers). I’m hoping that maybe I’ll mention something that you will want to discover and then YOU will find joy and then my life will be complete. That’s not too much to ask of a Monday afternoon, is it?

  • Owen Wilson. I’ve always enjoyed him, and since I haven’t seen “Drillbit Taylor”, I feel I can say that I haven’t see him in anything where I haven’t enjoyed his character immensely. Often, it’s his character that causes me to enjoy an otherwise blah movie. We subscribed to HBO and Cinemax a couple months ago so I’ve been fortunate enough to see Owen Wilson pretty much whenever I want in either “Night at the Museum” or in “You, Me and Dupree”. In the former, he has a teeny weeny part, playing a teeny weeny western fella, Jedediah. And he’s funny as hell.

    Jedadiah: I’m gonna shoot you in your dang eye. In your dadgum eye.
    [gun clicks empty]
    Larry: Yeah. Keep shootin’. Nothing’s gonna happen.
    Jedadiah: Now you know my shame. Jedadiah’s impotent rage. His guns don’t fire. Take me away.

    See what I mean? Hmm. Maybe you had to be there. But STILL. “You, Me and Dupree” was, for me at least, surprisingly hilarious. I completely adored his character in this movie. I can watch this movie whenever it pops up and have even DVR’d it so that I can watch it even after it falls of of OnDemand. It brings me irrational amounts of joy. And I know it’s all because of Owen Wilson.

  • Yes, the cloth diapers. Shut up, I can’t help it. I’m working on a plan that would hopefully give me a good outlet for discussing this to my heart’s content without boring the rest of you to tears. I read your lack of enthusiasm loud and clear (plus, the poll count so far registers overwhelmingly in the “You are insane” category). But I get such a little high out of putting her in these diapers. And I can spend hours looking at the various websites out there. And even washing the darn things has made me feel joy. I hope the feeling continues, because I actually ordered some prefolds and covers last night. I’m committed now!
  • This face right here. I could stare at her all day long. I find myself so excited for the coming months and watching her grow and discover and develop her own look.
  • All of you guys. Yes, you. Even you over there in the corner. I see you. I love everyone who comes to this blog and reads what I write (even stupid, silly, pointless posts like this one).  You guys make this whole blogging gig (which is already pretty fabulous in and of itself) so rewarding.  I’m consistently amazed that anyone even reads this blog and waking up to find out that, yes, people DO read it, well… that just makes me so happy.  I love all you guys.  I hope, in the months ahead, to be able to show you guys just HOW MUCH.  Stay tuned.  And hold me to it!

Okay, that’s enough mushy stuff for now.  I’m sure there’s a load of laundry around here somewhere that’s calling my name.

Commenting on comments

This is an issue that has been discussed on several different blogs the last couple of days.  I’m not going to link them right here or right now mostly because I am a lazy turd.  But also because what has said isn’t entirely important to this post and chances are you’ve all read those posts ANYHOW.  So whatever.  :)  On with the show!

I’ve never specifically stated what my comment policy is here on this blog.  I guess that’s probably because I haven’t had any hard and fast “rules”.  But I’m starting to think that maybe I should start spelling it out, just so there’s no misunderstandings or hurt feelings in the future.  If there have been any in the past that I am unaware of, then I apologize.

I do, on occasion, reply to my comments.  Not all of them.  Not all the time.  But if a particular comment strikes me or a question is asked then I try to respond to the comment author.  This is especially goes for new visitors to my blog.  I like to try to reach out to any and all new readers, to let them know that I’m glad they’ve stopped by and would like them to return.  I’m a big believer that if a blogger responds to her commenters then those people will be more likely to return and comment again.  And we all know that I LOVE to get the comments!  So anything I can do to encourage that is well worth the effort in my book.  Plus, I want my readers and commenters to know that I notice them and appreciate them.

Of course, there are times and instances in which I’m unable to respond to all my comments.  Sometimes I get swamped with family duties, feeds to read, places to go and people to see.  In those cases, a lot of times comments go unreplied to.  And I do feel bad.  But I want everyone to know that no matter what, reply or no, I always read each and every one of my comments.  In fact, opening up my email and seeing that I have a comment on a post I’ve written never fails to give me quite a thrill. I’m not being trite when I say that I treasure each and every one of them.

What do you guys all think?  Where do you stand on replying to comments?  Do you like to get a reply from a blogger?  Does it increase the likelihood that you’ll return to that blog to comment again?  Are there features on other blogs or things other bloggers do that you find encourage you to visit and comment?  If so, do clue me in!