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It it Tuesday? Is it NOVEMBER?

Where does the time go?  Not that I’m really complaining, mind, I am very anxious for cooler weather.  According to the weather forecast, we’re going to be getting some of that cooler weather by week’s end.  Despite being nearly 80 degrees today.  What is UP with that?  I think it’s summer’s last gasp.  There always is one, this is just later than usual.  But summer?  I got my eye on you.  Don’t get comfy.  Your days are NUMBERED.

So what’s been new around these parts?  Let’s see… what was going on the last time I updated?

*cringe*  OH WOW.  That was almost two months ago.  I’m so sorry!

Still picking up the boys 2-3 times a week.  I’ve gotten a lot more used to the procedure of it since then.  It’s a great opportunity to listen to music  (and oh lord, does my playlist like to give me feels!) (and no, I’m not explaining what “feels” are) and read on my iPhone.  NOT while driving.  Come on, people.  Give me some credit.  But there’s an awful lot of line-sitting and that’s excellent reading time right there.

The kids just all got over being sick which is ALWAYS fun.  Harry brought home the funk first.  He was rather pathetic (as all boys and men are, really), coughing and moaning all over the house.  Well, apparently he didn’t think there was anything wrong with DIRECTLY coughing on his little brother and sister.  *facepalm*  So a few days later they were sick as well!  That’s always fun, by the way.  When all the kids are sick.  *cue eye twitch*

Then, last week, I got my own little surprise.  No, I didn’t catch the cold too.  THANK GOODNESS.  No, last Monday I woke up and the first thing I noticed was the room spinning.  Before I even got out of bed!  It was almost like being drunk, but somehow MORE.  I got up to use the bathroom and the room pitched even more.  It was no longer fun, folks.  And I was really worried about WHAT was making me feel this way, because I felt fine other than the fact that it felt like my head was no longer attached to my body.  And I still had this crazy notion that the day could carry on as usual.  I even followed Kile downstairs, as I normally would do, intent on fixing the boys’ lunches.  Of course, by the time I made it down the stairs, there was no place for me BUT the couch.  So the couch is where I lay, trying to keep my head in one place and holding on for dear life.

The rest of the day consisted of me trying to keep my sense of balance.  That meant not moving any more than was absolutely necessary.  Poor Evie.  She really didn’t understand why I wouldn’t just hop up and get her things or go upstairs with her and why all I wanted to do was lie on the couch, staring at one fixed point on the ceiling.  It was horrible.  I then talked on the phone to my mom and she said it sounded exactly like benign positional vertigo, which is what she has.  Until she said that, the thought had never crossed my mind.  And of course that’s what it was.  Apparently, it kind of runs in families.  My mom has it, my aunt, my brother… I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Kile stayed home the next day and did this thing called the “Epley maneuever” on me which involves a series of movements meant to restore your natural balance.  It sounds goofy but it WORKS because hours later I felt amazingly better.  Then, of course, I messed it all up that night by giving into temptation and sleeping on my right side.  See, it became apparent after the early hours of suffering, that turning my head the right made everything worse than say turning to the left would.  That meant that my right side was the “affected” side and I should avoid it if possible.  Of course, I love to sleep on my right side and I was sleeping poorly at night on my left side.  So I slept on my right side and woke up in the morning DIZZY.  Not as bad as on Monday, but definitely much worse than I’d been after the maneuver.  Dangit.  That’ll learn me.  Kile did another maneuver that afternoon and by bedtime I was right as rain again.

I still have moments when I tilt my head or look in a particular direction.  Sometimes when I close my eyes in the shower, I’ll weave a little.  But it’s manageable.  And thank god for that.  Because there is almost nothing worse than being confined to a bed or a couch or whatever and not being able to do the things you want and need to do.  That aggravates me to no end.

Let’s see… what else…

Oh!  I voted early!  Go me!  I went on Nevada Day (the last Friday of October, to those not in the know) and voted and it felt good to get it out of the way.  But that means two weeks of sitting around, rolling my eyes at the ads and posts on Facebook and just waiting for the outcome.  I rather think the outcome is pretty inevitable.  I might be eating those words tonight but I don’t think I will be.

And guess what else??  I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year!  I KNOW.  I don’t even update this blog more than once every two months and I’m expected to write 1667 coherent words a day?  This is foolishness!  Remember when I used to do NaBloPoMo?  Do they even still have that?  I bet they do.  Just because *I* can’t seem to blog hardly at all (at least not here ;) ), doesn’t mean that others can’t.  I’m already well ahead of the game here on Day 5 with over 12k words.  Hopefully I can keep this up and hit the 50k word goal not just on time but AT ALL.  Though if I could hit it early, that’d be fabulous too. I’m rather proud of myself for just ATTEMPTING this.  It’s kind of a big deal and I actually made a last minute decision to go for it.  Fingers are crossed!

So that’s it.  That’s what’s new with me.  See, just because I’m not hanging around here very much doesn’t mean I don’t have things to talk about.  Now I’m going to leave you all what I think is a very pretty picture.  Hopefully you’ll agree with me.

Oh what a beautiful day!

I feel fine.

Let me repeat that: I feel fine.

I nearly lost track of how long I did NOT feel fine. But I’m pretty sure it came in at about a month and a half. And now, at long long last, I FEEL FINE. Okay, so maybe not entirely 100% (there’s still a bit of a cough and such), but as far as I’m concerned it’s close enough. And compared to about two weeks ago? I feel like I could run a marathon. And quite honestly, feeling fine makes me feel SO HAPPY. Amazing how being sick for so long can make you really appreciate feeling fine.

In fact, I would have written all of this yesterday, but that was the first day I really felt fine and I was busy just enjoying it (and getting a few things accomplished). I’m sure my good mood about feeling normal for a change will eventually wane but for now I’m just taking it as it comes.

Last week, as I was pulling away from that demon bronchitis, some intestinal distress set in. I’m pretty sure the anti-biotics were to blame. But that reared its head just about as we were preparing to go to San Jose for the weekend. As of Friday night (we were to leave Saturday morning), I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I felt absolutely wretched. Because of course.

Luckily, the clouds parted the next morning just as we needed to leave and we made it on the road. And also luckily, the storm everyone had been hyping passed early and driving over the hill was a piece of cake.


The trip down was uneventful, which is just as we like it. And, I swear, the iPad paid for itself on that trip. I’d loaded it up with the kids favorite movies and we watched “Rio” and “Cars 2″ during the trip down. Not a PEEP from the back of the van. The kids loved it. And Kile and I loved the peace too.

Weather down in San Jose was slightly sketchy but we all know that’s the way I like it. Sunday morning my parents took us to breakfast out at the Cinnebar Golf Club and there is no better place to enjoy the lush green that is San Jose in the late winter/early spring than that. GORGEOUS.


Of course, mere minute after I snapped that pic, the skies opened up in a torrential downpour, complete with teeny hail. Still. Very beautiful.

It had been a long time since we’d been down for a visit. It’s always so wonderful to come for a visit. How many people can visit the home they grew up in these days. Many things are different, but even more things are the same. And I just love sharing it with my family.


Evie’s 4th birthday was Tuesday but since we had to travel that day, we celebrated with my parents the day before. We went out to dinner, had presents, and of course cake and ice cream. Evie had a blast and LOVED being the center of attention. I can’t believe she’s FOUR already. Where does the time go??

The next day, we had to leave pretty early so Kile could get back to work in the afternoon. We promised to return soon, perhaps during the summer months so the kids could enjoy the pool. And then on the road we went. And though it was still technically rush hour, once we got past the highway 85/87 interchange and metering lights, it was smooth sailing.

We stopped in West Sacramento, as usual, for a quick bite to eat before hitting the road again. Ironically, we we had worse weather over the summit on the trip back. It was warmer out, but we had fog and pesky drizzle that only served to mess up the van and limit visibility.


But once we hot Truckee, everything cleared up and we sailed into town. The pets were thrilled to see us and though the kids expressed some regret at leaving their grandparents, they soon were off reacquainting themselves with all their toys again.

So now we are home again and I’m feeling FINE and all is right with the world once more.

The months just FLY by don’t they?


Anyhow, how was that October? I found I was simply trying to survive through it. Which, in retrospect, probably wasn’t the best plan. Because a) at least Liam was in school and b) isn’t a) enough? Now it’s November and Liam is OUT OF SCHOOL for the duration of the month.

Hold me.

It’s just that Halloween isn’t my most favorite of holidays these days. It mostly amounts to large amounts of chaos. The kids do enjoy it but sometimes that’s not enough to pull me through. Let’s just say I breathe a huge sigh of relief when Halloween is OVER.

Though I can’t say that Halloween is to blame for me not posting. It was also the weather. KIDDING. No, it wasn’t the weather. Though the continued 70-degree days were wearing on my patience. We’ve finally had some decent cold weather this week THANK GOODNESS.

Anyhow. Where was I going with all this? I guess I mostly wanted to say that I’m not dead yet and I’m still hanging in over here. Hopefully I will be posting again sometime before December 6th. However, I make no promises.

Things that blow my mind

Ugh.  Monday.

Things that are blowing my mind today:

  • How short weekends are.  How criminally unfair is it that we only have TWO weekend days.  Just about the time you’re getting used to the relaxed pace, then you’re plunged back into the week again.
  • How unfair is also is to feel cruddy all weekend long.  I don’t know what it is, probably just a little bug or something, but I’d definitely been subpar the last few days.  And what’s worse than feeling bad on the weekend?  Feeling bad on Monday too.  BLUH.
  • Last night’s “True Blood”.  From Sookie’s weird-ass dream (not the least of which was the fact that vampires were cavorting around in full daylight) to LaFayette’s ghost possession issues to the cliffhanger ending… I never fail be amazed how off the rails from the books this show goes.  At this rate, I don’t expect anything to be similar to how it was in the book anymore.  Though I do hold out a small hope that Debbie meets a similar fate at the end of the season.  Fingers crossed, folks!
  • Friday night’s “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.  We were given a tantalizing glimpse into Jack’s history and I think this episode gave us more answers (or rather, hinted at more answers) than any episode so far.  Uncomfortable love scenes aside, it was a good ep and I find myself hoping my suspicions prove true on the next ep.
  • Kim Kardashian’s rear end.  I know everyone is talking about her wedding and blah blah blah SNORE.  I could seriously not care less.  HOWEVER, the one thing that does fascinate me about her is her butt.  How does that thing exist the way it does?  It defies the laws of physics!  Seriously, I wonder if it has its own gravitational pull.  Surgery?  No surgery?  Who cares, but lord if I can’t stop staring at it.  It’s like a train wreck!
  • It’s the tail end of August already.  Shoot, the local grocery stores already have their jugs of water on display for the Burning Man people who will presumably be starting to flow through town this week.  Or is it next week?  Whatever, I can’t keep track.  I will not be sad to see summer end as we all know I’m a cold weather sort of gal.  But it just blows my mind that its coming to a close so SOON.  Time flies when you’re having fun?  Have I been having that much fun? I don’t think so… Of course, so close to the end and now we’re getting the “hot” weather.  Maybe it’s not any hotter than it was a few weeks ago.  And it is always hotter in town than it is out here, but it seems like the last few days have been so much warmer.  Do not like.  Let’s get some 70’s (or lower) here, STAT!

Consider my mind blown.

Oh, and also!  If you’re on Facebook be sure to go ahead an “fan” my new slackermama . com page.  I’ll of course post blog updates there and anything else that seems to apply.  Funtimes!  Look at me, joining the information age and all that. (Which begs me to wonder what I’ve been doing on the internet all this time if it wasn’t joining the information age…)

Happy Monday, folks.

Who knew?

So I think I’ve crossed over to the “other side”.  While I still feel a little like “the walking dead”, I think the worst of this stupid cold has passed at long, long last.  I at least feel capable of basic functions today so that’s definitely a step up from YESTERDAY, wherein I felt more like a lump of pain and anguish than anything else.

I even took a shower this morning!  I know!  I was surprised too!

So HURRAY for feeling halfway normal.  I can never expect to feel 100% normal, but I will most certainly take halfway and run with it.


So Liam requested Toy Story 3 this morning.  And I was happy to oblige because compared to a lot of children’s programming, anything by Pixar is a salve on the weary parent’s soul.  Even in light of this post that made me cry and laugh and then cry some more yesterday because YES, Pixar can be a bunch of assholes when they want to.

Anyhow, as I sometimes do, I brought up the IMDB page for Toy Story 3 because the voice of the “Bookworm” was niggling at me (it’s Richard Kind, btw).  And I found myself reading through the cast credits and while I’m SURE this is all like PREHISTORIC news to everyone else, but some of the cast just threw me for a loop!  Like, I had no idea that the SAME voice of Andy in Toy Story was in both sequels.  That’s so cool!  And I never knew Laurie Metcalf was the mom!  How did that escape me?!  I must be losing my touch!   I was also interested in who voiced Buttercup the Unicorn because that too was niggling at me and was pleased to see it was Jeff Garlin.  I do enjoy him.

Call me a big nerd if you must.  But this little blast of information has completely blown the roof off my morning.  I feel like a changed woman.  Laurie Metcalf!  Who knew??


I’m getting near the end of the first “Hunger Games” book and daaaaaaang.  This book doesn’t fool around, does it?  Disturbing is one word that comes to mind.  Entirely addictive is another.   I have no idea what will happen in the other books and, frankly, I’m a little concerned.  Because I have a feeling this is one of those book series where nothing is sacred.  You know, where the author has no compunction about killing off beloved characters in a completely gut-wrenching fashion.

So tell me, those of you who have read all these books, should I be running for the hills while I still can?  I mean, am I going to get hopelessly attached to characters only to have them ruthlessly ripped away at some climactic scene?  I feel dread in my heart.


Days like today are when I wish there was some sort of APA sanctioned, child-safe tranquilizer dart that I could use on Liam.  Where does he get this energy?  I don’t think it’s hereditary.  Lord in heaven, will he ever just STOP MOVING AROUND SO MUCH?  It’s like having a wombat in the house or something.


Another random observation: is this the longest short week ever in the history of short weeks or am I just imagining it?  I mean, it’s THURSDAY?  It should be, by my count, at least Friday.  What the heck.


Also observing: the weater.  It is 47 degrees outside right now, according to my handy Firefox weather widget.  The high today should be 55.  Tomorrow we might actually make it to 62. This is most definitely unseasonable.  I mean, it even snowed on Saturday night.  But of course I’m not complaining.  It’s well-documented my hatred for hot weather.  But everyone else in town is griping up a storm.  And to them I say, “You asked for it!”

Remember back in January/Early February when we had that warm spell and it didn’t snow or rain for WEEKS?  And everyone was so happy and just loving the “beautiful” weather and blah blah blah?  Well, you’re just paying it back now, is all.  You got a month or two off of Winter and that time has to be paid back eventually.  So Mother Nature is taking it right now.  It’s only fair!

I can just hope that Mother Nature isn’t quite so judicial when it comes to Summer.  Because I don’t want 90+ degrees in November.

So… I got a little older

I had a birthday the other day.  Funny how those things sneak up on you, isn’t it?  You’ll just be minding your own business, trying to knit your darned fingers off in order to get Christmas gifts gifts finished and BAM.  35.


It was a really good birthday though.  My family always does a great job at making my day special.  Sunday was no exception.  We had breakfast with birthday cake!  (Sorry, no bacon, Michelle.)  I’d actually picked out a cinnamon swirl cake mix with cream cheese frosting several weeks ago and it turns out, that’s about the perfect kind of cake to have for breakfast.  Who knew?  But this way, we were able to have cake with the kiddos and do presents and all that.  I got a knitting book, a bunch of fluffy socks and a lovely sweater.  And my in laws gave me some birthday money to go spend and that is always a lot of fun!

We got out of the house somehow and had lunch at Togo’s out in Spanish Springs.  Did I mention we FINALLY have a Togo’s in the area?  We often pick up sandwiches for dinner when we’re out there so it was a logical lunchtime choice.  You just can’t beat their sandwiches.  So good.

We went to browse around Kohl’s, mostly to kill time.  But while we were there, I saw a cashmere cardigan on massive discount.  I just couldn’t resist it!  I’ve never had anything cashmere before so this is a real treat.  And I had enough leftover to buy a pajama set at Target later on.  We all know how I feel about pajamas.

Before we left for home, Kile and I picked up some take-out from Outback Steakhouse to have for dinner since not only was it my birthday, but date night as well! We were able to enjoy a really nice dinner after we got the kids to bed.  There was so much food I couldn’t even consider having another slice of cake.  I was stuffed!  Good thing we had some for breakfast, huh?

The kids were well behaved and spirits were high and I really couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant day.  Well.  I could have asked for more seasonal weather.  It IS December after all.  60 degree weather this time of year just isn’t normal.

Oh, and for the record?  I don’t consider WIND to be seasonal weather.  Wind is why I’m sitting here right now, at 6am, typing this post.  I’ve been up for HOURS.  HOURS!  The thing is, I would LOVE to be able to sleep through wind like this.  And from 2:30 to 5am, I tried.  I tried to ignore it, I tried to empty my mind, I listened to Christmas music on my iPhone in an attempt to drown out the racket… but of course that doesn’t really work.  Because when we get wind like this, it isn’t just the noise (though that can be considerable!).  The house literally SHAKES.  My nerves are just not that strong, I guess.

Around 5am is when I heard our trash can flying down the street so I just gave up.  It was at least raining by then, but that’s not so fun when you’re outside in your robe and slippers, chasing garbage around the yard and hoping no shingles dislodge from the roof and take you out.

In other news, I kinda want to punch the weather girl on the news here.  She’s going on, as I type this, about how the wind has died down a little bit to 15mph.  HA.  Maybe where YOU are, lady!  Try coming out here to Wind Country.  Ain’t nothing dying down out here.  And looking at the hourly forecast for today?  It’s not going to.  Wee!  The kids will be up soon and I just can’t wait to see how I make it through today with two toddlers on 3 hours of sleep.

I need to get out of Nevada.  For the love of God.  I’m so sick of this every danged winter.

So anyhow.  That’s what’s new in this neck of the woods.  Send caffeine!

There and Back Again

We went to Elko this last weekend.  I didn’t tell you about that, did I?  Actually, I haven’t told you about much of anything in the last week or so.  And this isn’t because the last week was uneventful.  But because it has been SO eventful, it’s one of those situations that you’re not sure where you step in here and say, “hey… listen to this.”

That made no sense, did it?

Ah well.  Welcome to my world these days.

Well, let’s get this out of the way.  I’ve been waiting to discuss this for some more concrete information but as that information is slow in coming, I haven’t posted in aaaaages and… well, there comes a time to share what is keeping us so busy these days.  The long and short of it?

My brother in law has a brain tumor.

Correction, he HAD a brain tumor.  It has since been mostly removed via surgery.  We found out one night, late, after he had collapsed at work, been sent to the emergency room and was being flown to Salt Lake City (as Elko’s hospital just doesn’t have the stuff for situations as this).  There was a mass in his brain, almost assuredly cancerous.  The shoe dropped and life slipped into overdrive.

We discussed driving out to Salt Lake.  But… just not entirely feasible.  The rest of the family from Elko was there, and there were other friends and family present so we weren’t “needed”.  Didn’t help us not to feel at loose ends.  So we planned to drive out to Elko once Kile’s brother returned home.

The surgery went very well.  The tumor was nearly all removed.  The surgeon was pretty certain it was cancerous, but sent it off for biopsy for a clearer picture (this is the information that is sooooo slooooowwww in coming).  Everyone is fairly sure we’re looking at a Glioblastoma.  Which, if you Google, is not a happy thing.  BUT I’m doing my best to stay away from Google (except for that one day when I was weak) (I regret that, by the way.  DON’T ASK DR. GOOGLE!).  My brother in law is looking at a long road of chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the weeks to come.  Not to mention recovering from this surgery which isn’t like recovering from gall bladder surgery or anything.

So this last Thursday, we drove down to Elko.  And we got to see how things are with our own eyes and that really did help us settle somewhat.  Especially Kile, who has automatically gone into GottaHelpDoSomething Mode.  I only saw my brother in law the first day we were down there, but Kile spent a good deal of time with him over the next couple of days and says that every day he has been better.  Money is a huge concern, for obvious reasons and was the focus of much planning and discussion and fretting.  It’s one of those situations where you truly wish (all apologies to Travie McCoy) that you were a billionaire.

We drove home yesterday and of course, it was Big Fall Storm Day across Nevada.  We just should start to expect these things, don’t you think?

There was a lot of this:

And some of this:

(the one eye open while sleeping this is creepy, no?)

The dogs dealt with the journey pretty well.  Well.  Mostly so.  They had a lot of crap to sit on.

And I got cute with the iPhone when I wasn’t busy knitting knitting knitting (I did get a lot done though, so there’s that).

Nevada, it is pretty boring.  You get excited when you see an overpass because HEY, it’s just like civilization!

And that picture there?  Was about as “clear” as the weather was our entire journey.  Windy.  Rainy.  Doooooooom weather.  And guess where the worst weather in the WHOOOOOOOLE state was?  You got it, right behind our house.  The rain was blowing sideways, coming down in sheets and just apocalypse style stuff.  Basically just another Fall in Reno.  Or just another Fall in Our Backyard as the worst weather is always right our back door.  And, sure enough, when we arrived home (trash cans blowing willy nilly down the street), I approached the door to the kitchen through the garage only to hear the wind WHISTLING through the cracks.  And, yeah, it’s not supposed to do that, is it?

I opened the door and quickly saw the issue: our air conditioner unit which was still installed (as I had just used it last week before we left… you know, when it was shorts and t-shirt weather) in the living room window was now laying in the middle of the living room floor.  The curtains were flapping around the now open window, rain sheeted into the room and all over the kids toy boxes (Liam’s was fairly well decimated from the a/c unit falling on it) and I will cop to worrying first about my yarn before even looking to the LED TV.  Priorities, people.  (The yarn was fine, thank goodness.)  (As was the TV.)

So we got that all cleaned/mopped/soaked up, turned the heater on (it was just a few degrees warmer in the house than the chilly 48 degrees it was outside) and got the kiddos dinner and then collapsed into lifeless piles of goo.

The end.

So welcome home to us.  But the upshot is the weather was very lovely and clear (and COLD).  And I saw this sight out my back door this morning and I guess I was glad to be back home.  Snow on the mountain!  It starts.

Gosh, I love Fall.

Have a good week, everyone.  Hug your babies.

Here comes the clouds

I know there aren’t as many songs heralding colder/cloudier weather than there is about the sun and flowers and birds and blah blah blah… but there should be.  Because it’s been unseasonably cool the last couple days and it has been MARVELOUS.  I can see the end of the summer in these cool(er) afternoons and it makes me so freakin’ excited.

There’s always that point towards the end of summer if you wonder if it will ever be cool again or even what cooler weather even FEELS like.  It’s around this time that you get excited when you see the high will only be 90 degrees that day.

So highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s… well, this “early” in the year, that just makes me so happy.

I know it won’t last.  I know we’ll be back to the 90s by the end of the week.  I’d like to PRETEND I don’t know that, but I do.  I’m not stupid and this ain’t my first rodeo.

But at the same time, I know this is the beginning of the end.  Eventually Autumn will be here in force and the days will shorten and cool off and I will be doing my little victory dance over here in my cave.

Summer is all about survival.  Making it out alive.  And with this little “glimpse” into Fall, I think I might just make it after all.

My Input (not that you care)

One of the great things about having a blog is that you can blab about whatever the heck you want to and no one can (legitimately) say, “You can’t say that!”  Cuz it’s your blog.  And you own it.  And if you want to document your belly button lint, well, then you CAN.

It’s a wonderful thing.

Anyhow I wanted to share my opinion on some things, some more “hot button” than others.  Simply because I CAN.  Isn’t that awesome?

  • The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is finally available on blu-ray!  Kile and I are very excited about this.  We have big plans on purchasing it later this week.  But I have to laugh at the 1 STAR rating it has on Amazon right now.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is complaining about the fact it’s the theatrical versions of the film and the extended versions were left off and “BOO HOO THEY’RE TRYING TO STEALS MAH MONIES!”.  Snort.  I, for one, was happy to see it was the theatrical versions.  We have the extended versions for the last two films (never go around to getting the first… oops!) and we always felt like we had to block off a 4+ time chunk to watch either of them.  Invariably, we’d have to turn it off before it was over because it was getting late and we were tired.  And, some of the extended scenes are kind of lame.  Just sayin’.  Not that they don’t have their value!  Watching the ogre army get eaten by Fangorn forest was the awesomest extended scene on any dvd.  But I’d like the option of watching the regular theatrical version too.  So now, with this new blu-ray set, I will have this option.  SCORE!  If I want to watch the extended version?  I still have my dvds.  And though they aren’t blu-ray, our player makes dvds look gooooood and I don’t think it’ll really matter in the long run.  Because how many times are we going to watch them?  NOT MANY.  Basically, I’m happy with the theatrical versions.

    Here’s a thought to all the butt-hurt fanboys on Amazon: Don’t Buy It.  WOW.  It’s such a simple solution!  If you’re SO sure that a disk will come with extended versions or both, then wait and buy that.  I know, it makes an INCREDIBLE amount of sense, doesn’t it?  I don’t get the whole “I will give this a bad rating so they will know my wrath” thing they’ve got going.  I think that’s pretty lame.  So while you’re over there venting your spleen, I will be enjoying a lovely high definition rendition of the scene where Legolas takes out that giant elephant.  Cuz that just plain rocked.

  • People who get their panties in a wad over handdyed yarn also make me want to scratch my head in wonderment.  I love pretty yarn as much (if not more so!) than the next person.  But there’s a lot out there.  And lots of love to be had.  So getting all wound up over a particular skein of yarn is just… silly.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Placing value in something only because of the name on the tag is about the stupidest thing in the world.  Proven fact.  Look it up.

  • I love my kids but I will be very happy when they start school.  Because I think they’re turning my brain into a puddle of mush.  And “Wow, Wow Wubzy” makes my head hurt.  And kind of makes me want to punch someone.
  • I like rain.  Rain is good for the earth.  It’s cool, it’s nourishing, it’s pretty to look at.  Clouds block the sun and prevent the rays from searing into my eyeballs and giving me migraines.  Cool weather keeps me comfortable because heat makes me feel very ill and claustrophobic.  I enjoy unsettled weather patterns, unless they involve wind strong enough to pull down 3 more chunks of my fence.  So whenever the weatherman laments rainfall and people rejoice at the sun, I kinda want to punch them in the throat.  Because as soon as the rainfall goes away, then the 105 degree weather comes.  And 105 degree weather should be illegal.

    I feel like I spend an inordinate amount of my time bitching about hot weather.  WHY do I still live in NEVADA???

Okay, I think I’ve vented my spleen enough for today.  If you come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll have something new to rant about.

Now that’s more like it

It’s cool today.

No, check that, it’s COLD.

And I LOVE it.

I swear I even just saw some snowflakes drift past my window.

Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

Yes, once again, I’ve been lax in my posting duties. And I’ve had plenty to talk about. I’ve simply lacked the drive that would have me open up my blog and start writing. I’d apologize, but I’m not even sure what i’d be apologizing for anymore.

Tell you what: I’ll post when the urge strikes. And hopefully it’ll strike soon and often. But I can’t make any promises right now. Cuz I has The Lame.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some cold weather to go enjoy (at last!).