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And that’s that

So… Feeling better! Not 100% of course but at least a solid 75%. Maybe even as high as 85%. I’m pretty stoked. My shoulder/back even feels considerably better. GOOD because it’s not like I needed any more excitement, you know? My cough is clearing up and I’m pretty sure I haven’t had a fever since Saturday morning. I have actually gotten things done today. I KNOW.

In other news, watched The Walking Dead last night. That show is craaaaazy. I mean, I kind of saw the whole thing with Shane coming. Dude’s cheese was sliding off his cracker. And with Rick stepping up and being more badass, there just wasn’t a good reason for him to keep skulking around. The WOAH thing was how zombies don’t seem to need to be bitten anymore. They just need to be dead. Shudder. Airborne disease maybe? Would explain the buttload of zombies currently heading for the farm. Flee!

Speaking of entertainment, I’m about as excited as anyone for The Hunger Games movie. I’m hoping to see it opening weekend, if not opening night! But.. I’ve seen things on Pinterest and Facebook about people counting down to the opening and being so excited about THAT DAY. And, well, that’s where I have trouble. Because That Day will never ever be a great day to me. It’s March 23rd. Of all the days to come out, this movie had to come out That Day. From my viewpoint, it’s a ray of sunshine in an otherwise crappy day. Something to brighten the day and take our minds off what happened on That Day eight years ago. So, yes. LOVE The Hunger Games and can’t wait to see it. But you won’t ever see me getting excited about That Day. Nuh uh.

We’re supposed to go out of town this weekend. We’re going to visit my family down in California because we haven’t been there in so long. Truly, it’s been way too long. This visit is long overdue. Of course, this has been an extremely mild winter with painfully little snow to show for it, even in the mountains. BUT GUESS WHAT? Storm coming later this week. They’re saying lots of snow for the mountains. Oh great. Because that just figures. I’m still holding off hope that the forecast will shift as the week wears on. Fingers crossed!

And so there you have it. My so-called update. And in case any of you were wondering? Yes, I’m still blogging from my iPad. Boo-yah!

Things that blow my mind

Ugh.  Monday.

Things that are blowing my mind today:

  • How short weekends are.  How criminally unfair is it that we only have TWO weekend days.  Just about the time you’re getting used to the relaxed pace, then you’re plunged back into the week again.
  • How unfair is also is to feel cruddy all weekend long.  I don’t know what it is, probably just a little bug or something, but I’d definitely been subpar the last few days.  And what’s worse than feeling bad on the weekend?  Feeling bad on Monday too.  BLUH.
  • Last night’s “True Blood”.  From Sookie’s weird-ass dream (not the least of which was the fact that vampires were cavorting around in full daylight) to LaFayette’s ghost possession issues to the cliffhanger ending… I never fail be amazed how off the rails from the books this show goes.  At this rate, I don’t expect anything to be similar to how it was in the book anymore.  Though I do hold out a small hope that Debbie meets a similar fate at the end of the season.  Fingers crossed, folks!
  • Friday night’s “Torchwood: Miracle Day”.  We were given a tantalizing glimpse into Jack’s history and I think this episode gave us more answers (or rather, hinted at more answers) than any episode so far.  Uncomfortable love scenes aside, it was a good ep and I find myself hoping my suspicions prove true on the next ep.
  • Kim Kardashian’s rear end.  I know everyone is talking about her wedding and blah blah blah SNORE.  I could seriously not care less.  HOWEVER, the one thing that does fascinate me about her is her butt.  How does that thing exist the way it does?  It defies the laws of physics!  Seriously, I wonder if it has its own gravitational pull.  Surgery?  No surgery?  Who cares, but lord if I can’t stop staring at it.  It’s like a train wreck!
  • It’s the tail end of August already.  Shoot, the local grocery stores already have their jugs of water on display for the Burning Man people who will presumably be starting to flow through town this week.  Or is it next week?  Whatever, I can’t keep track.  I will not be sad to see summer end as we all know I’m a cold weather sort of gal.  But it just blows my mind that its coming to a close so SOON.  Time flies when you’re having fun?  Have I been having that much fun? I don’t think so… Of course, so close to the end and now we’re getting the “hot” weather.  Maybe it’s not any hotter than it was a few weeks ago.  And it is always hotter in town than it is out here, but it seems like the last few days have been so much warmer.  Do not like.  Let’s get some 70’s (or lower) here, STAT!

Consider my mind blown.

Oh, and also!  If you’re on Facebook be sure to go ahead an “fan” my new slackermama . com page.  I’ll of course post blog updates there and anything else that seems to apply.  Funtimes!  Look at me, joining the information age and all that. (Which begs me to wonder what I’ve been doing on the internet all this time if it wasn’t joining the information age…)

Happy Monday, folks.

Just a little Woe

For the record, this last month or so that I have been back on some good thyroid meds I’ve been feeling SO MUCH better.  As in, better than I’ve felt in years, practically.  I didn’t realize how far down I was all this time.  I mean, I knew I wasn’t feeling good and that it was affecting just about everything in my life.  But I didn’t know that just a few weeks of thyroid meds would make SUCH a difference.  Of course, like anyone else I have up and down days.  But instead of most days being down days (with varying degrees of down-ness) with the rare up day, now I feel as though I have more up days than down.  And that, my friends, is a MIRACLE.

My outlook on so many things has improved so much that I find myself looking at situations that once had me tied in knots and festering with angst and wondering, “What was the big deal?”.  That is honestly more than I could have ever hoped for.  While I’m still 100% in the “socially anxious” category, I don’t feel near as crippled by it.  Yes, most times I would far rather stay home than go out and deal with people, especially by myself.  But now I *can* leave the house.  And I can interact with people.  And when it comes to silly stuff that happened in the past, I just simply don’t really care anymore.  I’ve well and truly put everything back there behind me and am all about moving forward.  Again, a MIRACLE.

Which isn’t to say that I’m not experiencing a little woe this week.  But that’s the kicker: it’s “little”.  It falls under the category of “aww darn!” more than “oh my god, I can’t bear it.”  But still.  Woe.

1) Liam’s adjusting (or not so much as it would turn out) to school.  Of course, this is only Thursday of the first week.  But this is entirely new ground for me.  Harry, as far as I can remember, had no trouble adjusting to kindergarten.  He just went and while he had his issues here and there, I don’t remember the drop-off being so stricken with anxiety.   The first day was typical.  The second day was more difficult on both of us.  Yesterday wasn’t so bad but not ideal.  Today?  Horrible.  Poor kid.  The problem is, we get to school and he doesn’t want to go into the kindergarten yard.  He wants to hang onto my leg.  Yesterday I was able to talk him into going into the lineup when the bell rang.  Today?  Not so much.  He curled up on the pavement.  I had Evie wave to him, thinking that might help brighten him up.  Instead he burst into tears.   Cue the knife in my heart.  Finally, his teacher told us to move along because she might have an easier time coaxing him into the classroom without us there watching.  It was hard to walk away, knowing he was so sad.  Most parents of kindergarteners are well familiar with this, but like I said, this is entirely new territory to me.

The teacher called my husband a little while later saying they got him off the pavement and he was no longer curled into a ball.  He was in the library looking at books and hopefully soon would be able to rejoin the class.  I know this was meant to put my heart at ease, but instead it made me feel that much more awful.  Oh, this transition is awful.  I know it could be weeks before the drop-off goes smoothly.  The teacher warned me that Monday would be particularly bad because the kids relax and enjoying being at home again over the weekend.  Meanwhile, I may just melt into a puddle and be done with it.  I wish there was something I could do to make this easier for him.  But there isn’t anything that I can think of.  He has to go to school and I have to leave him there and it just SUCKS all around.

2)  BlogHer ’11 is this weekend in San Diego.  And the last week or so I’ve been finding myself increasingly jealous at the posts and Facebook statuses of those who are attending.  Even though I’ve largely been out of the blogging loop the last year or two, I find myself returning to it more and more and I miss being a part of that excitement.  I wish I were flying to San Diego right now, ready to relax, have fun, learn, make friends, see old friends and let my hair down.  Gosh, its been so long since I’ve been able to let my hair down.  I could really use a break like that right about now.

But no, I’m stuck here at home, reading the posts and statuses and all that good stuff from people who are there and trying not to seethe too much with jealousy.  What do I have to look forward to this weekend?  If I’m lucky, I won’t have to ride to Winnemucca and drive the van back home.  That’s IF I’M LUCKY.  Kill me now.

3)  One last little thing that’s niggling just a bit this morning: a client of mine from last year who had previously wanted me to knit her a bunch more for this fall contacted me that she had changed her mind and for me to send her yarn back to her.  Now, I wasn’t particularly surprised.  I was even expecting such an email fairly soon.  I suspected she would change her mind.  But still.  It stings a little and I can’t help but wonder if I hadn’t done something wrong on her previous customs.  With the state of the knitting biz the way it is these days, losing customs can be kinda discouraging.  And if you’re kind of an insecure sort of person anyhow, it can be a blow to the old self-confidence.

This client has done nothing wrong of course.  This was all her prerogative.  I’m just feeling a little sorry for myself today.  And that’s yet another thing that’s making me feel a little sad.

The good part though?  I feel so much better in general.  This little bit of “woe” has me feeling BETTER than I generally was feeling on my “up” days before .  You know what?  I’ll take it!

Darnit, Monday always comes

After waiting alllllll week long last week for the weekend to finally come, it came and went and now it’s back to another week again.  I could just spit.

And Monday can be such a… Monday.  I guess today hasn’t been all awful.  But boy howdy, did I have trouble getting back into the grind this morning.  Liam felt it was his personal duty to try to make it as difficult as possible too, I’m sure of that.  But I had a nap and another cup of coffee (I’m starting to find that I need two cups a day instead of just one and I’m not entirely thrilled with that particular development, believe you me).  And now I feel a little more human, at least.  We’ll see how the rest of the afternoon goes.

As an update to last week’s post… We stopped by the doctor’s office on Saturday and signed the release form.  The office, thankfully, is also an urgent care and has weekend hours so that was handy as heck.  We also got an official referral to see the specialist so that will also help.  Now all that’s left to do is wait for the endocrinologist to review my stuff and let us know that we can schedule an appointment.  I hope we don’t have to wait too long but I’m figuring it’ll be a couple weeks at least.  I guess if I’ve held on this long, a few weeks should be nothing, right?

And hopefully… fingers are double crossed here… there is a light at the end of this stupid tunnel.

What is (and isn’t) happening

Wow, I’ve been quiet for a while haven’t I?  Days pass and pass and before I know it, weeks have gone by without a blog post.  So sad.

But wipe those tears!  Because I’m posting today!


I went to San Jose for an extended weekend, which always disrupts the schedule and is very NON conducive to blog posting.   Many lovely things happened during this trip, included hanging out with some of my “board buddies” while I was there (and going yarn shopping and NOT BUYING YARN)  (I KNOW!).  The kids just loved the pool.  Well, Liam and Harry did.  Evie preferred to flirt around the edges which of course means she fell in that one time but Kile was right there so other than scarring her for life, it was fine.




I also got to spend most of a day with one of my best friends.  I hadn’t seen her in AGES so it was really nice to just have that time to hang out, be silly and just reconnect.  I need to see her more.  For sure. She let Harry drool all over her Mustang and we went to go see “Inception” after the kids were in bed.  An adult movie!  In a theater!  Be still my heart!


We even went to the beach for a day but that was less fun because me + crowds = GAH.  Plus there was sun involved and you KNOW how I feel about the sun.  But the little ones got to see the ocean, even if they were deathly afraid of it and wouldn’t actually TOUCH it.  Harry, on the other hand, enjoyed the ocean and got himself all nice and wet and sandy just in time to hop in the van and drive back to my parents house.  Wee!

Pacific Blue

The Boardwalk



Still, it was nice to go home.  Or it was nice until we hit traffic just before the California border.  They’ve been doing road construction on that piece of road all summer long, on both sides of the interstate (please see the first picture in this post, of us traveling west in a wee skinny lane).  But this situation wasn’t aided by an earlier rollover accident involving a big rig.  Of course!  It was cleared up by the time we got there, but the backup was still horrendous.


And after we got home, it was time to… go do our monthly grocery shopping at Walmart! :thud: I only wish I were joking.  But I’m not.  We earned our margaritas that night, fo sho.

But now it’s back to normal and that is just the way I like it.

As for what is NOT happening… I have it on good authority (i.e. Facebook) that BlogHer ’10 is this weekend.   Now it’s perfectly understandable why I’m NOT there this weekend.  I haven’t been the best blogger this year.  But it’s in NYC and I would LOVE a girl’s weekend there.  And I also have it on more good authority (again: Facebook) that My Little Pony will have a booth there this year and for some strange reason that really makes me with I were going.  But whatever.  Maybe next year.  I have a feeling I’d be more into the crafts sessions this time around.

So that’s about it.  I better get back to the knitting before the boss (i.e. me) cracks the old whip on me.  She’s such a slavedriver.

Stop the madness!

This last week has been insane.  INSANE.  I know you’re all probably sick to death of me talking about how busy I am (I am!), but I’m serious when saying that this last week?  Was busier than most.  My niece was here visiting and I love having her around.  She fits in well around here and it’s so nice to have someone to talk to or be a little silly with.  She reminds me so much of how I was when I was in high school.  And we had lively Taylor Lautner vs. Robert Pattinson discussions.  Which I guess it should come as no surprise that she went with me to see Eclipse while she was here.  And that was a lot of fun.  Those movies are getting better each one that comes out.  If “Twilight” was painful in parts, “Eclipse” was dead on target.  And, gosh, it was so nice to see a movie that followed the book almost religiously for a change.  TAKE NOTE WRITERS/DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS of Harry Potter!  Don’t fux with the story!

But my niece being here wasn’t what made it busy.  And it probably wasn’t my parents coming to visit either.  They stopped over in Reno for a couple days on their way home.  They’d driving clear around the country, crazy people that they are, and had been away from home for about a MONTH.  They came over both days they were here and we had dinner with them both nights.  It was nice to visit with them, but wasn’t terribly conducive towards getting stuff done. Especially considering the fixing up that had to be done in anticipation of their arrival. Still, that alone wasn’t enough to make last week so frantic.

No, what helped was I released my first ever knitting pattern last Thursday.  That combined with the above events made for a very chaotic week.  The pattern release went SO well.  Better than expected, even.  But the pattern release coincided with doing the monthly grocery shopping.  A grocery shopping trip that would have taken place the day before had my parents not been in town.  So when I got home not only did I have to deal with lunches for kids and putting away groceries, but I had to mail out patterns and organize lists and blah blah blah.  OY.  Never again.

It didn’t stop there though, because we went to see Eclipse that night as well.  And because I have rocks in my head, I stopped on the way to the movies to pick up my new DSLR camera at Sam’s Club.  Yep, I made enough with the pattern to finally get it!  Which is exciting but I have had ZERO time to sit down, figure it out and play with it. Which makes me sad.

We went from there into the weekend.  Not just any weekend, but a holiday weekend.  And a “beginning of the month” weekend (which are always a little nuts around here).  And we had to drive to Winnemucca on Saturday to trade kids (my niece for Harry, who had been staying in Elko), which ate up the better part of a day.  Good thing it was a three day weekend, because otherwise, we never would have gotten all our errands done without exhausting ourselves.  As it was, Sunday was busy busy busy as we rushed to get errands done.  Errands which included shopping for Liam’s birthday which is TOMORROW. (OMG.)

And yet we managed to get what we needed to done in time to come back and enjoy a nice mellow 4th of July at home, complete with running in the sprinklers, bbq burgers, corn on the cob and watermelon for dinner and s’mores for desert out in the backyard in a makeshift firepit.  We even watched fireworks on TV.  How’s that for patriotic?

We finished our errands on Monday, complete with a picnic at the Sparks Marina.  Evie didn’t care for the heat, but otherwise we all had a great time.

And now… things are getting a little more back to normal around here.  I got caught up today on the things that got neglected last week and while my nerves are a little shot, I’m mellowing out too.  Shoot, tomorrow might be normal.  Well, except for it being Liam’s birthday. Damnit!  It’s always something.

Oh well, maybe things will settle down sometime next year.

Great, Awful and Meh

On the whole, I’d say this weekend was a good one.  No, a GREAT one.  I ask a lot of my weekends, as a rule.  I want relaxation, entertainment, fun and harmony.  It’s hard to have that, every single weekend.  But I think this weekend came close.  Still.. it wasn’t without it’s “issues”.

Let’s start with the great stuff.  Because the great stuff far outweighs the awful or even the meh stuff.

Yesterday, we went out on a typical weekend errand run.  We all pile into the van and point it down the interstate, towards town.  Sometimes we have a goal (or two) to achieve, but mostly we just like to be out of the house so we don’t all murder one another. We grabbed lunch at Sonic and were about ready to proceed with the day when Kile asked about going to see Shrek 4 at the movie theater.  10 minutes later, we were on our way to Parklane, where there used to be a rinky-dink mall and where there still is a fairly decent movie theater.  Now, we were taking our lives into our hands here.  Neither Liam nor Evie have been to a movie since entering full toddler-dom.  Liam’s last movie was when he was almost a year old, I think.  And I don’t think we’ve ever taken Evie to a movie.  My general “rule” is: “No movies from 18 months until 3 years.”  It’s fairly arbitrary because it was based on Harry.  We took Harry to see the first Shrek way back when, when he was 18 months old, and it was a Bad Idea.  We didn’t take him again until he was 3 and we went to “Finding Nemo”.  He was great and we saw many movies with him after that.

Liam is different than Harry though (I think, quite frankly, that it isn’t POSSIBLE to be any more different from Harry than Liam).  And at 3 he was in NO WAY ready to see a movie in a theater.  But now he’s nearing 4 and maybe, just maybe, he would be ready.  Evie, on the other hand, is a fairly newly minted 2 years old.  I expected Liam to do fairly well but to be chasing Evie around the halls outside the theater.  It comes with the age, you know.

But, lo and behold, they both did GREAT.  In fact, Evie probably did BETTER than Liam.  Liam got a little antsy towards the end of the movie, wiggling around in his seat and acting a little bored.  Evie stayed in her seat the whole time and while she would occasionally crane around to peek at the projector window or the kids sitting behind us, she stayed pretty riveted to the movie.  And every time I caught her eye, she would flash me the BIGGEST smile.  She loved it.  And so did Liam.  I was SO proud of them both.  I see more movies in our future.  We’ll start slow and easy, afternoon matinees, a month or two out from opening.  Small crowds, easy movies, etc and so forth.  But this is good news.  For we are Movie People.  And I have missed my Movies.

The other big GREAT was today.  We ran a few errands here and there and planned in a stop by Legends out in Sparks for the kids to run around in the fountain there.  It was going to be a VERY warm day (gah!), so perfect for that sort of activity.  At first Liam didn’t want any part of it.  He sat, sullen, in his stroller.  Evie loved to run around the fountain but was fairly cautious not to actually let any water TOUCH her.  Harry got completely soaked.  Eventually, Liam warmed up to it and he and Harry got soaked together.  Evie even got squirted a time or two and took it with good humor.  In fact, she was rather Put Out when the time came to get back in the stroller and move on.   Harry didn’t plan his outfit well and wore JEANS so we had to stop at Target and get him a pair of shorts.

This brings us to the AWFUL of this weekend.  The first is a heartbreaker.  And while I’m sure it’s my fault, I would like to reserve some blame for the pattern writer who was exceedingly unclear in her instructions.  See, it has to do with knitting.  I’m working on a custom for a lovely lady that has me working with handspun fingering weight yarn.  For those not in the know, fingering weight is the kid of yarn that is used to knit socks.  So it is fairly small and is knit on small needles.  I’m used to more worsted and aran weight yarn, which are considerably thicker.  Now, this fingering weight yarn was to become a toddler sized dress.  And for a while, things were going GREAT.


As you can see, lots of little stitches.  But pretty and I’d gotten pretty far.  In fact, as of today, I was to the waistband.  And then.. looking at the pattern at a part that has been confusing to me, I made an Awful Realization.  The pattern was written for knitting the dress flat, which means back and forth on the needle and then seaming.  I like to avoid seaming when at all possible and altered the pattern to knit it in the round instead (meaning on a circular needle, around and around and around until doomsday you’re done).  Well, in the altering, there was something that didn’t make sense.  And today, this afternoon, I found out why it didn’t make sense.  I had thought the whole dress was to be knit flat and then seamed up one side.  NO NO NO.  It was to be knit in two separate pieces, the front and the back, and then seamed up on both sides.

Insert the sound of much wailing HERE.

So basically, I’m toast.  I have to start ALL over again.  Rip it all out and try again.  Except his time with TWICE as many stitches.  SHOULD BE FUN.  (kill me now)

This leads us to the second AWFUL of the weekend.  Tonight, as we were bathing the wee ones and putting them to bed, Harry was outside playing with the boys up the street.  They often ride bikes around the cul de sac but more often than not, a bike is left laying in the grass or on the driveway while other shenanigans are perpetrated.  Such was the case tonight.  And perhaps you can see where this is going.  But not entirely.  Because Harry hasn’t been using his bike lately.  His bike had a flat tired.  Plus, he prefers my bike anyhow.  So he’s been riding that.  You see where I’m headed?  Yeah.  He left my bike in the street and it got run over.   BOOM. SPLAT. sigh.  Accidents happen, blah blah blah.  There’s a lot more to this story but now I’m just tired and annoyed and over it all so I’ll just say: TEARS WERE SHED.  And not just by Harry.  I think the knitted dress thing played a factor, to be honest.

The rest is just MEH.  Like running out of yarn on the second leg of a pair of capris I’ve been knitting.  Easily solved by a trip to the yarn shop but still.  MEH.  Or losing Evie’s sippy cup SOMEWHERE today but god if we knew where and only discovering this after we’ve bought some chocolate milk in a carton for her and Liam to split between their cups.  She was INSANELY thirsty so Kile, ever patient, stood with a straw for her so she could suck it down to hear heart’s content.  MEH on the losing of a precious sippy cup.  The rest is a smattering of headaches, whiny children and frustrations.  MEH.  And a pox upon it too.

Eh… like I said.  It was a great weekend, overall.  No major complaints.  Two small and often wild children sitting through a movie in an actual movie theater?  AWESOME.  Watching the kids run laughing through the fountains at Legends?  DELIGHTFUL.  So I choose to finish out the weekend thinking of both of those things.  Good plan, eh?

What I learned over the weekend

This year’s Academy Awards were boring as spit.  I know the whole 10 films nominated and the new voting process were supposed to liven things up.  But… I think the whole endeavor was beyond help.  I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were dull as dirt.  And then I realized maybe it was because I wasn’t into their particular brand of humor.  And that this humor was somewhat similar to the style employed by Jay Leno.  And we all know how I feel about him.  So maybe someone out there thought these guys were funny.  I did not.  Dull, dull, dull.

The best parts of the show:  NPH’s intro musical number.  They should have let that guy host the dumb thing.  Would have been infinitely better.  Also an awesome moment: the tribute to John Hughes including a montage of his movies and some touching words by some of the actors and actresses he worked with.  My eyes were very damp.

Lamer than expected: the “In Memorium” tribute.  Honestly, so much wonderful talent passed this year that I expected this to be a very moving segment.  It pretty much wasn’t.  And I’m not sure if I should blame the person who put together the slideshow or James Taylor.  Or both.

But I will say this: I’m glad Avatar didn’t win Best Picture (and no, not just because I didn’t see it and I *did* see “The Hurt Locker”).  I’m sure it was a fine spectacle but… the more I would have had to look at James Cameron’s smug face, the more rum I would have needed to drink and I don’t think I could have handled the hangover this morning.


The Denny’s out at Boomtown is a huge huge HUGE FAIL.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think of Denny’s as a fairly quintessential “family” restaurant.  Right?  I mean, they have a fancy kids menu and are generally known as a place that you can stop for a meal when traveling across country and know that you and your family will be taken care of.  Yes?

So on WHAT PLANET does a family restaurant only have FOUR highchairs in the entire restaurant?  I wasn’t annoyed when we had to wait 30 minutes to get seated (it WAS a Sunday afternoon, after all).  Hungry, but understandable.  It was a big restaurant, bigger than most Denny’s, I would say, and there were a LOT of people going through there.  So yeah.  You take your lumps, yes?  But when we put our name in, we specifically requested a table with 2 high chairs.  When we were seated, the gal (who had taken our name in the first place) was surprised when we said we needed high chairs.  Why their four high chairs were being used!  FOUR!  Only four!  We explained that we really kind of need to have at least one high chair for Evie (though Liam sans high chair is a frightening prospect and YES I know he’s almost four years old but TRUST ME, everyone is happier when he is restrained.  And I’m including people at neighboring tables in that).   She asked if maybe Evie could sit in a chair.  Seriously?  Do you know many 2 year olds who can?  Okay, don’t answer that.  I’ve heard of some pretty precocious 2 year olds.  But rest assured Evie is not THAT precocious.  And she does need a high chair.

So we sat with her on our laps (we took turns).  And we waited.  And waited.  Cuz it was a busy place.  And Denny’s, even the good ones, aren’t always known for their lightening fast service.  And Evie squirmed.  And Liam acted up.  And I developed an eye tick.  Kile was keeping an eye out and as soon as he saw a large family leave their table, he snagged their high chairs and we were relieved.  Hallelujah!  The kids settled down, our food was finally delivered and we ate in peace and it all ended well.

But seriously?  We will not be back to that Denny’s.  We’ve been to a lot of family restaurants, and even restaurants that I wouldn’t consider “family” and we have NEVER had a problem getting a high chair.  Yes, even when the place is packed to the gills and every other table has a baby at it.  So to the management at the Boomtown Denny’s: GET MORE HIGHCHAIRS.  Also: get a clue.


A simple 12 hour stomach bug on Evie is a multiple-day event for Liam.  Liam continues to be our puniest, frailest child, bless his heart.  But the good news is he seems to be better.  But for a while there I was left wondering.

(and also, lest you think we are horrible, negligent parents: we were fairly assured of his health before going to Denny’s on Sunday.  I mean… DUR!)


I have a lot of yarn.

that's a lot of yarn
my yarn. Client yarn is in the bin on the right.

Good lord.  I need more hours in the day.


Rum is good.  Especially when blended with frozen tropical fruit.

Also: is dangerous.


My kids are very cute.  But they can also really wear down your nerves after a while.  This is when perspective is important.  Just a side note: sometimes perspective is hard to find when you have an eye tick and your brain is starting to bleed.

Why don’t stay at home moms get mental health days?  Because I think they’re pretty necessary.

Toothless Wonder

So… after I posted on Friday about how good things are.. things became… worse.  Isn’t that funny how that happens?  But I really felt AWFUL.  I mean… AWFUL.  And I had felt awful for days and was getting so tired of feeling awful when I really should be feeling much better.  I mean, the antibiotics were supposed to to help, right?  Why did I feel AWFUL?

So, I did what any sane person would have done days ago and googled the antibiotics I was taking.  DING DING DING!

Yeah… turns out that if you’re throat swells up and is painful and you feel weak and tired… those are BAD things to experience while on these antibiotics.  HUH!  Who knew?  So I sorta worried.  I told Kile and he didn’t seem terribly concerned.  I went to take a nap after I laid the kids down and honestly wondered if I’d even wake up from the nap at all.  I was feeling a little dramatic, I guess.

Anyhow, I DID wake up.  And Kile brought me home a new prescription for amoxicillin so I could stop take the demon antibiotics (cephalexin, for those of you who are keeping score).  He also got me a bumped up extraction appointment with a different dentist for 11am Saturday morning.


He found me an oral surgeon, in hopes that this might increase my chances of getting more than just Novocaine in the way of anesthetic.  He needn’t have bothered.  Because Novocaine was all I got.  And yeah, it went about as well as you’d expect.  For example: I nearly passed out as they were trying to extract my tooth.  I had to gargle something about “feeling woozy” (though I’m sure it came out more like “sfelseelingh fwshooosssie” or somesuch).  The assistant tole me later that I scared her, how white I was.  They laid me back right away and gave me a few minutes to collect myself.  I think it was because I forgot to breathe.  I was so nervous and tense and on edge that I was holding it all in, including air.  So yeah, that would make a person feel a little lightheaded, don’t you think?

They went at the tooth again, and this time I made a point to focus on breathing.  When I wasn’t manually timing my breaths, I was willing the tooth to come out.  Because if it didn’t, the dentist was threatening to send me downtown to get it surgically removed.  Which, I figure, would mean general anesthesia which YAY but that’s something that I could have used a half hour ago.  Now that I was in the middle of it, I just wanted the stupid thing over with.  It was a nightmare.  So that tooth had to come out.  IT JUST HAD TO.

And it did.  The dentist cracked a joke about how it nearly broke her wrist.  We won’t say how my jaw feels now, DAYS later.  Because even hopped up on ibuprofen, I can still tell my jaw is a wreck.  Sore doesn’t quite begin to describe it.  As she pulled the tooth out, I could feel it on the other side of my face.  That can’t be good, right?  At the very least, we’re talking some good bruising.

But whatever.  The tooth came out.  I laid back in the chair until Kile came to fetch me.  Then I beat a hasty retreat out of there, hopefully to never return.  Oh, I will be going to a dentist.  Just not THAT one.  I already have an appointment in with Kile’s dentist for a week from today for a follow-up appointment and a care plan for all the other trainwrecks waiting to happen in my mouth.  Believe you me, I decided in that chair Saturday afternoon that I NEVER, EVER wanted to have to go through that again.  So help me God.

So Saturday was pretty much a wash.  I took a nap, I packed my mouth with tea bags (they totally help, yo), I watched movies and ate a Wendy’s frosty.  And somewhere in there it started to snow.  I wasn’t really expecting that.  I don’t think anyone was expecting that.  It was 60 degrees out just a few days ago.  Now snow?  What the heck? By the time we went to bed, it was getting seriously deep.

By the time we woke up, it was deeper.  Kile figures we must have gotten about 2 feet of snow out of it.  So much for any plans of leaving the house on Sunday!  Which was probably okay because if we stopped anywhere to eat, it’s not like I could EAT anything.  And that would just be depressing.  But being cooped up in the house sucks too.  All in all, I will say, it was a rather lame weekend.  For a month as awesome as February has been, I expected a little more.  Boo.

But hey, at least I got some purty snow pictures, right?  Yay.

February 2010 Snowstorm

February 2010 Snowstorm

February 2010 Snowstorm

February 2010 Snowstorm

Friday, already?

I know… everyone who has been aching for the week to be over can just start throwing bricks at my head right now.  But to me, this last week FLEW by.  It’s a little hard to believe that it’s actually Friday.  And that there’s a three day weekend!  But… that almost doesn’t even matter.  Because we’re going to Elko this weekend.  And I both anticipate and dread it.  And yes, the dread is because I will miss my new ginormous TV.  And my streaming Netflix.  And my blu ray discs.  And my Keurig.  And my new over the range-top microwave.

When did I get so materialistic?

Anyhow.  It will be nice to get out among people and do something different for a few days.  So I am looking forward to that.  I am also looking forward to hopefully making time on a lot of knitting projects.  Because I have a lot of knitting projects I have to make time on.  Long car trips are good for that.  And maybe I’ll get in some good knitting time while we’re there too.  Almost assuredly more than I would get in if we were staying around here this weekend.

And, oh yeah.. Valentine’s Day.  But, no big plans there.  We’re kind of past that these days.  At the rate we go, we’re lucky to not lose our minds to the whim of these kids.  Forget romantic dinners/movies/whatever else it was that we used to do on Valentine’s Day before we had all these kids. :giggle:

I’m ending today feeling kind of disgruntled though.  My cold is mostly gone so I didn’t have congestion as I slept last night.  As a result, I didn’t have to sleep with my mouth open.  (Sexy, huh?)  Which means I clenched my jaw.  Which means that whole side of my face has been aching all day.  Hmph.  Plus the person I sold one of my lovely things to last week is turning right around and selling it which never makes a person feel very good.  I am trying not to take it personally, but you always wonder if it’s because it wasn’t good enough.  And I loved this particular item and hate to see it “in limbo”.

For the record, this is how you can tell if someone is truly a psychotic knitter.  I get attached to my projects. Maybe too attached! :blink:

But whatever.  That’s life.

All of this just means that I will have earned whatever alcoholic drink I decide to enjoy this evening.  Hmm.  Margaritas?  Appletini?  Hornsby’s?  Champagne?  Decisions, decisions!

Have a great weekend, everyone!